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The 1975 - A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships
A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships
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This album emits a stench similar to the stench of Lorde's most contrived songs off Melodrama. I tried to maintain some semblance through the first two tracks, but every next song proved to be more noxious than the last. The production is nearly pristine, complimented by a dazzling exhibition of un-artistry! It's not as tasteful as the band would like for you to assume. Matthew Healy conveys a fetching facade, and girls will swoon to the album's "dramatic" arc (probably trembling ... read more
This album has some of the most horrendous moments of the 2018 (STOP WITH THE AUTOTUNE!!!) but it also has some very likeable moments. It's just a big mess. The way it deals with the theme can come off as cringy sometimes, but I think it's ok for the most of the time. The things that most bothered me were the autotune and the fact that the album consistely transits from good track to bad track. The most appealing thing has to be the change of sound. It really surprises me to see how much they ... read more
While I admit the early critic reviews have overhyped this record to some extent, I do believe there is a fair connection to be made with comparing this album to Ok Computer. It is nowhere near the level of quality of artistic ability, but there is a common connection with the substance of both records. A Brief History Into Online Relationships is a topical approach to what can be described as 'millennial problems.' The album deals with depression, drug addiction, isolation, modernity, and ... read more
One similarity between this and OK Computer: the best track on both albums is the 4th track

Other than that, this album sounds like what happens when your 80s new wave cover band try to be Aphex Twin and Travis Scott at the same time. It had some good moments but also a lot of boring moments that dragged down the album's quality as a whole. The lyrics didn't improve that much unlike some instrumental techniques, although if The 1975 really want to have their music live up to the degree of ... read more
Across an album where they try their hand at seemingly every sub-genre within reach (including Soundcloud rap, riddle me that), The 1975 have crafted a modern day rock opus full of relevant topical lyrics. It's not perfect -a few songs would be better off with a shorter runtime or not being included altogether- but you can tell that Matthew Healy and Co. are not afraid to fail here and in doing so, they come out the other end with their best album by a mile.
Sounding like Radiohead writing for Frank Ocean, it's a critical but never nihlist look at modern culture, with enough neosoul and jazz influences to make this dreamy and classical-tinged pop album feel a lot more then what's going on under the surface. Filled with ochestral arangments and the usual rock instrumentals, it's sometimes pinpoints what it's like to be a teenager in the modern age, and sometimes becoming somewhat like a more interesting (if not slightly more cheesy) Coldplay. And ... read more
Get ready for "the millennial answer to OK Computer," guys!

I expected to dislike this when it was first announced. I guess that just goes to show that no matter who the band is, you shouldn't count an album out before you hear it. There are a lot of problems with A "Brief" Inquiry Into Online Relationships, but overall, I really do think this is a giant step up from The 1975's previous two records, which I didn't hate, but found to be incredibly tedious. There are some ... read more
Even if flawed, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships is The 1975's most cohesive album to date. The themes are clearer than ever before although it's chaotic. It's nowhere near perfect; But The 1975 keeps things fresh with their third album.

The radical and outrageous tracks are the best ones on here. How To Draw, Love It If We Made It, I like America and America likes me are the ones that come to mind. This could have been a true masterpiece if The 1975 had went all out.

Favourites: ... read more
Is it a decade-defining masterpiece? Far from it but what The 1975 manage to muster up on their third album is certainly more daring than most would have anticipated (with territory such as dance, ambient, and synthpop all being explored to varying levels of success). While it suffers from filler, this might be the record to convert those who previously disregarded the band as a fad.

Full review can be found on my channel via the link in my bio.
A bitter pill to swallow for a lot of people but there is literally no band this big (in terms of global commercial success) making 'indie' music as forward thinking and better suited to soundtrack the millennial experience as The 1975. I'm not saying this album is perfect, but where it lacks focus at times, it more than makes up for in ambition and scope.
if the critics AOTY is gonna be an album that has that obnoxious TOOTIMETOOTIME garbage on it, then i value the opinions of critics at about the same rating as a value smelly people on the bus.

EDIT: Not for me at all. This feels like it was designed to be well recieved well in a way, like they had a check list ready, but it ends up very unaunthentic. I just find pretty much every track to be a wierd blend of boring and obnoxious as hell, and on many of these songs i need the singer to just ... read more
Can't wait for John from ARTV's review

EDIT: I think our good friend has been paying the critics, boys.

EDIT EDIT: I hate to admit this, but there are some cool songs on this, but fuck those song titles.
Teeth grindingly irritating from start to 'when will it finish?'

I'll stick my neck out and plump for this being my least favourite listen of the year. Yes it has chipmunk autotune and log cabin atmospherics but that's where the comparisons to Justin Vernon tier song writing end.

