Yung Lean - Stranger
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2017 Ratings: #612 / 668
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2017 Ratings: #472
November 10, 2017 / Release Date
LP / Format
Year0001 / Label
Hip Hop / Genres
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The Line of Best Fit

Stranger is a fully formed welcome to the staying power of Lean, and this third chapter is unlike anything he’s done before, while simultaneously being everything he’s done before.

On 'Stranger', Yung Lean seems to embrace his outsider status even more so than on previous projects, with the Scandinavian expanding on his reputation as a reclusive 'sad rap' artist and creating a project that feels isolated and reflective.

The moments on Stranger where he breaks away from rap are striking glimpses of his full potential, piercing through the detachment that once obscured real emotion. In these moments, Lean’s identity shifts from something borrowed to something innate.

Consequence of Sound

If anything, Stranger is too parochial at this stage in his career, altogether enjoyable yet only seldom worthy of evangelizing.

A.V. Club

Stranger is his third and probably best album, in that the aquatic, post-cloud rap production is uniformly good, and the bleating, preposterous lyrics are frequently delivered too slowly and blandly to consume on a cognitive level.

The Guardian

In a genre where the vocals tend to be the focus, here’s an album where you’d be better off ignoring the star performance and concentrating on the scenery.


Yung Lean still lacks quality control. The middle bulk of ‘Stranger’ can feel like being suspended in ice, experiencing a never-ending comedown.


It doesn’t feel any more disciplined or carefully-crafted than the experimental ‘Frost God’ did, but Yung Lean does continue to push the boundaries - which is precisely what brought him to public attention in the first place.

The Needle Drop

Cloud rap sorcerer Yung Lean returns with his most enjoyable and aesthetically mature album to date.

The Skinny

The beats are the only thing going anywhere on Stranger, while the vocals seem as drunk and rambling as ever, devoid of memorable similes or even coherent subject matter.

Nov 14, 2017
More and more amateurish with each release. Truly a phenomenon to be studied.
Nov 13, 2017
There's plenty of filler on this album, but there's also some really solid songs that make up for some of whats lacking. Not Lean's best, but it shows progression and maturation in his sound.

fav tracks: Hunting My Own Skin (standout), Red Bottom Sky
Dec 3, 2017
The beginning of the work hinted at a distinctive electronic timbre that could have been a foundation, but any musical nuance that was present disappeared rather quickly and sadly slumped to revolve around an untalented rapper who has no energy, no delivery, no breaks in rudimentary rhythm, and hopefully no future. My Score: 67/180 (Bad) = 37/100
Nov 28, 2017
Yung Lean Doer, da man, da myth, da legend. Stranger is his new album and I was hyped about it when he released da first single Red Bottom Sky, and I got to say dis man came with his best work to date. Muddy Sea is da first track and the song start out with these sparkly keys, then Lean gives us his usual delivery which I luv. Da song has some samples sprinkled throughout, da coolest one is dis bird sound thing (more like a bird and Tarzan Scream thing). In the 3rd half of da track we get a ... read more
Nov 26, 2017
favs: red bottom sky, skimask, drop it/scooter, hunting my own skin, agony
least fav: push/lost weekend
#21/Pigeons & Planes
Track List
  1. Muddy Sea
  2. Red Bottom Sky
  3. Skimask
  4. Silver Arrows
  5. Metallic Intuition
  6. Push / Lost Weekend
  7. Salute / Pacman
  8. Drop It / Scooter
  9. Hunting My Own Skin
  10. Iceman
  11. Snakeskin / Bullets
  12. Fallen Demon
  13. Agony
  14. Yellowman

Added on: September 22, 2017