September 14, 2018
i sincerely hope nobody thinks this "beef" is real
September 14, 2018
also what happened to his fucking voice? wtf?
September 15, 2018
Can't they just go kill each other careers in peace?
September 17, 2018
Space Vacation - watch the sway and Eminem interview and you may change your mind. Eminem understands that his last couple of albums weren’t that good, but was hurt by people who he thought were friends of making public statements rediculing the albums. Say what you want about Eminem, but I’ve never heard him say a negative thing about anyone he considers to be his friend. Also, Eminem didn’t even want to respond because he knew that doing so would be playing into MGK’s game.
September 22, 2018
what youre saying about eminem is what a standard friend should do lol
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