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Basically, this list a mix between a couple different criteria's. Those criteria's include, but are not limited to: 1. Albums that I listen to on repeat/that I return to a lot, regardless of ...
Updated 3d ago76 albums 11
One of the most prolific and versatile bands working today, King Gizzard have a very dedicated fan base who support them through all their musical endeavours they like to take. And while I do overall ...
Updated 5d ago15 albumsRanked 11
bad band
Updated 1d ago9 albums 14
I was originally going to rank every single one of his songs, but then I'd have to re-listen to every single record he's ever put out, and I just don't have the time for that. A substitute for this ...
Updated 1w ago4 albums 13
Hey AOTY, I'm proud to announce that I have the important opportunity to become a Free Contributing Writer (no work status) for the independent website The Line Of Best Fit. You will find on this ...
Updated 1w ago2 albumsRanked 31
Favorite songs: 21st Century Schizoid Man, Epitaph, I Talk To The Wind, Pictures Of A City, Islands, Sailor's Tail, Larks' Tongue In Aspic (All Parts), Red, Fallen Angel, Providence, Starless, ...
Updated 5d ago13 albumsRanked 6
A community list of albums people associate with the color orange. Feel free to submit yours if I haven’t already reached out.
Updated 1d ago15 albums 7
Just a list of artists I've done a discography dive on.
Updated 1d ago2 albumsRanked 4
all albums are alive and we all hate music. the rest is simple
Updated 2d ago23 albums 20
Average Score: 48 5 Favourite Tracks: pennies up, shining on my ex, pop song, Justin Bieber Wrist, jack money bean
Updated 2d ago6 albums 8
*every sample from the 5 albums. Girl Talk is probably the absolute greatest mashup artist of all time. Blending five decades of past music into one seamless harmonic blend of nostalgia. Also he ...
Updated 4h ago454 albums 4
Albums I am anticipating.
Updated 7h ago20 albumsRanked 5
Updated 19h ago4 albums 3
Updated 1d ago4 albums 3
Updated 1d ago6 albums 3
A place to easily find all my lists!
Updated 1w ago4 albums 4
When I find a prog band I actually like, I cling to that shit. I also acknowledge the fact that I'm like the only person on the site that gives a shit about this band.
Updated 6h ago7 albumsRanked 3
Updated 1w ago7 albumsRanked 7
Updated 1d ago8 albums 3
god i hate radiohead
Updated 6mo ago9 albumsRanked 2
Updated 1d ago5 albums 2
Updated 18h ago5 albums 2
Updated 1d ago11 albums 2
Yeah, 2020 was a terrible year, but for music, I found it a very interesting year and full of great releases, here is a simple list of the best and worst I've heard this year. And maybe I'll add more ...
Updated 2d ago19 albumsRanked 2

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