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It's not like his first album, I think it's kind of boring and that only lasts a little over 35 minutes. It is an album to pass the time and be quiet listening to it. It has nothing new and innovative.

Pretty Shining People 72
Don't Matter Now 60
Get Away 77
Shotgun 75
Paradise 80
All My Love 70
Sugarcoat 68
Hold My Girl 68
Saviour 70
Only a Human 71
The Beautiful Dream 75
everyone is gonna hate on this shit, but its some bars u don't see too often...
It's got some tracks that are AMAZING but you also have some tracks that you will... see in your nightmares.

Favorite tracks: Welcome To Heartbreak, Heartless (4th favorite Kanye song), Amazing, Paranoid

Least favorite tracks: Dare I say those two?
Are You Satisfied? 98/100
Shampain 98/100
I Am Not A Robot 100/100
Girls 100/100
Mowgli's Road 100/100
Obssessions 100/100
Hollywood 98/100
The Outsider 100/100
Guilty 100/100
Hermit The Frog 100/100
Oh No! 100/100
Seventeen 100/100
Numb 100/100
Rootless 100/100

Total Score 99/100
Kleenex Girl Wonder were one of the better lo-fi indie bands of the 90s, their overall aesthetic would be well suited to todays indie music, with huge similarities to the likes of Car Seat Headrest
Love 100/100
Lust For Life 100/100
13 Beaches 95/100
Cherry 100/100
White Mustang 88/100
Summer Bummer 100/100
Groupie Love 97/100
In My Feelings 97/100
Coachella 87/100
God Bless America 95/100
Beautiful People Beautiful Problems 100/100
Tomorrow Never Came 100/100
Heroin 100/100
Change 100/100
Get Free 100/100
Roar 100/100
Legendary Lovers 100/100
Birthday 100/100
Walking On Air 100/100
Unconditionally 100/100
Dark Horse 100/100
This Is How We Do 100/100
International Smile 100/100
Ghost 100/100
Love Me 100/100
This Moment 100/100
Double Rainbow 100/100
By The Grace Of God 100/100
Spiritual 100/100
It Takes Two 100/100
Choose Your Battles 100/100

Total Score: 100
Gorgeous song. This dude needs to put out more. Gonna give this a MUST LISTEN.
Favorite Tracks:
It's Not Dark Up Here
Everybody's Coming To My House
The most lackluster of any of the roots' past work. Was really a bummer considering how long it took them to release this sorry excuse for an LP (its runtime is barely 30 minutes). oh yeah fuck Questlove

Favs: When the People cheer, Black Rock, The dark, Tomrrow

Worst: The devil, the coming, understand.
The fourth part of the messenger finds Guru wandering around the same ground, using the same ingredients for the same recipe that causes the same response.
Revisited this after many years, and it still hits hard. I still think The Roots are one of most underrated groups of all time.
god damn this is good, high hopes for their debut
Roots Of Rodi is one of the best jungle tracks I've EVER heard. just wow
Jay-Z & Kanye West had collaborated numerous over the course of the first decade of the 21st century, between West's exemplary production on The Blueprint, amongst other records, and Jay often stepping in to drop a guest verse or two on the tracks "Never Let Me Down," "Diamonds from Sierra Leone (Remix)," "Monster" and "So Appalled," but we were yet to see what a full-length collaborative effort from the pair, self-dubbed The Throne, would ... read more
Favorite Track:
A serious aoty year contender.
How anime do you like your new-wave?
This might just be the greatest album I have ever heard, and I truly mean that. I am in awe.
Este es el disco debut para Anna Burch, una cantante y compositora proveniente de Detroit con un sonido ligado al indie en una faceta pop y con toque sureño característico en su voz de la zona de donde ella proviene. Siendo un disco decente, pierde un poco de peso ya que las mejores tres canciones van al principio del disco, dejando un espacio cualitativo bastante notorio. Sin embargo, es un primer paso plácido,agradable y mesurado.

Canciones Favoritas: 2 Cool 2 Care, ... read more
Después de 5 años, la agrupación de noise rock y garage punk lanza un disco de facetas agresivas, pasivas y experimentales. Dentro de su naturaleza propia, 'Snares Like a Haircut' consigue lograr una amalgama notable de música en clave lo-fi, donde piezas como la notable shoegazer 'Send Me' logran ejemplificar todo el sonido expuesto en el largaduración.

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