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Hi Everyone, Thank you to the 75 people contributing with 276 different albums of their 10 best albums of the 90's! If you however have not contributed yet and would like to then please do, this ...
Updated 1d ago50 albumsRanked 35
Updated 1d ago4 albums 12
Albums that permanently changed AOTY users music tastes, whether it introduced them to new genres or completely switched up their taste. All in all, I reached out to the best part of 100 people so ...
Updated 1d ago86 albums 50
Updated 4d ago9 albumsRanked 6
This is a list that I've been wanting to make for a long time - ever since seeing Rolling Stone try and fail hard at making one of these lists last year. And that new songs list they released ...
Updated 9h ago300 albumsRanked 6
Updated 8h ago13 albumsRanked 3
As many of you know AOTY user Zach tragically passed away this year. The news of it hurt me to my very core. Zach was always just incredibly nice and extremely ambitious and I can notably feel an ...
Updated 1w ago95 albumsRanked 31
I asked many users on the platform for their top 10 albums of all time. Using the responses, I introduced a points tally, which goes by the following: 1st - 10 Points 2nd - 9 Points 3rd - 8 ...
Updated 1d ago100 albumsRanked 74
A list to broaden my musical horizons. The Avant-Garde Journey: The Trap ...
Updated 6h ago50 albumsRanked 3
Discography Average - 5.8/10 (Average)
Updated 1w ago7 albumsRanked 8
You need something to listen too? This is simply an alternative version of the random album generator...but this time it's every album Fantano has given a named reviews too! That means no classics ...
Updated 2d ago2,595 albumsRanked 42
I used to have a list where I ranked every single project I had listened to, mainly so people wouldn't get confused, because 85% of my actual ratings are comprised of singles. I have since abandoned ...
Updated 1d ago100 albumsRanked 3
The simps! I tried my best to include every licensed songs, probably didn't get them all, there are a lot of Simpsons. Also no classical recordings unless they're from a musical.
Updated 4d ago356 albums 4
A list to broaden my musical horizons. The Avant-Garde Journey: The Progressive Pop ...
Updated 6h ago50 albumsRanked 2
There isn't a lot to see about this list, this is just all of my 10/10 records ranked and given little descriptions. Nothing huge!
Updated 4d ago30 albumsRanked 23
Hey! If you see this list, you HAVE to recommend me an album to listen to!!! Please comment any albums in the comments below!!! Or shout them to me!!! Any and all recommendations are accepted! ...
Updated 2d ago51 albums 19
Since RLM was designed by a team of chimps there isn't ever a consistent top ten albums. So my process is 1) Check if there are ten albums in the top rated chart. 2) If there isn't ten instead do ...
Updated 4d ago3,849 albums 21
(NONE OF THIS IS MY WRITING. This is merely me taking this list: and transcribing it to AOTY. It's a ...
Updated 2w ago260 albums 6
Look at those colors go Credit to: for giving me the idea
Updated 1y ago200 albums 83
Attempting to catalog what I think are 5 of the most essential and important albums to come out of non-mainstream music scenes for every year since the 1980
Updated 9mo ago150 albumsRanked 5
So I'm gonna listen to as many critically acclaimed albums from the last 70 years (according to RYM and AOTY) as possible over the course of God knows how long and document my experiences here. Why? ...
Updated 3w ago250 albumsRanked 12
The title is self explanatory UNDER CONSTRUCTION Goal is to be finished by 2020 Edit: 2021 (obviously gave up on this project forever ago as it was far too tedious) :)
Updated 1mo ago1,655 albumsRanked 80
music From 449 albums... #1- 10/10 (Black Country, New Road- For the first time) #2 - #5: 9/10s (Bruno Pernadas- Private Reasons, black midi- Cavalcade, Little Simz- Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, ...
Updated 8h ago449 albumsRanked 63

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