Culture II

Migos - Culture II
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2018 Ratings: #719 / 850
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The Guardian
For such a gargantuan album, it’s surprisingly light on its feet, skipping nimbly between musical styles.

Migos are firing on all cylinders here, their new record a lush, chaotic patchwork that pops with primary colours. The fab three have done it again.

Although the creative achievements aren’t revolutionary, they are thorough and consistent. The flaming rappers from Atlanta's North Side continue to steer the culture. Now watch the vultures circle.

While not all of these 24 songs are equally impressive, nothing about Culture II feels like they're going through the motions. And as often as they seem to be stretching out one musical approach while fixating on the luxuries of success (cars, diamonds, plentiful cash), there's very little about Culture II that feels shallow.

Pretty Much Amazing

Migos have mastered their craft, but they spend too much time delivering what we expect instead of exploring their more interesting caprices. They have the talent and they have our attention—we'll see what they do with it on Culture III.

The 405

CULTURE found Migos trying to get the party started. On its sequel, they are the party.

Consequence of Sound
Even without many flat-out bad songs, Migos’ overall sonic vocabulary and lyrical facility are so minimalist that the greatest moments here are hard to tell from the ordinary ones. The trio gave a double album their best, with plenty of head-turning lines, hilarious stray shouts (“dinner rolls!” on “CC” is a fave), and productions that further dilate the luxury trap spectrum, but not wildly so.
With enough highlights to form a single digestible effort, Migos could have delivered another culture-defining classic with just a little trimming. Instead, they've taken what should have been a potent, big league statement and diluted it.
Northern Transmissions

While their latest release Culture II certainly doesn’t rise to their expectations, it will offer fans more of what they already love while carrying some much fresher material in small doses.

Slant Magazine

Culture II ... is a sequel in the purest sense: both bigger and bolder than its predecessor but with an inevitably diminished impact.


Where Culture was an event, its sequel feels more like an occurrence, the quality of its songs handicapped by the artlessness of its presentation.

The Observer

If anything, Culture II is overpopulated, as Migos return the favour to collaborators like assiduous parents inviting over everyone who’s asked their kid to a party.

Having more songs available to stream results in more royalties, though it doesn't equate to a flawless full-length.
Crack Magazine

While Migos’ Culture album was a concise effort, propelled by the viral hit Bad and Boujee and backed up with slow-burning fan favourites, its 24-track sequel runs at 106 minutes, rendering the Quality Control name slightly ironic.

Rolling Stone

Culture II ultimately feels less like a celebratory howl from the mountaintop than a transitional inventory dump.

Tiny Mix Tapes

Are you honestly able to listen to Culture II straight through? The answer ... means less than ever.

Spectrum Culture

The last album worked because it took no prisoners and had the good fortune to become a big hit just as pop culture cycled back around to Migos. But Culture II is a classic example of expending art for profit.

It’s the musical equivalent of an attention-seeking friend dropping two dozen consecutive jokes at a house party, hoping that at least one of them lands. Some of these songs are worth your time, some are even great, but there’s a fair amount of mindless filler that makes it real a drag to have to listen to.

When one considers how often star artists are able to completely command the anticipation, it becomes clear that Culture II will go down as a missed opportunity to obtain immortality. An opportunity that may never come again.

The Needle Drop

Overloaded and underwritten, Migos' sequel to Culture says more about the trio's business model than it does the artform.


More often than not ... Culture II sounds like a satire of every other rap album released by a major label these days, catering to the lowest common denominator of casual music listener. As a business decision, it’s genius; as a piece of music, it’s little more than an elaborate consumer scam.

If it weren't for Stirfry this would be even lower: what a dull, dull album.
It's ironic how they close the album with someone's pulse slowing down since I almost died of a Migoverdose.

FAV: Higher We Go, Supastars, Narcos, BBO, CC, Stir Fry, White Sand, Crown The Kings, Too Playa & Made Men

LEAST: Beast
Not even that bad. But, just as so many before me have pointed out, this is just so frustratingly long, like who in the migoffice thought this was suitable for the public? I’d like to have a word with these three. The one note production did not help, but I did have some fun with this, can’t deny.

Bops: Stir Fry and all the ones with features
It’s like listening to the same song on repeat for an hour and 45 minutes. The innovative lyricism and eccentric group chemistry that made Culture I so successful is rehashed ad nauseam in Culture II, so much so that it drones on and on with proclamations of banality.
First thoughts: Reminds me of No Label II, its just as long, its a similar vibe, but unlike NLII, only half the songs bang. Thankfully Takeoff kills it, bc Quavo and Offset seem spent from their solo projects. its not as good as Huncho Jack, let alone anywhere near to touching Culture.
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Track List

  1. Higher We Go
  2. Supastars
  3. Narcos
  4. BBO (Bad Bitches Only) [feat. 21 Savage]
  5. Auto Pilot (Huncho on the Beat)
  6. Walk It Talk It (feat. Drake)
  7. Emoji a Chain
  8. CC (feat. Gucci Mane)
  9. Stir Fry
  10. Too Much Jewelry
  11. Gang Gang
  12. White Sand (feat. Travis Scott, Ty Dolla $ign & Big Sean)
  13. Crown the Kings
  14. Flooded
  15. Beast
  16. Open It Up
  17. MotorSport
  18. Movin' Too Fast
  19. Work Hard
  20. Notice Me (feat. Post Malone)
  21. Too Playa (feat. 2 Chainz)
  22. Made Men
  23. Top Down on da NAWF
  24. Culture National Anthem

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Added on: January 15, 2018