Charlotte Gainsbourg - Rest
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The Line of Best Fit

Rest, her fifth and latest album, sees her fully embrace her life, her music, her fame, and indeed her position.


On Rest, Gainsbourg doesn’t just reveal her pain, but monumentalizes it, lays out a red carpet, and invites people to watch. Her refusal to be sequestered by grief is, quite literally, a death-defying feat.


Like Charlotte Gainsbourg’s entire musical career, Rest is imperfect, but it’s intriguing enough that you can’t help but pay attention. And now that she’s pouring more of herself into her songs, her work feels weightier, more complex, and more compelling.

Northern Transmissions

Evolving elegantly into the worlds of electronics and synth pop, Gainsbourg is as fascinating as ever while more accessible than ever before.

The 405

Rest is her gateway out from the darkness, a way of coping with her fragilities, a processor of emotions, her loss, and also her most personal work to date, simply, where Charlotte is finally able to be Charlotte.

A.V. Club

The influence of Gainsbourg’s famous musical parents, both Serge and mother Jane Birkin, has been a constant in her music, but on Rest, she seems less daunted by her lineage, and she begins to bend it to her own ambitions.

Under The Radar

Rest took seven years to come out, its long gestation fuelled by grief, and the finished product is nothing short of cathartic.

The Guardian

Charlotte Gainsbourg’s new album is the first she’s written the lyrics for, and, perhaps as a result, gives her voice its broadest palette yet as she tries on different roles: child, ingenue, diarist, diva.

God Is in the TV

Fifth album Rest reads like a open transparent diary of Charlotte’s inner perspective of the most important events in her life.


A lesser musician might not be able to handle the album's shift from funereal ballads to celebratory dance and pop, but Gainsbourg makes it all sound natural -- and more purposeful than any of her previous music. With Rest, she grows more fearless as an artist while facing her losses, and the future, with courage and love.

Loud and Quiet

It’s a confident and compositionally strong work ... that is only slightly undermined by its inevitable pretensions.


The pacing of Rest and the length of its songs make it a grower of an album that, over time, ensconces listeners in the sonic layers and personal lyricism of Gainsbourg.

Drowned in Sound

Her breathy, ethereal vocal is charged with grief and longing, while the ballsy electro-pop accompaniment drives confidently forward, moulding to her voice.

Crack Magazine

Rest is nothing if not truthful, and the album’s success lies in its ability to draw the reader in through its candid depictions of Gainsbourg’s ‘human, all too human’ experiences.

Rolling Stone

On her first LP in seven years, singer-actress Charlotte Gainsbourg exudes the same droll, distracted sense of uneasy whimsy she's brought to her screen performances and previous music projects.

Consequence of Sound

With tighter editing, Rest could have soared, but perhaps the personal nature of the songs made those ruthless cuts impossible. Even so, there are many individual moments to treasure. Charlotte Gainsbourg has evolved as an artist, and Rest is a flawed but worthy statement.

The Skinny

The constant changes in tone that come with such disparate collaborators mean that the album never settles into a comfortable groove the way 5:55 or IRM did.


Rest may ultimately prove too wispy and too understated to make too much of an impression.

Nov 23, 2017
A bit repetitive, but the songs are really nice ones.

Favs: Ring-A-Ring O' Roses, Lying with You, Deadly Valentine, Rest, Les Crocodiles and Les Oxalis.
Nov 17, 2017
Nice mix in the language(English & French) even though i don't know any French but i love the accent in the songs =)), a good and smooth of dancing, with sad lyrics as i could understand from the English =) i really loved Ring-A-Ring O' Roses very much with Lying with You, Kate and Deadly Valentine(which got very good bass-line), so i can state that at first the record was amazing and then i got lost a little bit (doesn't mean the songs were bad but not as good as the beginning of the ... read more
Dec 23, 2017
Charlotte Gainsbourg pretty much disappeared from the music scene for over five years, but early single “Deadly Valentine” was considerably better than I expected and proved that her return would be worth our attention. Meanwhile, Pitchfork managed to continue their trend of choosing an album to rave about while hardly describing the music at all, which got me worried. As it turns out, “Rest” is an impressively personal album that perhaps tells us more about Gainsbourg ... read more
Nov 20, 2017
Accomplished French singer, songwriter, and actress Charlotte Gainsbourg's new album Rest is one of the most disappointing pop releases of 2017.

Rest had everything to be a stellar pop release, as its personal, intimate themes that run throughout could potentially make this album a breath of fresh air this year in that genre. However, those expectations went away as soon as I heard the singles, which read to me like your average indie pop and nothing more. These singles, however, grew on me as ... read more
Dec 3, 2017
The consistency in songwriting tactics provided an easy listen, but the underwhelming melodic layer made the actual results vary quite a bit with their inability to string together a likeable shaped phrase, to which my admiration of the synthesizer and form uniqueness couldn’t carry the whole work even with the overall strong harmonic foundation. My Score: 124/180 (Good) = 69/100
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Track List
  1. Ring-A-Ring O' Roses
  2. Lying with You
  3. Kate
  4. Deadly Valentine
  5. I'm a Lie
  6. Rest
  7. Sylvia Says
  8. Songbird in a Cage
  9. Dans Vos Airs
  10. Les Crocodiles
  11. Les Oxalis
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