The Disintegration Loops
William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops
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Jun 8, 2016*
Alimento para mente y espíritu, se puede especular o investigar sobre como afecta al sonido la desintegración magnética de la cinta, o como se llame, se puede meditar sobre el tiempo y las teorías del eterno retorno o, simplemente, puede uno abstaerse, concentrase o relajarse. De cualquier manera este es un experimento vanguardista que empieza generando dudas pero que a diferencia de otros termina enamorando con el paso de la cinta.
Dec 7, 2014
Tom Simmons
Fav Tracks: D|P 1.1, D|P 2.1
Jun 1, 2017*
Fascinating, but not mind-blowing. It's really as the title speaks, just a big loop. A great listen, nonetheless.
Feb 14, 2017
A simple concept that manages to obliterate me emotionally.
Jan 29, 2017
It's hard to describe why this album is so affecting. Maybe it's the historical impact that plays into it. The story in which this album was conceived wanders around in my head every time I listen to it. I get so lost in the sounds and repetition, it's quite a beautiful experience and I often put it on when I'm relaxing, or when I need background noise for when I'm working. But it always seems grabs my attention; the haunting atmosphere is hard to ignore.

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