Kiss Land
The Weeknd - Kiss Land
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2013 Ratings: #726 / 943
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2013 Ratings: #256
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Pretty Much Amazing

Kiss Land is the crystallization of a concept that has been gestating for over two years, an idea that swelled in scope and sound as the world embraced Tsefaye and his dysphoric, benumbed universe.


Maybe this is just an honest reflection of where the young twentysomething finds himself, creatively and personally. Kiss Land plays like a more considered, better-mastered continuation of Echoes of Silence, not anything dramatically different.

Consequence of Sound

Kiss Land falls short in the innovation category, as it never quite feels like Tesfaye’s work here will generate new waves of creativity in his field 

The 405

Kiss Land is filled with promise, it's inspired and a great example of how R&B can cross many genre boundaries. It's confident, but pretty underwhelming with ideas that aren't quite fully articulated or tactile, leaving the listener in the dark - but not the dark he wants.


Kiss Land scans as unintentionally hilarious, a sign that the project is rushing headlong into self-parody and Abel Tesfaye seems to be the only one who doesn’t realize it.


This album is a polished, lateral step with an accompanying barcode for Weeknd’s fans. And outsiders looking to understand his appeal are likely better off downloading the three mixtapes that preceded the album.


For those who aren't as easily drawn into Tesfaye's world, this will seem roughly as insufferable and as bleakly aimless as the earlier material.


The good news for Abel Tesfaye might be that audiences don’t necessarily expect much more from their R&B stars than a smooth voice and dirty mouth. It just seemed like he wanted to be so much more.

Tiny Mix Tapes

The initial mystique of The Weeknd is gone, and we’re now confronted with the work of a young man who possesses an impressive voice, an incredible ear for production, and a complete lack of purpose in his confrontational, intensely graphic lyrical obsessions.

May 29, 2016
everytime i listen to this album, i keep thinking it's not as good as i thought it was the last time i heard it.
still good tho.
Apr 12, 2014
Such an underrated, comprehensive album. The soniccally diverse, atmospheric album plays through flawlessly and is one of R&B's best LPs of the decade.
Jul 7, 2017
Sorry, but this is a masterpiece. From the mind-bending production to the timelessly dark and musing and haunting vocals and roller coasters of musicality, this will always be one of my favorite albums. I still can't understand why people slept on it.
Jun 11, 2017*
Three meh albums or 1 perfect album:

1. Stargirl Interlude
2. Tell Your Friends
3. Earned It
4. Tears In The Rain
5. I Feel It Coming
6. Love In The Sky
7. Often
8. Live For
9. Die For You
10. Belong to the World
11. Rockin'
12. Can't Feel My Face
13. True Colours
14. Wanderlust (Pharrell Version)
15. Secrets
16. Prisoner
Jan 23, 2017
Odd Look 90
Belong To The World 84
Professional 72
Love In The Sky 67
Live For 64
Adaptation 63
Kiss Land 60
The Town 57
Tears In The Rain 52
Pretty Look 49
Wanderlust 35
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#5/Entertainment Weekly
Track List
  1. Professional
  2. The Town
  3. Adaptation
  4. Love In the Sky
  5. Belong To the World
  6. Live For (feat. Drake)
  7. Wanderlust
  8. Kiss Land
  9. Pretty
  10. Tears In the Rain

Added on: July 22, 2013