Brighter Wounds
Son Lux - Brighter Wounds
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2018 Ratings: #36 / 82
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2018 Ratings: #33
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A.V. Club

Brighter Wounds poses more questions than answers—but that uncertainty only makes the record more absorbing.


On average, it's not one of Son Lux's catchier albums, but it is spellbinding, strange, and moving, and still as far away from expectations for a piano, guitar, and drums trio as any in existence.

Under The Radar
Music like this opens windows and doors, letting in the fresh airs of possibility of what can come from whipping the backside of imagination and watching it run free.
On the synth-rock project’s fifth album, the stakes feel higher, with new fatherhood and the perilous state of the world inspiring searching introspection and dramatic gestures.

Though hit and miss, ‘Brighter Wounds’ is a solid addition to the group’s catalogue.

Drowned in Sound

Though refreshingly bold at key moments, Brighter Wounds still doesn’t challenge itself enough to be considered a radical and departure from its predecessors. But Son Lux still do a yeoman’s job at second-guessing themselves and coming away with enough surprising, wholly satisfying material.

The 405
There are plenty of moments on here worthy of your time and show what is possible when Son Lux is willing to take risks and play with expectations.
Slant Magazine
For all the musical sophistication on display here, Lott's cracked warble and heart-on-sleeve lyrics contrast with the steely precision of the arrangements in ways that are surprisingly emo, humanizing the robotic soundscapes even when it leans too far into angst.
Feb 12, 2018
In Brighter Wounds, Son Lux will drag you down into their mysterious underwater dystopia and shroud you in the haunting sounds of paranoia and android rule, maybe, that's what Brighter Wounds did to me but the beauty of such a well constructed work of otherworldly ambience and mystery is it could pull any individual in to so many visionary worlds depending on how they illustrate the sound personally, on a couple tracks they break the sound with patches of silence which can make parts sound ... read more
Feb 22, 2018
Wounded ears after listening to that.
Feb 15, 2018*
While some of it's experiments don't quite land or feel unecessary, it's exciting to have a band that continuously tries something different and is not afraid to take risks. The projects best album since Lanterns with a beautiful soundscape and partially stellar production.

Highlights: Dream State, Slowly, Surrounded
Feb 13, 2018
Once again, I can't shake the feeling that I'm seriously missing something when it comes to Son Lux. There may be moments here where the production comes off pristine of the instrumentals are exciting. But way too much of this album is incredibly awkward. There are too many strange vocals, unfinished thoughts, and straight-up boring material. Even when Son Lux do somehow scrape up an interesting sound, they answer it quickly with tons of obnoxious ones. There's a very thin line between ... read more
Feb 13, 2018
Quite surprising how lovely this album is, still too short, some artists work best with the 10 track minimum but here it feels too short collapsing in onto itself, really only complaint I have, I came in expecting nothing and am leaving as a fan.
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Added on: October 10, 2017