Björk - Vespertine
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2001 Ratings: #12 / 179
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NOW Magazine

After tossing off the half-assed Selmasongs set, Björk gets serious on the imaginatively orchestrated Vespertine, which makes her previous Post and Debut albums seem like warm-ups.


An album singing the praises of peace and quiet, Vespertine isn't merely lovely; it proves that in Björk's hands, intimacy can be just as compelling as louder emotions.

Bjork successfully created a beautiful piece of art, and one fittingly portraying what she truly is- human.
Tiny Mix Tapes

A beautiful, magical, mystical soundtrack, similar to Homogenic, but in a sense, more light-hearted and full of love.

Entertainment Weekly
When it all comes together, as on ''Hidden Place'' or ''It's Not Up to You,'' Björk and her electronica collaborators create moving interplanetary chorals.
‘Vespertine’ is way, way off the beaten track. But give it time and you’ll love it there.
Under The Radar
I’m almost glad that Lars Von Trier was such a dick to her on the set of Dancer in the Dark that we get such a heavenly record in return.
Slant Magazine

Born of the Napster era, Björk’s Vespertine might just be the first commercial D.I.Y. electronic album, a euphoric and wintery mix composed largely on the artist’s laptop and consciously crafted for our desktops.

The Guardian
Her least commercial effort yet, its impact derives from the enchanted union of that wild voice and intimate instrumentation.

While undeniably beautiful, Vespertine fails to give electronic music the forward push it received on Björk's preceding albums.

Swans were harmed in the making of this album

Björk, in the last couple of years, has become one of my favorite singers ever. Her brilliant, outstanding, thought-provoking, and genre-bending music makes me come back for more every time. While Homogenic is innovative and powerful, Vespertine sees herself at her most sexiest, vulnerable, experimenting with more ambient/lo-fi sounds instead of going down a more trip-hop route. This is her most personal, emotional, in-depth album. It's ... read more
This is probably one of the most majestic art pop records I've ever heard, and it also happens to be my favorite Bjork record. The atmosphere, Bjork's vocals, the production, the flow, everything seems so elegant and multi-dimensional. Bjork is charming, beautifully conveyed, and consistent, but also is experimental and boundary-pushing.
Bjork was always an artist that has enjoyable albums, 1-2 were fairly high. Yet, I never really went back to her music. In fact, before a partciular binge of her music, it had been almost a year in full since I’d taken a portion of my time to trudge through an album of hers.

Her personality, her passion, the way it seeps into her music and the way she interacts with her world and its people. She’s just a unique, warm, and devoted person to the people she loves and the projects she ... read more
I fear I am turning into a lizard. Yesterday, I was at the nuclear power plant, which happened to have a large lizard population next door to it. Of course, the power plant shouldn't be THAT dangerouz, should it? I mean, I've been in theze thingz before, and they haven't cauzed me any life changing illnezzez, zo I zhouldn't be wowwied abut it. Butt, becausz god haytes me, the purplannt went KABLOOWIE ant i Was Send fling intoo a treee. I contunud wif mi dai liek nuthng hapnd, bcowse I am im a ... read more
Há exatos 20 anos atrás, a cantora islandesa Björk presenteava o mundo com a sua fabulosa obra prima "Vespertine". Sucessor de uma outra obra prima, o icônico "Homogenic", Björk mostra que talento e criatividade ela tem de sobra.
Em "Vespertine", ela trabalha com um som mais intimista e menos agressivo, diferente dos seus discos anteriores.
Björk revoluciona sentimentos de profundeza, ironia e de uma mulher mais sexy, tudo isso ao ... read more
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