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This and Fantastic Vol. 2 both came out on 6/13/2000

Wish I was a hip hop head that day


[Genre: Experimental Hip Hop]

Thank god I finally got to this one. I've been itching to listen to more of Madlib's alter ego Quasimoto ever since I first heard Madvillainy, especially this album. Now that I've finally let The Unseen not be unheard, I can say that this is a pretty fantastic album. It's a lot more laid-back then I was expecting, but I think that works with Lord Quas's quirky character and besides, Madlib's production still shines throughout the album. His heavily sample-based ... read more


My boy Lord Quas

DUDE I love Quasimoto’s little yellow figure. He’s so amazing and I need him in my life nowadasdfa. Besides that, this is a solid ass hip hop album. Is it a bit bloated? Yeah kinda. I really don’t think I needed to be 24 songs long. That doesn’t mean that the vibes on here aren’t spectacular though. This album feels like a road trip. I love the way it starts with the radio on Welcome To Violence, and then the album feels like it fully begins. ... read more


the more i listen to this the better it gets
FAVS: Bad Character,Microphone Mathematics,Discipline 99, Pt. 0,Low Class Conspiracy,Real Eyes,Come On Feet, Come On Feet,Boom Music,MHBs,24-7,Discipline 99, Pt. 1


This album is very good in the way on how it keeps me interested in every song, I never had the urge of skipping. Liked every song on this one even tho it has 24 songs. Another album that proves Madlib is the goat.


Always loved Madlib's production since I first heard it on Madvillainy, for me this album just proves he can both rap and produce, the production on this album is just perfect and the rapping is also great but the high pitched voice is pretty weird (still love it though), Overall, definitely a classic!
Favorite Songs: Basic Instinct, Discipline 99, Pt. 0, Low Class Conspiracy, Real Eyes, MHB's, Green Power, The Unseen, Astro Travellin
Least Favorite: Phony Game

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Added on: June 18, 2013