Beautiful Trauma
Pink - Beautiful Trauma
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2017 Ratings: #620 / 668
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2017 Ratings: #426
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Entertainment Weekly

After five years away ... Pink shows that she may just be getting this party started on her seventh LP, Beautiful Trauma.

Drowned in Sound

With Beautiful Trauma ... Moore proves that she’s both still relevant, and a vital, confident female voice on the pop circuit who has impressively never really succumbed to the pressures of the overly-sexualised pop machine.


Maybe the culprit is that Beautiful Trauma feels too controlled, with every element in its right place. There's none of the emotional mess that has enlivened some of P!nk's best work, and while this sense of calm may be well earned, it does result in a tamer record.

Rolling Stone

Pink was dominating the charts with spunky, real-talking anthems back when today's slow-sad divas were in preschool, and her seventh LP is a reminder of that.

Slant Magazine

Beautiful Trauma's neat construction renders the album less than the sum of its parts, but individual songs work well enough, thanks in no small part to Pink's personality and charisma.

The Independent
Secure behind the protective pop wall erected by producers such as Max Martin and the ubiquitous Greg Kurstin, there’s little room for originality here.

While there’s never anything wrong with a ballad-oriented album, such releases tend to have a mark of indulgence in them, tripping over the same themes more than a few times in the course of just a few songs, and Beautiful Trauma falls right into this trap, stacking sad serenades so closely together that they blur, leaving them not only a bit forgettable but also blunting any emotional impact they’re going for.

Oct 12, 2017*
Mostly piano music and 2 modern-popish songs.
It's ok
Oct 12, 2017
Beautiful Trauma - 100
Revenge (feat. Eminem) - 96
Whatever You Want - 100
What About Us - 100
But We Lost It - 98
Barbies - 100
Where We Go - 100
For Now - 90
Secrets - 80
Better Life - 90
I Am Here - 85
Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken - 100
You Get My Love - 100
Jan 4, 2018
P!nk returns after a five-year break with her seventh studio album, 'Beautiful Trauma'; the biggest change in any of her albums from the last 15 years. Whilst, in general, the album pursues a more down-tempo sound, it's ultimately, still P!nk. Tracks like 'Revenge' and the title track showcase the usual upbeat P!nk with fun-filled lyrics, and many of the tracks are similar enough to give a nod to other albums in her discography; 'I Am Here' and 'Barbies' nodding to the country-influences on ... read more
Oct 14, 2017
- Album Thoughts:
P!nk's return to music after a 5 year break may have been a mistake for the time capsule she has locked herself in. Beautiful Trauma is a fitting title for the album as it ranges from Beautiful to downright Traumatic at times. There's a mixture of good and bad tracks here, but the strongest elements lay within the opening and closing of the album's backbone. Many of these tracks feel like sequels to the original "P!nk Punk Rock Princess" that we all grew up to love ... read more
Oct 13, 2017
P!nk has been known for her powerful ,engaged and strong female image and while in this album it is still there, Beautiful Trauma still lacks the fire and fierceness that used to make her music so enjoyable. Some songs are nice, but I can't quite shake the feeling that this is a hit and miss in her discography.
#20/Rolling Stone (Pop)
#47/ABC News
Track List
  1. Beautiful Trauma
  2. Revenge (feat. Eminem)
  3. Whatever You Want
  4. What About Us
  5. But We Lost It
  6. Barbies
  7. Where We Go
  8. For Now
  9. Secrets
  10. Better Life
  11. I Am Here
  12. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
  13. You Get My Love

Added on: August 10, 2017