Lady Gaga - ARTPOP
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Pretty Much Amazing

For once, Gaga’s quotidian performance-art stunts can be heard in the sound of her music: ARTPOP brims with blindingly vivid, jubilantly executed, idiosyncratic pop.


ARTPOP is a dynamic, memorable album that, while it fails to unveil the girl behind the aura, reveals a performer who finally sounds as invested in her art as she is in her image.

Time Out London
Her Ladyship didn’t earn her worldwide superstar status through mere pastiche. The basic elements might not be new, but the triumph of ‘Artpop’ is that it mixes its palette of influences in such entertaining ways.
Entertainment Weekly
As art, it falls short when it comes to one basic function: making an impression.

The concept is artful and logical, yet ARTPOP never insinuates or settles in the subconscious; it always assaults, determined to make an impression even when all it has to say is that it doesn't have much to say.

Tiny Mix Tapes

Regardless of its unjustified aspirations, the album does feature a sizeable portion of well-composed, well-produced pop songs, which run the gamut from summery Eurodance (“Fashion”) to anthemic rock-lite (“MANiCure”), and which do more or less what would’ve been expected of them if it hadn’t have been for the unfortunate title.


The great tragedy of ARTPOP, though, comes from those moments that sound not just flat, but deflated


Artpop is the third album by pop recording artist Lady Gaga. Therefore it has similarities to her previous work but is inherently different because it is a different album.

Consequence of Sound

That refusal to experiment as wildly as she once did reads as fear, and a pop star who’s afraid ends up sounding like the once-weird Lady Gaga does on ARTPOP: boring and normal.

Drowned in Sound

Whether you’re an excitable tweenybopper, a hedonistic club-thumpin’ 20-something, or someone who usually listens to post-ambient quasi-retro dronecore and is frankly out of his depth reviewing such a prominent mainstream record, ARTPOP is a decidedly patchy ‘Just Dance’-less disappointment.

A.V. Club

For as flamboyant as she is, Gaga’s never lacked sincerity; ARTPOP’s lack of substantial personal connection and its tenuous grasp on reality makes it a tough record to like.


ARTPOP strikes all the right poses for Lady Gaga’s vociferous fanbase to proclaim it as a work of genius. Taken in a wider context, however, it’s a depressing testament to how moribund pop music is at the moment. 


With Artpop, Gaga sounds confused, disengaged, and at its worst, just downright bored. She’s never been one to give us the generic, but for all its lofty ambitions, Artpop never rises above the level of sideshow curiosity, lost in its own sense of meaning and self-importance.

Apesar do fato deste álbum ser "ruim", e de que Gaga desperdiça sua voz colocando um monte de efeitos por cima dela, ela sempre fez com êxito músicas que servem pra serem apenas dançantes, que tem muito "impacto" podendo até ser viciante mesmo não tendo consistência

"ARTPOP" é como se fosse uma explosão colorida, repleto de um exagerado eletrônico, com uma fraca variedade que peca em dar ... read more
Good album.

"Artpop" is the album where pop can be appreciated in a very explosive way to the point where some songs do not even know what direction it is going, on your first listen, however, the album is good, with many songs that are of my favorites.

Favorite tracks: Aura, Venus, G.U.Y., Sexxx Dreams, Jewels N' Drugs, ARTPOP, Donatella, Fashion!, Mary Jane Hollland, Gypsy, Applause.

Least favorite track: Swine.
Enquanto ARTPOP é o álbum mais interessante da Gaga por outro lado é aquele que é mais mal executado. O álbum é bastante influenciado por um eletrónico bem pesado combinado com o pop extravagante da Gaga. O principal problema de ARTPOP é a sua falta de consistência e um conceito todo mal explorado e bagunçado, que trazem ao ouvindo uma experiência decepcionante e confusa mesmo que haja grande momentos de qualidade como ... read more
Em 2013 gaga lançava o excêntrico e bagunçado ARTPOP a qual muitos estranharam,o criticam o chamando de barulhento,exagerado e mal feito mas pra mim apesar de alguns defeitos ele consegue sim ser bom

ARTPOP em sua maioria das faixas são recheadas de um eletrônico pesado uma mistura de cores com varias aleatoriedades no caminho como MANiCURE que consiste em um pop rock na sua produção junto com um trocadilho com Manicure e Man Cure o que cabe bem ... read more
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Added on: July 12, 2013