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Doris is miles ahead of 2010’s Earl, and on it, Earl surpasses nearly all of his contemporaries.


Doris is full on its author’s prodigious abilities as a formidable young voice in L.A.’s resurgent hip-hop scene, but it’s not as concerned with the wider significance of the moment as it is with disbelief it’s actually happening.

Pretty Much Amazing

Earl is still negotiating his capricious tendencies with a more consistent, reliable style. Doris displays some of those growing pains, but it also delivers a uniquely impressive collection of vicious beats and lyrics that make Magna Carta…Holy Grail sound like Marky Mark.


Doris is unsettled, messy, and takes a bit to sort, but there are codes to crack and rich rewards to reap, so enter with an open mind and prepare to leave exhausted.

Consequence of Sound

It’s a work as notable for its technical achievements as its nuanced themes, and that’s almost as impressive considering that so many artists lack in one or both of those fields.


Whether selfish or smart to persist on remaining a standoffish mystery, Earl prospers in establishing himself as a 19-year-old with an unusually high standard for rhyming that should be separated from urban legend.


Enamored with language itself, Doris is a celebration of syntax, a yoga pose pushing the limits of the MC's flexibility


Doris represents one of the most innovative and important hip-hop releases of the year. Not just because of the charm and intrigue of Earl’s story but because of the immense and understated level of his talent for writing rhymes. 

Under The Radar

Overall, Doris will likely stand tall as another step in the maturing and deepening of the Odd Future ethos and sound.

The 405

Not to say that the Sweatshirt is incapable of sounding original and "influenced", but at times it sounds as though he's still in the 'teeming with potential' stage of his career, immature attempts at articulating "sounds done by grown folks".


Earl Sweatshirt has officially entered himself into the conversation for best MC of Tumblr generation. The only question is will he ever give a f*ck to fully reach his potential.

Tiny Mix Tapes

Doris is not a tidy next step in this narrative. It is not the Big Album many were hoping for, although it certainly shows great growth when compared to EARL. Instead, it sounds like a transitional record by a 19-year-old with a lot on his mind.


The middle of this album really outshines anything in the beginning and end. Chum is a classic of course, but the album as a whole is a bit inconsistent. The features are also way outmatched by Earl. It's like comparing horse radish to honey mustard. Who the fuck likes Horse radish?


On Doris, we see a more mature Earl Sweatshirt that's past the horrorcore days of his debut mixtape, and it's all the better for it.


Earl at his most coherent, and thusly, his very best. On his debut mixtape, he was a bit too 'rhymes over everything,' a bit lacking in other facets like solid song topics and hooks and the such. Later records, especially SRS and the clay feet one, buried a lot of human feeling in abstract deliveries and production. The dude sounds like he has something he wants to say, but I feel like he makes me put a lot of effort into trying to decipher it.

Not Doris Earl. Tells it like it is, rhymes with ... read more


I could probably consider this as one of my favorite Earl Sweatshirt album out of all his discography. In this record it’s very much seen how good Earl is with his rhymes and able to rap throughout this record. The features were very good I enjoyed Vince staples throughout this record and how Earl and him have such good chemistry.
Overall, this album gives a sensation of nostalgia when hearing and definitely has a good replay value.


S&H Review

First listen I enjoy this and I kinda want to revisit this as my score might rise. If not, then my thoughts are final. This album has a great dark and ominous sound that yet has a joyful sound coming from every feature except Ocean and Miller. Also Earls rhyming is fantastic and whoever produced this knew what Earl likes to rap on and Earl is incredibly talented to hold his own and do better than every feature which is what an artist is supposed to do. This was a fantastic ... read more


I only got into Earl Sweatshirt September last year, and this man is crazy. I love his music. One common occurrence I find is that its hard to decipher his lyrics. I enjoy it none the less. This project grew on me a lot since I first listened to it last year. The dark vibe the production gives off and the lyricism and flows both Earl and his features showoff are great. I really loved the whole project and it pieces together quite nicely.

Favorite Tracks: Burgundy, 20 Wave Caps, Hive, Chum, ... read more

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Added on: July 12, 2013