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Dead Cross - Dead Cross
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2017 Ratings: #307 / 898
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The Guardian

A ferocious burst of inventive, hardcore punk that never stays still long enough to get predictable.


In just under a half-hour, the band tear apart any notion that punk music can no longer be inventive or groundbreaking; Dead Cross brings life back into the genre.


To hear Patton and Lombardo celebrate their fifties with their most visceral work yet is absolute magic ... It’s albums like Dead Cross that keeps hardcore so exciting for those of us beyond its tight-knit community.

A.V. Club

Whereas many supergroup albums feel tired and humorless, Dead Cross is a lean hardcore record that drills eardrums like a nitrous-addled dentist.

The eponymous debut from the all-star punk unit... delivers a lethal blast of hypnic jerk-inducing hardcore that's as wildly unpredictable as it is loyal to the genre's predilection for compact sonic vivisection.
The 405

Dead Cross is a solid record, which doesn’t exactly boast any instant classic songs, but is filled to bursting with individual moments that will floor you.


Over the course of the album’s half hour duration there are frequent blasts of intensity, anger and bang on political commentary, but not the sonic experimentalism that might be expected from the band’s constituent parts.


While Dead Cross is a very enjoyable album, which retains a strong connection with the hardcore scene and thrash metal ethics, given the personnel involved in this work, someone might expect something more extravagant and out there. That does not take away any of the quality of this record, its inhumane aggression, and dark overtures, but what is certain is that these four guys have the capability to dig even deeper and uncovering all that there is to explore in their sound.

The Needle Drop

For the most part, this self-titled debut from hardcore supergroup Dead Cross offers a good balance between the genre's original blueprint and some experimentation of their own.


Yes, the music this band makes is undeniably fun—Dead Cross bounces along with so much pep you could almost consider it a party record. But they stick to a fairly straight-ahead take on thrash and hardcore that doesn’t shed much new light on the players involved.

The Skinny
To be sure, it's a crazed, nihilistic rollercoaster and like all rollercoaster rides it has its ups and downs, its moments of exhilaration and its dizzying plunges into horror. There are times when it could knock you sick – Gag Reflex, we're looking at you – and just like a rollercoaster, you're pretty glad when it's over.
Mike Patton Binge: #12

For this review I'll be comparing this album to the new Mr. Bungle album because they sound similar and that makes less work for me. One of my biggest complaints with the Bungle album was that the songs were too long which is something this album does really well at not letting happen, most these songs being about 2-3 minutes. This Dead Cross album also has more raw energy so while I think the Mr. Bungle album has more creative and interesting riffs, I find the energy ... read more
Below is the review I wrote for The405...

The story goes that Dead Cross had just parted ways with their singer, Gabe Serbian, and were now left sitting with their proverbial dicks in their hands.They had a half hour of written music, but no vocals. For an up and coming band gearing up to record and release its first album, this would have proven to be a major stumbling block. Fortunately for Dead Cross (and for us), Dave Lombardo’s personal assistant repeatedly implored him to get in ... read more
Demented, loud, abrasive, crazy and off the wall is a good set of phrases to describe the oddball 28 minutes of one of Mike Pattons more heavy and abrasive projects. It's a crazy intense and darkly humorous look at our political culture through the eyes of madmen, with blistering punk instrumentation with hints of death metal to back up it's pretty wild lyrics (one of my personal favorites is 'With your pussy on the trigger, the end is growing nearer'). It's a dive into the deep end, and it's a ... read more
Though led by a fiery performance from Mike Patton, this Slayer/Retox/the Locust supergroup doesn’t shed much new light on the players involved.

On paper, the matchup of Mike Patton with former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, the Locust/Retox bassist Justin Pearson, and Retox guitarist Michael Crain suggests creative possibilities galore. When Patton recruited Lombardo for his avant-grind outfit Fantômas alongside Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne and Mr. Bungle co-founder Trevor Dunn in ... read more
One of the most creative, unique, and absolutely inspiring hardcore punk records I've ever heard, and among the finest projects of Patton (and everyone else involved, if I'm being honest)

Favorites: Grave Slave, Church of the Motherfuckers, Seizure and Desist, Shillelagh, Bela Lugosi's Dead
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Added on: May 6, 2017