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The Skinny

Overall, POST- is a moment-defining record both for Rosenstock but also for wider popular music and culture; it's equal places angry and fun, something we could all do with in 2018.

A.V. Club

POST- is an album about finding hope in the future. Not in a passive, pacifying way, but by challenging yourself to step up and take action, day in and day out. While that sounds incredibly daunting—and like a really tiring listen—the album’s most impressive trait is that it makes all that vital work feel joyous and communal.

The 405

POST- has set an extraordinarily high bar for the rest of punk in 2018 to clear.

Spectrum Culture

The catchiness on POST- is uniformly weapons grade. And combining that with sweating worry is no easy feat.

Jeff Rosenstock albums are always a wild ride. Turns out they’re a darn good way to start a new year, too.

Whereas any praise of WORRY. likely mandated a retelling of his backstory as an ethical compass and consummate defender of punk’s least credible subgenres, POST- is a confirmation of Rosenstock as one of punk rock’s greatest, most effusive living songwriters. It’s his most easily accessible work yet.


With POST-, Jeff Rosenstock has done a fine job of making cheerful music for unhappy times.

Northern Transmissions
Jeff Rosenstock manages to take the disillusionment found in nowadays politics and the tremors that effect society around it, and turns it into a defiant, triumphant ode to the disenfranchised.
The Line of Best Fit
Delivered with a passion that feels like it could at any time escalate to a frenzy, Rosenstock laments the USA’s current situation in true punk style with his heart on his sleeve. And when he’s in this kind of mood, you’d be hard pushed not to tag along.

Jeff Rosenstock's POST- is a frustrating, yet important, journey into American society to be sure, but its eventual optimism makes it worth remembering in the current soundtrack of our country trying to make a change.

Drowned in Sound

In the sober light of 2018 POST- could certainly be the most important album of Rosenstock’s career. It’s certainly his strongest, and it does feel like it make or break.


His hoarse bellows and confessional barrages can be a bit much at times, but his heart is in the right place, and with Post-, the sheer weight of his catharsis makes for a gutsy and engaging listen.

While ‘POST-‘ finds Rosenstock solidifying his place within punk music, it does not do enough to disrupt the whiteness that pervades a genre which purports to resist structural oppression.
The Needle Drop

The New York songwriter's latest work feels like a pale presentation of the anthemic punk style of his previous record, Worry.

Screw it, I don't have a single problem with this album. Just nothing but pure adrenaline for 40 minutes. Music to scream at the wall too.

It's a case where I have no clue what Jeff is talking about, but I agree with him completely. The lyrics sound so personal, while still sounding like it could apply to anyone.
Post what Jeff. We must KNOW AHH

This just so happens to be, another solid Jeff Rosenstalk album. Nothing that special in terms of being super different from his usual sound, but just good tracks. He took a break from being conceptual like WORRY, and decided to make some bangers. There are some really long songs on here which are definitely highlights though. I think that also 9/10 is such a memorable singalong song. I love its melody and lyrics a ton. All This Useless Energy is also an ... read more
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(Storming The Castle)

About 5 months ago (the wait methjoy) Toasterqueen12 was all like "I want to do that one list... but again". And so she did. So here we are. And I'm poggers and based enough to have been invited to this challenge! Thank you Toaster.

If you're really confused right now, basically it's this challenge where two users exchange 10 albums, and of course listen. Toaster did it with 10 people, and now another 10 ... read more
What a damn album to start the year of 2018 off. My boi Jeff Rosenstock return with a set of pop-punk tracks that surprisingly was quite more diverse than his 2016 record "Worry". With some stellar song/writing and catchy/dynamic production, this album is an enjoyable listen from start to finish. I still prefer his previous record but this is still a fantastic follow-up. Loving this so far and can't wait for this to grow on me more later down the year. :-)

Edit: Sadly, haven't return ... read more
The God of Pop Punk returns with what will undoubtedly be one of the strongest albums to come out of 2018
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Added on: January 1, 2018