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Welcome everyone to the final installment of the Imaginable Series! What got me interested in listening to music was reading the lyrics on my favorite songs. They leave an impression in our minds ...
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I’d love to see which artists y’all have been bumping this year.
Updated 2d ago40 albums 18
TW: Before you go through this list, I would HIGHLY recommend reading through when your mental health is at it's best. If you're not feeling good mentally, please take a break or wait another time ...
Updated 1d ago178 albums 113
(this is not a hate list directed at Brad or Fantano) Albums, EPs or singles where the AOTY user score dramatically shifted after a review from Brad Taste or Fantano. Will try to keep updating ...
Updated 3d ago20 albums 82
Name an album and tell me what food/drink it tastes like! 1 Album per person please!
Updated 2d ago4 albums 9
We all know of the famous book of certified classics that everyone should hear at least once in their life. Taking the idea, I have decided on a community list idea... If you're looking at this ...
Updated 2d ago396 albums 255
I love making ranked lists so I'm naturally very happy with this. All of these 50 records are 100% essential for 2023 and I recommend listening to them if you haven't. Also general shoutout to ...
Updated 4d ago50 albumsRanked 7
Thanks for the 100 followers, I really appreciate it! Just send me a suggestion for the most cringe lyrics that you can think of and I'll add them lol
Updated 19h ago7 albums 8
lmk if you want to share your perspective on an album for the video
Updated 1d ago21 albums 8
after being afk for a while I’m back and I want to share with you my top 15 favorite albums that came out this year hope you enjoy :)
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A collection of the saddest lyrics, from some really great songs. (Add some suggestions in comments)
Updated 2h ago4 albums
This list is based on pure technical ability. Not production ability or artistry, just their ability to spit. Because you can't ad artists to lists I will be putting my favorite album of theirs in ...
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if you listened this before your 14 birthday you are probably as just insane as me. welcome to your girlfriends safe place.
Updated 5h ago3 albums
los tengo q escuchaaaaaaar
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All of the albums that contain songs in my Top 100 most played songs of 2023
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self explanitory
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ESP: Un dúo increíble quienes presentan las canciones más pegajosas y a la vez más caóticas y desastrosas del momento. ENG: An amazing duo that presents the most catchy yet chaotic and messy ...
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A list (in order) of artists I've seen in concert and their most recent album.
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