Oneohtrix Point Never - Good Time
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The Line of Best Fit

It’s an exhilarating addition to his oeuvre, and could legitimately be understood as a logical successor to Garden of Delete.

A.V. Club

Hopefully Good Time is just the start of more filmmakers making use of him—whatever name he wants to do it under.


There's no doubt Good Time OST absolutely sounds like a movie score, but every single track here stands on its own, providing an intensely emotional punch to the gut.

The Guardian
Divorcing film scores from their visual cues can feel alienating and pointless, and on initial listens it’s hard to stop wondering what those cues might be. But by garbling snatches of film dialogue, Lopatin starts to create a sense of this being a separate psychological thriller, and dedicated headphone immersion proves thrilling.
Drowned in Sound

With Good Time freed from the need of such conventions as identifiable ‘singles’, Lopatin has allowed himself to engulf characters all the more wholly, as made possible by a distinct narrative.


It's easy to hear why Good Time won an award before the film was even in wide release: The way Oneohtrix Point Never's score bridges character, setting, and mood offers much more than a passive backdrop.

Crack Magazine
Listen to the OST without the film, and Lopatin’s music still stands up as a spellbinding record.
Resident Advisor

His skills have caught up with his ambition.


While there is little on the Good Time soundtrack that explores unknown territory for Oneohtrix Point Never, the album presents an accessibility and scale that Lopatin has only previously been working toward.


Daniel Lopatin accentuates the Safdie Brothers’ character studies with his hyper-real music. Instead of pursuing moments of trance-like calm or humor, here he metes out anxiety measure by measure.

The 405

The most exciting thing about the soundtrack for Good Time is just how kinetic it is. Lopatin is far from the first person to make a futuristic-sounding soundtrack based around vintage synthesizers, but the way he layers and produces them gives them a tangible feeling of urgency and paranoia throughout.

The Skinny

Good Time is like an 0PN greatest hits collection, displaying all of Lopatin’s compositional depth and cheek.

Tiny Mix Tapes

Lacking the singularly textual and conceptual punch of his recent work, it’s both a practice in versatility and a sign that there’s still something of an enigma to Oneohtrix Point Never after all these years.

Aug 16, 2017*
EDIT: Finally saw the movie now that it's streaming, and, as expected, 0PN kills it with the soundtrack, producing what is probably some of his most accessible music ever (think a more tense version of some of the guitar-inspired tracks on Garden of Delete). I highly recommend the film too. It's easily one of the best 2017 movies I've seen.

I really want to see this movie (the trailers make it look dope), but it isn't playing near me yet. 0PN is one of my favorite artists, so I'm sure he kills ... read more
Aug 15, 2017
- Album Thoughts:
An exhaustive experience to say the least, while not a negative statement, some of the tracks require more will to endure than anything else. The constant chaos of the good, good, "meh" system of the album is truly distracting from the fat trimmings that lay very obviously along the side. Many of the instrumentals sounding like they were pulled from the same sitting of an FL suite. Overall an ok listen but good for a game of Murder Mystery.

- Track Analysis: ... read more
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Track List
  1. Good Time
  2. Bail Bonds
  3. 6th Floor
  4. Hospital Escape / Access-A-Ride
  5. Ray Wakes Up
  6. Entry To White Castle
  7. Flashback
  8. Adventurers
  9. Romance Apocalypse
  10. The Acid Hits
  11. Leaving the Park
  12. Connie
  13. The Pure and the Damned

Added on: June 9, 2017