Almost impressive how perfectly awful this is for my particular sensibilities. The last three 'trad pop/boyband' flavoured songs wouldn't have made the cut for inclusion on the most recent Take That album - what are ... read more
While it’s still a little flawed, “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships” is a surprising step up in quality for The 1975 (Most of the singles actually grew on me). There’s a lot more substance here while also delivering great production, smart writing and hooks galore! Sure, a couple of tracks are pretty terrible but the highs are so damn high that I’ll let it get away with a better score than I would’ve given it.

Fav Tracks: It’s Not Living (If ... read more
With some of the most beautiful and intricate instrumentational concepts of the year, the 1975 bounce back and prove to me that they are better than just lofi indie synth pop. Though I have always loved the 1975, just because it is really easy for me to vibe their music, I thought that the instrumental performances were far better than the vocal ones.

Some of that autotune in the beginning was absolutely atrocious. This is an album that I feel would have an extremely intriguing live show to ... read more
So... The singles were as strong as possible, and what I've been waiting for so many months has let me down a bit, because The 1975 is electronics + pop, not a boring piano + voice.

How To Draw / Petrichor is probably featuring with Burial? Or his missing single.
Be My Mistake is pretty, but here "surrounded by heads and bodies" and "mine" and when we add The Man Who Married A Robot / Love Theme, sometimes it may want to yawn.

I Could not Be More In Love - George Michael ... read more
This is just kidzbop radiohead
The 1975 have always made quality catchy pop songs, but their albums have always been a mix bag. On their 3rd studio album, they finally break that trend with their most consistent record to date.

Give Yourself a Try, How To Draw / Petrichor, Love It If We Made It, Sincerity Is Scary, It's Not Worth Living (If It's Not With You), I Couldn't Be More in Love, I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)

LEAST FAV SONGS: I Like America & America Likes Me
It isn’t just a great album - it’s a generation-defining masterpiece. WTF PEOPLE have lost the plot here this album is awful its sounds like owl city and ed Sheeran have formed a band to brainwash critics into giving this pile of shit good rating and little kiddies to buy the album. Sad days when this is the highest rated album on AOTY.
'A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships' is a splendid pop-rock album, experimental ambitions and lyrical applicability are perfectly executed throughout most of the LP.

Depression, suicide, internet-addiction, and drug-addiction are all mentioned, and dealt with in a manor that their targeted millennial listeners can relate with. They've taken these very real ideas and themes and put them into a batch of adequately written and performed songs.

This is The 1975's 'Trench' or 'Flower Boy'. ... read more
this sounds like the soundtrack to a shitty Dreamworks film
I don't have many words to describe this unpleasant,vocally atrocious,boring,bloated, and pretentious Album.
When you hear phrases like "album of a generation", "best band right now", and "no other big bands are doing anything as interesting as us right now" you are bound to have certain expectations of an album that may be a bit ridiculous. In the case of The 1975 there seem to be two extremes. The media that wants to use this group as the poster child for what a band is because they have slowly killed the very concept. And music lovers on sites like these that devilize ... read more
This album is gorgeous. Despite the the band losing the production skills of Mike Crossey for this one, Matty Healy and George Daniel pull together to make it sound just as pristinely rendered as 2016's "I like it when you sleep..." The music sounds crisp, layered, expansive and lush. It's like a sonic playground, closing your eyes and taking note of all the little details which pop up and surprise you:

"TOOTIME," although compositionally simple, hides slick effects which ... read more
This album is difficult to rate. It's undeniable that it's not an ass earing. It's really friendly, I find myself enjoying it's not living or I always wanna die. There are so many influences, it's difficult to not find one thing that suits your taste.
The topics are really actual (suicide, depression, society's problems with the youngest adults, etc), also difficult to deny the effort in this record.

But something bother me with this album, especially when the singles came out. My rating ... read more
This is obviously one of the best pop records of the year. "A Brief Inquiry..." uses the formula that was used on Lorde's "Melodrama" to reach its sequencing perfection. However this record also uses ideas that were done on Radiohead's OK computer and I'm not only talking about "The Man Who Married The Internet" but also about how the front man Matty changes some of his vocal Styles to match those of Thom Yorke. Their sound went from average to above average ... read more
This is so overrated, this sucks
I feel like the trusty allmusic is rarely the site to give something the lowest rating it gets. Tells me what I need to know.

