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You need something to listen too? This is simply an alternative version of the random album generator...but this time it's every album Fantano has given a named reviews too! That means no ...
Updated 1d ago3,208 albumsRanked 319
for when album covers are different ... but they're the same i try to keep the list to only include covers that are coincidentally the same - there are plenty of homages to other albums or parodies ...
Updated 2w ago240 albums 288
This list is the albums I enjoyed the most, not what I think is the best. Not only is this my primary list of notes for my enjoyment, but I also have this as a recommendation list for those who are ...
Updated 18h ago1,430 albumsRanked 62
If there’s something here you think I should check out sooner rather than later, let me know!
Updated 1d ago111 albums 50
Updated 1d ago1,867 albums 40
Updated 2d ago59 albums 35
Updated 5d ago116 albums 32
albums, mixtapes, eps, compilations, live, remixes, soundtracks, scores, bootlegs, etc !
Updated 1d ago4,275 albums 28
Unconfirmed/unadded albums that I hope are coming: Ichiko Aoba - LP10 Freddie Gibbs and Madlib- 'Montana' Flying Lotus- LP7 FKA Twigs - LP3 Frank Ocean- LP3 Schoolboy Q - LP6 By Storm - LP1 Westside ...
Updated 2d ago179 albumsRanked 15
EVERY PROJECT I CAN FIND ON AOTY RELEASED 2024 RANKED Update I found out the hard way so now I'm listening to AT LEAST 2 projects released per day :) Please feel free to send me anything that I ...
Updated 21h ago94 albums 12
i cant control what i like gustavstone07 has a new list... its about hot takes... gustavstone07 has a new list... its about hot takes... gustavstone07 has a new list... its about hot takes... ...
Updated 2w ago57 albums 8
Rules: 1. All singles count, even if they're from the same project. 2. A song from a project (non-single) will only be added if there is no single from that project already on the list. 3. Only ...
Updated 2h ago66 albumsRanked 8
Updated 2w ago316 albums 6
I love unemployment, so I've decided I'm gonna try to listen to at least one album per day for the next 365 days! Specifically a new album that I haven't heard prior. If I miss a day, I've pretty ...
Updated 2h ago63 albums 6
the official follow-up of my 2023 listening diary that for some reason keeps popping up on almost every album I've put in it because of this broken system where only the most liked lists and reviews ...
Updated 19h ago190 albums 6
Updated 1w ago11 albums 5
2023: It’s that time again. Every LP, EP, Mixtape, Live album, and more that I have heard for the first time this year ...
Updated 16h ago191 albums 5
Albums by legendary UK female rapper Little Simz ranked.
Updated 3d ago16 albumsRanked 4

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