Rainbow Mirror
Prurient - Rainbow Mirror
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2017 Ratings: #453 / 668
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Despite occasionally overlong runtimes, Rainbow Mirror is an album that encourages introspection and submerging oneself in their unconscious. It's a monument that both inspires and terrifies.

The 405

Rainbow Mirror is immersive, exhausting, and decidedly flawed. However, the strengths are more than enough to carry it forward, and the flaws are just a reminder that Fernow is at his best when he’s not holding back.


Dominick Fernow’s sprawling, three-hour foray into “doom electronics” feels like a swing of the pendulum back to the noise project’s Rust Belt roots.

The Needle Drop

Many of Rainbow Mirror's long free-form pieces are texturally to die for, but some lose their luster on repeat listens.

Dec 1, 2017
I will admit it: I haven't heard the entirety of this album yet, and I honestly don't plan to any time soon. However, if noise music is really your kind of thing, do consider checking out Rainbow Mirror and do not let this slip by. This is one hell of an ambitious project from Prurient, and I appreciate his artistry and dedication to come through with an album that is three hours long. Honestly, not every artist out there does this in any genre of music, and Prurient just happens to be one of ... read more
Track List
  1. Barefoot God
  2. Walking On Dehydrated Coral
  3. Midnight Kabar
  4. Chaos-Sex
  5. Falling In the Water
  6. Okinawan Burial Vaults
  7. April Fool's Day Aspect Sinister
  8. Cruel Worlds
  9. Naturecum
  10. Blue Kimono Over Corpse
  11. Path Is Short
  12. Buddha Strangled In Vines, Pt. One
  13. Buddha Strangled In Vines, Pt. Two
  14. Lazarus Flamethrower Sleepwalk
  15. Buddhist State
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