The Needle Drop's Best Albums of 2021 So Far

The Needle Drop's Best Albums of 2021 So Far

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Backxwash - I Lie Here Buried With My Rings and My Dresses
June 20, 2021
Critic Score
6 reviews

Backxwash returns with a tour-de-force of harrowing and hellish songcraft.

Black Country, New Road - For the first time
February 5, 2021
Critic Score
29 reviews

Rock debuts as daring as For the First Time are a rarity.

Black Dresses - Forever In Your Heart
February 14, 2021
Critic Score
3 reviews

Black Dresses go harder than ever before on their first post-disbandment album.

black midi - Cavalcade
May 26, 2021
Critic Score
31 reviews

Cavalcade finds black midi remaining one of the most exciting acts in modern rock while going avant-prog.

Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra - Promises
March 26, 2021
Critic Score
25 reviews

Promises is a tasteful, spellbinding, and beautiful intersection of jazz, classical, and electronic music.

Genesis Owusu - Smiling With No Teeth
March 5, 2021
Critic Score
18 reviews

Genesis Owusu's full-length debut is impressive, occasionally even overambitious.

Jeff Rosenstock - SKA DREAM
April 20, 2021
Critic Score
2 reviews

Finally, the skankable version of NO DREAM we've all been waiting for.

Porter Robinson - Nurture
April 23, 2021
Critic Score
13 reviews

Sematary - Rainbow Bridge 3
April 29, 2021
Critic Score
1 review
This goes hard.

slowthai - TYRON
February 12, 2021
Critic Score
33 reviews

Though Tyron's introspective side slightly outshines the bangers, it's a powerful journey overall.

St. Vincent - Daddy's Home
May 14, 2021
Critic Score
36 reviews

The strongest St. Vincent album since Strange Mercy.

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