Elliot Leaver


She Reaches Out To She… is the absolute sweet spot between chilling and beautiful, nearly three-quarters of an hour of sumptuous, spellbinding music that will bowl you over again and again for the rest of time, let alone this year.

Reconstructed deathcore heavies get their thrills at the threshold.

Away from the more recognisable numbers, Bed Of Nails doesn’t let up at all.

LUCIFER will be a breakout band in 2024 – their sound and imagery will excite fans of GHOST just as much as the classic acts mentioned, a truly excellent showcase of making the old sound fresh and dynamic.

It’s a brilliant AC/DC album. In fact, from start to finish, it’s genuinely possible that this is the finest work to bear the Acca-Dacca name since 1990’s fantastic The Razor’s Edge.

It might be difficult to experience, but it’s a brilliant journey through the pain and anguish that so many go through on a daily basis, one that will be as cathartic to people as it is corrosive.
What lets this album down is its delivery: as colourful and pleasant as it is, it’s far too safe and cheery.

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