Remember when people said critics were paid off for the hot snakes review? All I know is for 4 days in a row now YouTube has sent alerts recommending this band.
LISTEN #2 - 70

1. The 1975 -
2. Give Yourself A Try - 8.5
4. How To Draw / Petrichor - 8.0
5. Love It If We Made It - 9.5
6. Be My Mistake - 5.0
7. Sincerity Is Scary - 8.5
8. I Like America & America Likes Me - 7.0
9. The Man Who Married A Robot / Love Theme - 8.0
10. Inside Your Mind - 5.0
11. It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) - 8.5
12. Surrounded By Heads And Bodies - 7.5
13. Mine - 4.0
14. I Couldn't Be More In Love - 6.0
15. I Always Wanna Die ... read more
It took me, Very many replays to get used to this. At first, I thought it was awful and boring but after a while I kind of liked it. The instruments are amazing, The vocals are great but they have obvious reverb and autotune. Not every track has autotune, Only about 7 I think? So autotune is a main thing in this album which I don't mind but in some tracks its SUPER autotuned where it's just annoying. Overall i was too hard on this album the first listen, I actually kind of like it now. Would I ... read more
The 1975 truly show exponential growth on Album 3. Fantastic Album.
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Normie garbage for dummhyheads

(Guys my friend [REDACTED] told me to say this lol epic gamer le maymay)
I came in ready to hate this, but then checked myself after seeing the good reception and actually felt like I was enjoying the record. But it only took a couple listens for me to feel like these songs are very uninspired. Even tracks like Love it if We Made it and It's Not Living, which I did initially enjoy, give me zero enjoyment now after just several listens. I can compliment the band on trying something that seems like it took at least a bit of effort, but that's about it.

They're just a ... read more
The 1975 smoothly perform some of most memorable millenial marketing seen in 2018.

This album is definitely a generation defining statement on... well, really, what it's like to be a millenial online. This album touches the pulse of the modern zeitgeist in a way not many other albums today are capable of, and even in its most mainstream and generic moments, it never really feels insincere. These are Matty's real experiences, as first-world and privileged as they are. This is a real ... read more
I swear I went into this with an open mind. I saw the acclaim and they've had a couple of bops in the past. Maybe they really turned in something special I thought.


Holy hell, this was one of the most difficult listens I've had all year. Each song was more grating than the last. The blasphemy of comparing this to OKC is outrageous. How could any self-respecting publication give a hundred to an album that features tracks like TOOTIME, America, Mine, etc. on it. Baffling.
Wasn't a huge fan when it first came out but I've listened to it again and damn, this is a great album.

Give Yourself A Try - 8.5/10
How To Draw / Petrichor - 9/10
Love It If We Made It - 9.5/10
Be My Mistake - 7/10
Sincerity Is Scary - 8.5/10
I Like America & America Likes Me - 9.5/10
The Man Who Married A Robot / Love Theme - 8/10
Inside Your Mind - 7/10
It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) - 10/10
Surrounded By Heads And Bodies - 7/10
Mine - 8.5/10
I ... read more
I think it's pretty laughable to compare this to OK Computer not only in quality but in theme. That being said this is still a pleasant surprise of growth for a band that turns me off real quick.

The instrumentation and production aren't really consistent but they work the majority of the time, a lot of the piano and synth work is pretty gorgeous here but, there's tracks like Inside Your Mind which sound straight up like a Christian Song. In terms of subject matter there really isn't much ... read more
I mean....technically I enjoy this more than OK Computer...but I didn't really enjoy OK Computer to begin with so that's not saying much here
when fitter happier but not good came on i felt that
The 1975 never sounded so sonically brilliant. Their lyrics are still angst ridden and amateurish, riddled with teenage-like conflicts with sex and drugs. Aside from that, the band has stripped away most of their overbearing, glittery, accessible moniker with noisy, blasting production that's a warm welcome to what the band needed for some time now.
This album really took me by surprise honestly. I've never really been a 1975 fan and have hardly listen to any of their previous work. I thought going into this it would super over hyped and I'd trash it. The 1975 really did well here tho. They created an album I put on repeat none stop for two days straight basically. I haven't done that with an album sine Tyler the creators Flower Boy. The vocals are beautiful and the instrumentals are fantastic. The 1975 have really out done themselves with ... read more
The 1975's 'A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships' gained a lot of traction in the lead-up to its release. The band released a third of the album's songs as singles prior to its release, all of which suggested an auto-tuned, poppy affair. While this is largely the case, it did fortunately offer some reprieve from this, most notably through tracks like "How to Draw/Petrichor" and "Be My Mistake." It's in these tracks that the band truly show off their musical chops, as ... read more

"A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships" begins as usual with an introduction soberly titled "The 1975". This is 94 seconds very influenced by the latest Bon Iver album and soaked by autothune. It's a correct introduction. This gives way to "Give Yourself A Try".

"Give Yourself A Try". This is an "ultra pop" version of Joy Division (Disorder to be more precise) which after several attentive listening to the album, is not that ... read more
The first half is such a fun listen with so much depth and a really random mix of genres. The second half is so emotional. A really amazing album in general. The lack of cohesion kinda makes the slower tracks less enjoyable but I can't complain too much. I just like how modern and relatable the lyrics especially to younger generations.I always wanna die (sometimes) is such an amazing closer as well
Faves: Love it if we made it, how to draw/ petrichor, tootimetootimetootime.
My score will probably go up. I hate to admit it but this album is fantastic. Matt and Earl done fucked up my EOY list
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