Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy
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2017 Ratings: #55 / 668
Year End Rank: #13
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2017 Ratings: #7
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A.V. Club

On his fifth full-length project, Tyler Okonma has made himself more available than he’s ever allowed before. Better known as Tyler, The Creator, the 26-year-old has never sounded as vulnerable as he does on Flower Boy—or more in command of his talents, both as a rapper and a composer.

While most of these songs are rife with anxiety and isolation, the open-hearted lyricism and wide-scoped productions, put together by an artist in peak form, make them immensely engrossing.
Clocking in at 47 minutes, the album is both Tyler, The Creator’s shortest and most cohesive album to date and is full of introspective admissions that logically line up with his public character.
So subdued, wistful, permissive, and relatable, are these songs—they are Tyler’s most refined to date. Collectively, they’re a kaleidoscopic sonic wonder.
Northern Transmissions
Recruiting some of the best names in R&B for an album that pulls from the genre’s glory days, Tyler may have put together his finest record in a decade.
Pretty Much Amazing

At its core, Flower Boy looks inward. Underneath the hardened, immature exterior lies an impressionable psyche that pines to be understood.


Backed by a supporting cast of R&B superstars and bright newcomers, it’s a record of long, lazy summers; sitting back and staring at the clouds.

Lyrically, this feels like Tyler’s most accomplished album yet.
Crack Magazine

Flower Boy has arrived in the age of wokeness and Tyler has swapped antics for introspection, though still with the same button-pushing that hooked a whole generation of kids.

The Independent
As he suggests, this is a new, mature Tyler at work.
Slant Magazine
This is easily Tyler's most emotionally risky, and rewarding, work to date—and, in its own way, more transgressive than anything from Odd Future's punk-rap peak.
The Needle Drop

Tyler, the Creator blossoms as a rapper, producer, and lyricist on Flower Boy, his most beautiful and well-crafted album to date.

From beginning to end, he capitalizes on the neo-soul and jazzy elements he’s flirted with previously to create a smooth, conceptual, even cinematic album.

Since his Bastard mixtape dropped back in 2009, every two years, Tyler has progressively become a better writer, rapper and producer with each album. Flower Boy follows suit as Tyler delivers his most complete and sonicly appeasing album to date.


Flower Boy introduces us to a new Tyler that seems interested in cultivating lyrical and sonic beauty instead of testing his listeners’ tolerance for profanity.

It is easily Tyler’s most accomplished album, mostly because he sounds confident in his own skin here.

Regardless of whether Tyler has fully matured as a person (spoiler: he thankfully hasn't), the growth exhibited with Flower Boy shouldn't go unnoticed. It's high time the naysayers stopped to smell the roses.

Consequence of Sound

As for the actual music involved in the release of Scum Fuck Flower Boy, it’s fine. It’s more of the same. It seems to be needing something more.

Jul 22, 2017*
FAVORITE TRACKS: Foreword, Where This Flower Blooms, See You Again, Garden Shed, Boredom, 911/Mr. Lonely, I Ain’t Got Time! & November
Jul 23, 2017*
-2017 AOTY #1-

- My top three albums of last year were from Frank Ocean, Kevin Abstract and Bowie. Just saying, no relevance to Flower Boy at all. Trivia, nothing to care.

- Contrary to many, I don't think that this was the music that Tyler tried to create since the beginning. His deep dive into jazzy arrangement stuff starts with the end of emo-punk phase around the album Wolf. He tried some stuff at the album intro and Erykah Badu song at that time, tried to develop it in non-industrial ... read more
Jul 10, 2017
issa 10
Jul 12, 2017*
EDIT: I believe that this is a fantastic album and by far the best thing to come from Tyler. I just can't listen to it anymore.

I was really harsh on Cherry Bomb, to say the least. It was a messy and poorly produced album that had no real sense of identity. Tyler as a rapper was not very interesting in both his delivery and lyrical content, which wasn't made any easier to listen to with the production choices. Looking back, I might have been too harsh on Cherry Bomb, but it really ... read more
Jul 10, 2017
Not gonna rate it yet cos I've only listened to the leak twice, but holy shit first impressions, this album is incredible.

He took my favorite parts of Cherry Bomb (Fuckin Young/Perfect, Find Your Wings) and just made a whole album of that. It's honestly just beautiful.

By far his best album. It's crazy to listen to this and then listen to Bastard, the progression is astounding.

Top 10 album so far this year, dunno where it ranks just yet, we'll find out in subsequent listens.

BEST TRACKS: ... read more

Added on: July 6, 2017