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Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles
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2008 Ratings: #249 / 721
Year End Rank: #41
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2008 Ratings: #34
March 18, 2008 / Release Date
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Electronic / Genres
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Consequence of Sound
With their self-titled, full-length debut, Crystal Castles have become the next big thing to music fans and the music press. But then again, they do have a similar pedigrees to many other acts who have at one point or another, donned the same title, so maybe it shouldn’t come as much as a surprise…
Drowned in Sound

Glass’s voice, too, is the same that’s been luring lusty seamen onto the rocks for millennia, but the way it and the drums are textured – so that the machines they’re passed through sound like they’re melting away – brings Crystal Castles to the outer edges of greatness.

As media characters, they may be difficult to love, but it’s easy to get seriously smitten with the music. New rave is over. The likes of frYars, Late Of The Pier and Crystal Castles are taking electro into darker, more interesting territory. No glowstick required.
On their self-titled debut, Crystal Castles (aka Ethan Kath and Alice Glass) hurl eight-bit bleeps, bloops, and noise as relentlessly as Space Invaders marching down a screen, turning these sounds into sometimes chaotic, sometimes moody synth pop with a jagged edge.
Resident Advisor

What consequently appears contradictory on paper somehow sounds terribly coherent on album, and the duo’s eponymous long player reveals itself to be an engaging beast.

This isn’t music made by humans, but characters–the kind found in grainy fantasy cartoons and garage-sale videogames. If you can buy into that world, this is an album that flirts with brilliance.

Crystal Castles prefer traveling light. While the hotly-tipped and already hotly-contested Toronto duo's basement party set-up doesn't look like it'll fill up the passenger seat on a tour van, they also like to play fast and loose with their associations. They've remixed at a Hot Chip-like pace for everyone from Bloc Party to Uffie to Klaxons, but they're not a part of your nu-rave genre (really, who is?), or blog house for that matter. Their de

but LP partly picks from 7" and 12"s that have been available in some format since 2005, and it's every bit as difficult to pin down.

The Guardian
It's all manic with youthful enthusiasm but unsatisfyingly feels half-finished, as if Crystal Castles are still struggling to mould these wonderful sounds into something coherent.
Jul 15, 2015*
A raw-to-the-bone, messy compilation of singles that holds up surprisingly really well compared to the band's later efforts that delve into already-dated genres like witch house. A winning combination - Alice Glass' gibberish, punkish screams and Ethan Kath's aggressively dense production chops - that probably could have kickstarted the modernized, 80's craze we still glorify today. Weird of them to finish the album with a Grouper track though.

Favourite tracks: Untrust Us, Air War, Vanished
Nov 5, 2015
Crystal Castles' self-titled debut remains as their tour-de-force with their most distinct and eccentric collection of tracks that really bring out the band's initial proposal and trademark sound that highlighted their breakthrough. Here, the riot and playfulness of their youth shines through in some kind of video-game-like frenzy, as the band samples many 8-bit sounds and incorporate them to their sometimes messy and chaotic, sometimes rythmic and danceable compositions. The vocals also play a ... read more
May 31, 2017*
Ok now I don't know what album you guys listened to, but what I listened to -3 times- was unbearable. Tell me what to Swallow was fine, Crimewave and Air War were bad and everything else sounded either terrible or downright attrocious to me.
Nov 17, 2015
+ : Vanished | Untrust Us | Courtship Dating | Knights
- : Good Time | Alice Practice | Love & Caring | Tell Me What To Swallow
Track List
  1. Untrust Us
  2. Alice Practice
  3. Crimewave
  4. Magic Spells
  5. Xxzxcuzx Me
  6. Air War
  7. Courtship Dating
  8. Good Time
  9. 1991
  10. Vanished
  11. Knights
  12. Love and Caring
  13. Through the Hosiery
  14. Reckless
  15. Black Panther
  16. Tell Me What to Swallow
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