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Hey guys! Zach here!! So I got the idea to make this list, or well series of lists mind you from @TreyLikesBands when he did the year end aggregate for AOTYs user base, and thus from the aggregate ...
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Hey AOTY, this is the launch of my second new mini-series dedicated to Hip Hop and published weekly. Hip hop think tank will be built on no rules. I can talk about an album, an artist, a song, a ...
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Due to a certain virus pandemic is known as ㄷØ౮𝖎ᕷ- 𝟙९, the human race faced extinction. A batch of humans evacuated to Mars, in the hopes of extending the lifetime of the human race, ...
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Average Score: 33.1 BAD You know, there's at least one thing charming about Skillet as a group: they do not give a single shit about how corny they sound.
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I'm legitimately only including EPs so I can put Fever 333 on here. 2020 sucked for everybody (although it somehow wasn't the worst year I've ever had personally, that goes to the lovely 2017. 2020 ...
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Average score: 70.1 GOOD The Christian post-hardcore band peaked at their debut, and slowly weened off of the grimy aesthetic with every release up until their recent output.
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Accumulative Score: 80.5
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This might be a queue? It’s not gonna be strict though. First to last listening order… I think… if everything goes to plan.
Updated 21m ago
Albums I plan to review sometime in the future, hopefully in order.
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It's a risk I'm somehow willing to take
Updated 1h ago
A list of albums that I put on if I'm writing or filling out forms or whatever and I don't want to sit in silence, but also not get distracted by songs that Go HaRd!!!
Updated 2h ago
These are the best and worst albums altogether for the month of January 2021
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One of the most inventive, unique, and emotional musical groups I've ever listened to. Rounded average score: 87
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bars bars bars bars bars bars bars bars
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Reviews: RMBY1: Eco Virtual - ATMOSPHERES 第1
Updated 3h ago
related to taylor swift
Updated 6h ago
guitar + drums
Updated 6h ago
bad stuff dont listen
Updated 5h ago
i like beep boop
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Updated 8h ago
I'll listen, rate & review all the important, popular or just special weird albums, ep's and tapes that i've missed in the last decade. Why? Fuck if i know. Like it or i buy Cartinese merch. ...
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When I was in high school, I almost exclusively listened to obscure alt-rock from the late 90s to the early 2000s. If the artist only released one album, great; if the artist had one major-label ...
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More like Steve Alboner hahahah (laugh) (please) (I'm funny please believe me)
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100 ➟ 90 - 99 ➟ 80 - 89 ➟ 70 - 79 ➟ 60 - 69 ➟ 1 50 - 59 ➟ 40 - 49 ➟ 30 - 39 ➟ 20 - 29 ➟ 10 - 19 ➟ 0 - 9 ➟
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100 ➟ 90 - 99 ➟ 80 - 89 ➟ 70 - 79 ➟ 60 - 69 ➟ 50 - 59 ➟ 40 - 49 ➟ 30 - 39 ➟ 20 - 29 ➟ 10 - 19 ➟ 0 - 9 ➟
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January 2021 Playlist