How to Solve Our Human Problems (Part 1)
Belle & Sebastian - How to Solve Our Human Problems (Part 1)
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2017 Ratings: #384
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Northern Transmissions

In their first of three releases, we get multiple vocal flavours from the band’s many vocalists and enough different moods to make the release feel shockingly varied while still cohesive.

A.V. Club

Recorded at a leisurely pace and with a minimum of fuss, How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 1) finds the members of Belle & Sebastian vamping as frequently as they’re weaving tales of the painfully shy and tragically literate.


How to Solve Our Human Problems, Part 1 is the sound of a band deploying its full arsenal of bells and whistles to seize your attention, even when the songs themselves aren’t always strong enough to retain the grip.


How to Solve Our Human Problems: Part 1 is a continuation of the sparkling pop of recent albums rather than a throwback to their fragile folk of old.

The Skinny

How to Solve... Part 1 is simply too meandering to hit with much impact.

Dec 14, 2017
Twee pop legends Belle and Sebastian are going deeper into synthpop territory, and the results don't work that well for them, unfortunately.
Dec 8, 2017
As the years roll on, Scottish indie-pop legends Belle & Sebastian seem to grow tire of regeneration—and it’s mostly worked—but, it has now, and most indefinitely, become empty.
Track List
  1. Sweet Dew Lee
  2. We Were Beautiful
  3. Fickle Season
  4. The Girl Doesn't Get It
  5. Everything Is Now (Instrumental)

Added on: October 13, 2017