Ariel Pink - Dedicated to Bobby Jameson
Dedicated to Bobby Jameson
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The title is self explanatory UNDER CONSTRUCTION Goal is to be finished by 2020
Updated 6mo agoRanked 54
Every Album Fantano has given a numerical score (NOT GOODs don't count) Based on how high the critic rating is. If there's a tie, whatever album with more ratings wins. If it's STILL a tie, ...
Updated 9mo agoRanked 13
Updated 2mo ago 12
You need something to listen too? This is simply an alternative version of the random album generator...but this time it's every album Fantano has given a named reviews too! That means no classics ...
Updated 16h agoRanked 7
Beware that I have not heard every record of the decade, so I'm presumably missing a fair few albums here
Updated 2w agoRanked 2
All albums listened to and the dates of the first audition. Rated: 1424 Listened: 1817
Updated 2mo agoRanked
cz/sk (8): Zrní - Jiskřící, Zvíře jménem Podzim - Zvíře jménem Podzim, pandoo - Multitudes, Bad Karma Boy - Prekrásny nový svet, Modré Hory - Luxus Clan, Kalle - Saffron Hills, Vepřové ...
Updated 1mo agoRanked
Rated: 62 Listened: 70
Updated 2mo agoRanked
The title tells you what you need to know
Updated 5mo agoRanked
No order yet, just dumping all albums I enjoyed this past decade. Will rank eventually sometime in the late 2020s.
Updated 7mo ago
Płyty, które słuchałęm
Updated 9mo ago
Updated 5mo agoRanked
Updated 2mo agoRanked
Updated 11mo agoRanked

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