Dedicated to Bobby Jameson
Ariel Pink - Dedicated to Bobby Jameson
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2017 Ratings: #270 / 669
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2017 Ratings: #166
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The 405

Dedicated to Bobby Jameson is not just another Ariel Pink album. He has come forth with an album which demonstrates every strength that he has as an artist and a showman.

A.V. Club

Dedicated To Bobby Jameson is the most comfortable Pink’s ever sounded with his own success, turning legitimacy into a noble weapon: ambition.


Refining the gonzo pop-collages of his previous work, Ariel Pink crafts an immersive, intimate record marked by solitude.

Slant Magazine

Whether consciously inspired by Jameson or not, Pink fully embraces his ever-bourgeoning cult status throughout, and with a sense of wild-eyed invention that was sorely absent from the more conventional pom pom.

Loud and Quiet
While there are moments where the avant-garde house of cards collapses ... overall Ariel handles things with a deft hand.

Despite his claims of musical malaise, Pink continues to display excellence in his eccentricities on Dedicated to Bobby Jameson, one of his most dynamic records to date.

The Needle Drop

The retrospective Dedicated to Bobby Jameson finds Ariel Pink going back to his old musical stomping grounds and crafting some of his best songs yet.


Dedicated to Bobby Jameson is a weird, catchy, thought-provoking celebration of individuality that offers one Pink's most appealing balances of sugary accessibility and irreverent indulgence.

The Observer

His songs, like his interviews, often teeter on the unlistenable edge of annoying, but push past the weaponised irony and you’ll find Another Weekend and Feels Like Heaven are his most seductive melodies since breakthrough album Before Today.

Pretty Much Amazing
Pink’s essentially in pop mode here, but what keeps the music fresh is its strangeness, as well as an appealing thorniness that made me aware of an underlying thread in Pink’s work I’ve always ignored—paranoia.

'Dedicated To Bobby Jameson' finds Ariel Pink in typically unabashed and frivolously experimental form; it's a record that suffers from too many under-explored threads of ideas but there's still much of worth to find here.

God Is in the TV

Dedicated To Bobby Jameson is sometimes quite brilliant, often nearly brilliant, and occasionally utterly baffling.

Northern Transmissions

Bobby Jameson is far from a bad record, but it’s one that could have been better, unwilling to commit to an idea for more than three minutes at a time — the work of an artist who cares more about doing something new than doing it well.

Drowned in Sound
Casual listeners and new visitors to the Ariel universe may find this all a little too incoherent and muddled to fully embrace at first, but the riches are right there under the surface. For the already acquainted, just kick back and enjoy. We’ve waited three years for this.
Though it’s hard to imagine what a more mature Ariel Pink may sound like, 'Dedicated to Bobby Jameson' offers an enticing preview, delicately ebbing and flowing between irreverent pastiche and tender melancholy, and in the end striking a balance that makes it one of Pink's more accessible and immediately gratifying records in recent memory.
Tiny Mix Tapes

Dedicated to Bobby Jameson is littered with unconvincing love songs (“Just Like Heaven”) and neutered cheerleading anthems (“Time To Live”), evoking a sense of going through the motions made all the more dreary by how bright the music seems to want to be but how utterly gray it actually is.

The Guardian

There are some excellent – even tender – moments here but, as per, only true fans will be able to overlook Pink’s exasperating lack of focus.

Sep 15, 2017*
EDIT: not really a highlight of 2017 for me anymore, as I haven't returned all that much to this LP, but an album that is worth checking out nonetheless.

Hypnagogic pop legend Ariel Pink is back with Dedicated to Bobby Jameson. Three years ago, he was coming through with one of the most fun pop albums to have been released in the decade, Pom Pom: a wild and diverse set of seventeen tracks that made for his magnum opus. This album was all over the place, and even though it was inconsistent at ... read more
Sep 17, 2017
It's not a masterpiece like Pom Pom, but it's more Ariel!
Sep 19, 2017
Highlights - Feels Like Heaven, Kitchen Witch, Another Weekend, Acting.

This album is one huge HIGHLIGHT in this year. This guy never dissapoint since 2010.
Sep 17, 2017
damn y'all really like this terribly mixed, reverb soaked, horribly sung, awkwardly produced, stupidly written, lyrically corny, repetitive af pop trash?
Sep 16, 2017
One of the best releases of the year
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Track List
  1. Time To Meet Your God
  2. Feels Like Heaven
  3. Death Patrol
  4. Santa's In the Closet
  5. Dedicated To Bobby Jameson
  6. Time To Live
  7. Another Weekend
  8. I Wanna Be Young
  9. Bubblegum Dreams
  10. Dreamdate Narcissist
  11. Kitchen Witch
  12. Do Yourself a Favor
  13. Acting (feat. Dam-Funk)
  14. Revenge of the Iceman
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