Eminem - Revival
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The Telegraph
He may be a deeply flawed and reprehensible character but, when it comes to pure unadulterated rap skills, Eminem is still the boss.
The Independent
Where most wallow in wearyingly cliched boasts of luxury and power, Eminem remains wracked by doubts – about his status, his behaviour, his relationships, his emotions, his mental health. It’s this constant self-laceration that accounts for the manic mood-swings of his albums, the sudden shifts between fury, tragedy and comedy, and which enables him to navigate those changes so nimbly.

While Revival isn’t the defibrillator that Eminem needed to revive his dominance, the album has enough highlights to maintain decent replay value and enough lyrical miracles to keep mindful rap from totally flat lining. His pen game hasn't lost even half of a step, and he still possesses the neurotic edge that's always made him such a driving force in hip-hop.

Rolling Stone

When Revival's confessionals work, it's proof that, when the real Marshal Mathers stands up, he can still pull us into his evocative dramas.

Northern Transmissions
While a marvel at its best and occasionally brilliant in its more average songs, there’s a lot of weight on this album that just can’t be carried. If this truly is Eminem’s final outing, maybe something briefer would’ve been better.
Drowned in Sound

This is an album that could certainly have done with some editing – it feels about four or five tracks too long at a total of 19. But it's one whose high points do more than justify their existence.


In some ways, Revival almost feels like Recovery 2.0. While not focused entirely on sobriety, Revival is equally emotional and reflective, with touches of darkness stemming from Em’s continued feelings of guilt and self-recrimination.

Sometimes even architects don’t always have the blueprint for going forward, which makes Revival, Eminem’s ninth crack at snatching a Best Rap Album Grammy an admirable feat — even if it doesn’t whiff the top half of his storied discography.

Now that it's here ... we can say that the real Slim Shady does show up and prove himself on a handful of Revival's songs, but many of the more 'noteworthy' moments are buried under a mountain of contradictions and cringe-worthy attempts at shock value.

Overall ... the tellingly titled ‘Revival’ is the most vital record Em has put out since 2004’s ‘The Eminem Show’.

Listening to Eminem challenge himself on a sheer technical level -- and the absence of any major guest rappers suggests he thinks he's in a class of his own -- can still be a wonder but the overall effect of Revival can be a bit grim, and that can't be chalked up to the dark currents sweeping through America in 2017.

Slant Magazine
He's not quite on autopilot throughout, but he does sound distracted.

Revival is ultimately plagued by the same pitfalls as Infinite, which found him shadowboxing against ghosts, unable to land any punches. This time he’s competing with a version of himself that no longer exists. And though it’s easy to empathize with his creeping self-doubt, it’s tougher to swallow in the context of an album that ultimately proves that those doubts are correct.

Its ambition is too rooted in proven practices, its eye too firmly set on the sales spreadsheet. With the unit-shifting guest names come mainstream R&B, boyband and EDM textures, the sound of Eminem conceding the rap foreground to the new generation and instead chasing the (dwindling) money.
The Guardian

Production-wise, Revival is a trainwreck.

The Observer

Perhaps the biggest problem with Revival – as with many latterday Eminem records – is the struggle of an intelligent fortysomething artist to evolve while somehow remaining true to the demands of his sniggery core audience of alienated males, one he knows he shares with Trump. Listening to Eminem trying to square this circle, it’s just one face palm after another.

Spectrum Culture
Only Eminem would open an album with a feature from Beyoncé (who breathes life into the tired Skylar Grey-penned hook on lead single “Walk on Water”) and waste it by spending the entire track lamenting his place in the modern hip hop pantheon.
A.V. Club

Revival isn’t even interesting enough to warrant all of the critical beatdowns it’s taken in its short time in the world. Instead, it’s boring and predictable, which are greater threats to the Eminem legacy than anything else.

Crack Magazine
Presented with a new generation of SoundCloud sensations accused, and in some cases even convicted, of the sort of misogynistic behaviour glorified on his early full-lengths, Mathers squanders a prime opportunity to atone or at least to mature. It was perhaps foolish to expect otherwise, to expect rap’s most entitled brat to shed his lucrative problem child persona for any reason.
There’s nothing redeemable, worthy, or valuable about an Eminem album in 2017. Besides failing to maintain any technical proficiency at rapping whatsoever, a minor respite to prior efforts, he has embraced a parade of no-name, no-value, unimportant producers and features, who otherwise sink him and emphasise his own bad instincts.
The 405

His good intentions just make how genuinely excruciating this record is all the more sad. Slim Shady may have spent the last decade and change putting out bad records, but Revival stands as the first truly terrible entry into his already sagging discography.

Consequence of Sound

Revival is the most pleasureless record he’s ever made, so stymied by his worst tendencies that like many other inept apologies from 2017 it only points out how much further he has to go rather than how far he’s come.

does eminem not listen to music? he seems to have forgotten what a song is supposed to sound like
y'all weren't lyin...
lol y'all sleep. em is coming for the throats of these "new generation" rappers.
seriously one of the most horrible things I've ever subjected myself to
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Added on: October 28, 2017