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Simply one of the finest albums one is ever likely to hear.

Their sounds are distilled further and reconsidered yet again, the two gents disappearing into the spaces of the recording room, reticent to disrupt the silences that abound about them.

CFCE 87.8 FM Weekly Genre : EAI

It's always fascinating to discuss and observe an individual's opinion when you're thinking about how you perceive and interpret art and entertainment in totally different ways. For example, you have the two extremes, on the one hand you have the individual who listens to the radio to hear the latest trend hit and on the other hand you have the art loving individual who spends his weekends and free time cultivating himself. Are you going to tell me that I'm ... read more
A theme I’ve looked at already during my infamous telepath review, the theme of my own death is common in my reviews, but never has a song made me feel this alone, made me feel this utterly desolate. The odd sounds of the piano and the constant droning make me feel like I’m lost in the void, a void of nothing but eternal sadness, the earth breathes through the emptiness and the loss of those around me, yet I can’t see them, all I see is a grey, dusty mist that surrounds me, ... read more
Our love for music is eminent guys
To enjoy such stuff..
we are freaks
I love it
A mastery of minimalism.
Duos For Doris... a true masterclass in electroacoustic improvisation, a genre with many great hits, and many even greater duds. Plenty of albums similar to this fail to keep me so intrigued throughout their long and dragging songs, though Duos For Doris is different. The clear meaning behind the album itself is enough to warrant attention, while the beautiful expression of thought that is displayed will keep you on the edge of your seat.
This is likely one of my favorite albums, and I expect ... read more
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Added on: September 1, 2017