May 24, 2018
getting my 0 ready
May 24, 2018
I was about to shit on her take because it seemed reactionary to receiving the bad review, but she is correct. (Most) Journalists are shit and have nothing meaninful to say—meandering off talking about some #WOKE nonsense that’s barely applicable [[BUT WILL GET CLICKS!!]]. It’s simultaneously exhausting and boring..... that’s why i came to this site. Critic reviews mean nothing anymore.

Either way this album is gonna suK lol
May 24, 2018
So she's upset that they immediately assumed since she's kinda one of the main faces of synth pop feminism that all the lyrics are shallow attempts at being #woke ?

u brought it on yourself by naming the album's first single after the most #woke movie of the 2010s, girlie!!!
May 24, 2018
and the saddest fact is that the lyrics are fucking shallow.
girl mad she got caught.
May 24, 2018
I feel like the oversaturation of "revolution" songs with super generic, non-intrusive lyrics is building to this critic backlash where any music perceived as having **social commentary** will be dragged unless the lyrics are like a 35 page MLA-cited essay on the issue.

Or at least more deep than "We're lookin' for angels in the darkest of skies."
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