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So I'm gonna listen to as many critically acclaimed albums from the last 70 years (according to RYM and AOTY) as possible over the course of God knows how long and document my experiences here. Why? ...
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Hi fellow music nerds, this list should be an excellent starting point to discover more music from the 1960s. The dominant genres in this list are Rock and Pop. Additionally, you can find some ...
Updated 1y ago400 albumsRanked 2
I had some time to kill so I went and listened to every album on Pitchfork's list. Here they are ranked.
Updated 1y ago200 albumsRanked 1
Updated 2mo ago65 albumsRanked
As I go through my reviews of each of Pitchfork's Top 200 Albums of the 60's, I'll drop them here.
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