New Energy
Four Tet - New Energy
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2017 Ratings: #158 / 668
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New Energy is a seamless body of work that evinces Kieran Hebden's masterful and dextrous use of percussion and harmonic textures, bridging the space between all-consuming melodicism and ambient sensibilities that comprise the opposing sides of electronic music's spectrum.


On this record, the club-orientated, dancefloor tracks that can be found on the likes of Beautiful Rewind and There is Love in You are gone. What’s left is a mature, ambient take that feels more reflective—and honest.


Downtempo nodders, beatless passages that flow into big bangers—he synthesizes all this into his most accessible listen since There is Love in You.


New Energy is one of the most accessible, listener-friendly releases in the Four Tet catalog, but it still maintains the creativity and unpredictability that have always made his work stand out.

The 405

To say New Energy is a consolidation rather than a progression may seem damning with faint praise, but its palate is so substantial and nourishing that such slight ambition is peripheral. If you’re served a basic carbonara by a Michelin-star pasta chef it’s still a damn fine carbonara.

Resident Advisor

Though far from perfect, New Energy is one of Hebden's most intimate and personal albums, with all the idiosyncrasies that come with that.

Oct 4, 2017
I first heard Four Tet in 2004 with his record "Rounds." A major highlight – "My Angel Rocks Back and Forth" – a quiet, delicately layered piece, introduced me a world of electronic music I'd never experienced before. With Four Tet's meditative, gorgeous, and beautifully executed new record "New Energy," we have one his most focused records within his already excellent catalog. "New Energy" projects singularity; each track remains distinctive, ... read more
Oct 5, 2017
At first I wasn't really into this, but the more I played it, the more it just kinda crept into me, which ik sounds corny and dumb af, but I really just had to let the incredibly tranquil & spacious sounds of this LP just wash over me in order for me to truly appreciate it as a whole. Quite a few tracks here do meander a lot though, some leave a lot to be desired and don't explore their full potential, and also a few grooves here and there are just a tiny bit awkward to me, but overall this ... read more
Jan 10, 2018
Worth a listen
Dec 11, 2017
Along each record that Kieran Hebden releases under his Four Tet project, he keeps getting better. "New Energy" is something unique both in his catalogue as in electronic music as a whole.
Oct 21, 2017
Loving this.
Track List
  1. Alap
  2. Two Thousand and Seventeen
  3. LA Trance
  4. Tremper
  5. Lush
  6. Scientists
  7. Falls 2
  8. You Are Loved 
  9. SW9 9SL
  10. Midi
  11. Memories
  12. Daughter
  13. Gentle Soul
  14. Planet
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