I Know The End:


February 7, 2021
Phoebe will smash a guitar, but will she smash me?
February 7, 2021
old people were MAD about this 😭
February 7, 2021
Who even watches SNL anymore? 😂
February 10, 2021
good performances tbh
February 10, 2021
the goat
February 10, 2021
absolute king shit especially the shredding then going all gangster on us with the guitar destruction, SO GOATED
February 10, 2021
@eastbaldboy , I mean, if I ever had a girlfriend I would let phoebe smash her
February 11, 2021
Damn it!! I wish I was smashed by Phoebe Bridgers
February 13, 2021
@frncscbrqz You can thank David Crosby on that.
But this fiasco has huge double standard, when men do it; its rock'n'roll, but if a female artist did this, its just turns into a unneeded debate.
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