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Community list: tell me what your favorite album is and put it into emoji (ie: my favorite album, soundtracks for the blind, is πŸŽΆπŸ‘¨β€πŸ¦―)
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THIRD EDITION: FEBRUARY 2021 This is the third edition of my AOTY Icon Interview series where I crowdsource questions from AOTY users for iconic AOTY critics. For the third edition of this series, I ...
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Ik I said that I'd do 10-20 but I've had enough of this series and most of these bands suck anyways so...
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Since they have a new album coming out, I decided to check their discog in 1 day :) Yeah album-wise, this band isn't that consistent. BUT, I would love to see these guys at a festival or something, ...
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I also check if the URLs are legitimate or not, and where they take you.
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A list of all the albums, EP's, reissues I have listened to, rated, and or reviewed in 2021!
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This is a list for the parents of AOTY :ppppppppppppppp If I didn't DM you the question, feel free to say yours in the comments :) I am still adding them :0 so don't worry.
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This will be my best to worst weezer albums..... No one else is allowed to have a different opinion than me so if you don't agree you're just wrong.
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It's a movement
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MΓ©dia: 73πŸ’š 1. The Fame Monster - 89πŸ’š 2. Born This Way - 84πŸ’š 3. Chromatica - 81πŸ’š 4. A Star Is Born - 72πŸ’š 5. Artpop - 65πŸ’š 6. The Fame - 64πŸ’š 7. Joanne - 59πŸ’›
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But what is BOOMER? IDK, this whole thing came from a conversation I had on discord I guess i'll use the formula of Outlook on life/music + Type of music + Core audience = Boomer Score. Ranked ...
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These are the releases that we have in our personal CD collection. We've been collecting CDs since 2013 and it's been one of our favorite hobbies since. With that being said, this is a full list of ...
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I've often found trans music to be the most personal and heartfelt music out there. I just wanted to share some music created by our Trans siblings.
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