November 5, 2019
Why does every critic think that Alright is Kendrick’s best song? And Runaway is honestly too low
November 5, 2019
@Rainmaker It's because most critics choose their favourites not on the quality basis, but on how they reflect the times or - even worse - their subjective opinion on the Zeitgeist. It's not awfully strange nor unexpected as most people, critics included, don't know sh*t about what makes a song really great on formal level.
November 6, 2019
72 Lil Nas X – “Old Town Road (Remix)... da fak
November 6, 2019
@Luka_Silovic no its because its a good fucking song
November 6, 2019
@Luka_Silovic and fucking what else are you supposed to put as your best song of your decade? Not your favorite song of the decade??
November 7, 2019
Where exactly in my comment did you notice an implication that Alright isn't a great song?
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