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If you want to add anyone to the list just leave a reply and I'll try get to it :)
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fuck you
Updated 4h ago
Updated 6h agoRanked 1
dont trust the tags (even the ones i give) at their core, none of these are hip hop albums
Updated 7h ago
Updated 7h ago
just some albums i think sound better in the winter for some reason
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Updated 12h agoRanked
Fat man makes tunes you can dance to. They’re mostly good.
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Estos álbumes necesito volverlos a oír y darles una nueva calificación o hacerles una reseña. // These albums need to be re-heard and re-rated or reviewed.
Updated 13h ago
Updated 13h ago
Current Project Average = 85 (NOTE: I plan on getting to Sucker and True Romance eventually)
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