Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines
Shabazz Palaces - Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines
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2017 Ratings: #207 / 668
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2017 Ratings: #411
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Loud and Quiet

Throw in the fact that these albums contain some of Butler and Maraire’s outright catchiest work, and the ‘Quazarz’ suite is an unequivocal triumph.

Butler’s disgruntled observations sometimes make him sound like a ‘90s hip-hop purist, but his forward-thinking album concept and execution prove that he’s definitely not stuck in the era of his coming-of-age.
‘Jealous Machines’ on the other hand is conceptually much tighter, requiring repeated listens to fully reveal itself. Borrowing more heavily from psychedelia, as well as cloud and avant rap influences, its lyrics focus on our unhealthy relationship with smartphones and social media.
A.V. Club

The gauzy, sensual Quazarz Vs. The Jealous Machines highlights the duo’s more melodic side, moving from lust and consummation to a film-noir spy flick, pursued by nebulous internet drones.

The Skinny

This uncompromising obscurity will turn off some, and understandably so. Beneath that, the band are writing songs that make floating into oblivion sound appealing.

The Independent

Quazarz’s focus turns to humanity’s increasingly obsessional relationship with devices, and the way that the “soft cyber-caress” of scree.ns and separation leads to an ever-extending assassination of character

Drowned in Sound
There remains to be no one else like Butler and Maraire and may their idiosyncratic approach to music and society at large continue if we continue to get such thrilling records as this.
The Guardian

The power of Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star and Quazarz vs the Jealous Machines comes from the way they spike their dense, abstract sound with moments of accessibility: a band broadening what they do without blunting their edge or losing their uniqueness.


Compared to Lese Majesty, this similarly concise set is a bit murkier and only slightly less enticing.

Crack Magazine
The overall result is overtly seductive. At times, the minimalism veers towards the familiar realms of cloud rap, but thankfully Butler’s storytelling is so engrossing and substantial that any notes of instrumental gimmickry disappear.

Like interstellar guides, they’re always positioned a little further out than their peers, and these two records offer suggested routes to an infinity of possible futures.


Less Luddite screed than cautionary tale, Jealous Machines resists the human detachment we so often correlated with our digital connections.

Northern Transmissions
On the second of two simultaneously released albums from Shabazz Palaces, they get a lot weirder and start to let the pop step into the background a lot more.
Although, just because there’s a battle against the ‘Jealous Machines’ doesn’t mean Shabazz Palaces are particularly musically bombastic and scattershot here.
Under The Radar

Notably, Jealous Machines is much more concerned with storytelling than Gangster Star, and thus it often gives off the feeling of a soundtrack.


Throughout, Butler’s approach begins to wear a bit thin. ... His approach previously felt oblique and razor-sharp (think Vince Staples on The Big Fish Theory), but his rhymes fail to strike a balance with Maraire’s fantastic beats.

The Needle Drop

Shabazz Palaces return with deeply flawed twin concept albums.

Jul 25, 2017
good if you're struggling to fall asleep I guess
Dec 17, 2017
Yeah, yeah, call me a fanboy, whatever. I really took my time to fully digest this album, I waited longer than I usually do with projects I write my thoughts/opinions about. As you can see tho I can't help it, Shabazz Palaces are taking over the list with the record calmer and more focused than Born On A Gangster Star, but equally as spacey. Beautiful melodies all over this thing make you sit hypnotized through this whole album. Ambiance, mystical lyrics, and sometimes unusual vocal ... read more
Jul 16, 2017*
so underrated, probably too good for humans
Fav Tracks:
- Self-Made Follownaire
- Effeminence
- 30 clip extension
#6/Gorilla vs. Bear
Track List
  1. Welcome to Quazarz
  2. Gorgeous Sleeper Cell
  3. Self-Made Follownaire
  4. Atlaantis
  5. Effeminence (feat. Chimurenga Renaissance)
  6. Julian's Dream (Ode to a Bad) [feat. The Shogun Shot]
  7. 30 Clip Extension
  8. Love in the time of Kanye (feat. Purple Tape Nate)
  9. Sabonim in the Saab on 'em
  10. The SS Quintessence
  11. Late Night Phone Calls (feat. Laz)
  12. Quazarz on 23rd
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