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(Inspired by DoubleZ's fantastic "The history of the albums") Trying to catalogue all the albums AOTY users love. Rules: 1. Every album on here is listed in chronological order to the ...
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major revisions jan 7, 2020
Updated 1d ago200 albumsRanked 30
Updated 2y ago1,301 albums 14
Updated 2y ago25 albumsRanked 3
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yeah i know art there's no particular order btw
Updated 1mo ago251 albums 1
Based on number of user ratings Highest Scoring: Kid A Lowest Scoring: A Fever You Can't Sweat Out Most Appearances: 1. Kanye West with 4 1. Radiohead with 4 1. Animal Collective with 4 4. Arctic ...
Updated 2y ago120 albums 1
Updated 6d ago19 albumsRanked
A very long list of albums I wish to listen to soon.
Updated 4h ago588 albums
Always continuously compiling more to this list everyday :)
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At the end of each year, I would list my Top 10 albums and EPs released that year for my friends. It was based on what I listened to that year, no late additions to look cool. Missing: Future Kings ...
Updated 5mo ago9 albums
Updated 6mo ago200 albumsRanked
In Progress My take on an Indie Rock 100. Rules, there must be rules To be included it has to be tagged as Indie Rock on this site which knocks out a huge number of albums that are normally on ...
Updated 5d ago103 albumsRanked
Añado mucho y escucho poco, así que esta lista jamás acabará XD
Updated 2d ago1,208 albumsRanked
Updated 1y ago17 albums
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