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The title is self explanatory UNDER CONSTRUCTION Goal is to be finished by 2020
Updated 1y agoRanked 60
You need something to listen too? This is simply an alternative version of the random album generator...but this time it's every album Fantano has given a named reviews too! That means no classics ...
Updated 11h agoRanked 22
There's this instagram account named And they remake album art in ms paint....that's it. That's the whole joke. And it's glorious! Anyways here's all the albums they've remade.
Updated 18h ago 13
Average Score: 72.9 GOOD Kicking it since the late 90s, Queens of the Stone Age have broken boundaries with how much energy and innovation they’ve provided in the stoner rock scene.
Updated 3mo agoRanked 5
Every year one album released by a much beloved act gets branded like an unfortunate heifer with the cursed ‘just below average’ score of 49% 🔥 🐄 🔥
Updated 1mo ago 5
A very consistent rock band, with an underrated vocalist, great instruments, and a catalogue of classics. Average: 78
Updated 1y agoRanked 4
I'm very..."generous" with my ratings, I'd say. I give out 10's so often that there's usually a handful of perfect records by the end of every year, so I decided to celebrate those ...
Updated 1y agoRanked 4
Updated 8mo agoRanked 3
Heres the full (Unfinished)list of jackskulls/jack rowlands favourite albums
Updated 9mo agoRanked 3
Updated 7mo agoRanked 3
Another day, another list redux, this time I'm gonna be ranking everything from 2010-2019 with >200 user ratings (1396 albums/EPs in total) and sorting them by the average between critic score, ...
Updated 1d agoRanked 2
Updated 7mo ago 2
these need attention
Updated 5mo ago 2
Updated 2mo ago 2
most consistent rock band imo
Updated 1y agoRanked 2
distinct year with some one-of-a-kind sounds
Updated 7mo ago 1

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