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Found this in my Spotify "Recommended for today" section. "Bruh what is this", I said aloud as I saw the cover and the name of this album. So you KNOW your boy gotta check this out. After listening to it, I found no answer to the question I asked earlier.

This is absolutely bizarre, but good god it is brilliant. Is this even reviewable? Honestly this is right up my alley somehow as a connoisseur of weird shit. I'm not about to forget this anytime soon, certainly. ... read more
How can a bunch of B-Sides be this good these songs are really good. I love how these collection of songs are better than most artists best albums.
Best Song: untitled 08 | 09.06.2014.
Worst Song: untitled 01 | 08.19.2014.
Such a godlike album. I've enjoyed every single bit of it. It's not PERFECT by any means but it comes very close and I love the vocal style in each song. It sounds like a chaotic dream, that's the best way I can truly describe it.
David Bowie 16/25: Man this one is quite weak, it's really a much less interesting Let's Dance. Other than Loving The Alien, which is a good song, nothing really stands out to me much. While listening to this record, I couldn't help but feel bored for most of its runtime. I can easily say that this is his worst work since his debut by far. There isn't much else to say about this album, Loving The Alien is worth a listen, but absolutely skip everything else.
Leaves Turn Inside You by Unwound

This album is probably one of the most important Post-Rock albums of all time, up there with albums like Spiderland by Slint or Soundtracks for The Blind by Swans. Originally, Unwound was a pretty notable Post-Hardcore act in their beginning, being known for classics such as Repitition. But this album truly brought their sonic experimentation to a full closure, as they would soon depart.

The album's sound is very gloomy and psychedelic, haunted by ... read more
Laura Les' and Dylan Brady's debut LP "1000 gecs" is a crazed compiling of genres into an electronic and deconstructed background, and most of the time this works better than the genre itself. Easily a hyperpop classic, and a must-hear for anyone trying to get into it. I'll get more in-depth later as it is 4 AM.
Hmm…I think I should check out Eckhart Tolle after the 7th time they mentioned him. That’s still not as many f slurs as Kendrick says.

For real though, this album just hits different. The diverse sonic palette and lyrical content on this album make these therapy sessions Kendrick is going through so catchy and powerful. There is hype Kendrick, and there is also Kendrick at his most vulnerable.

Fav tracks: United in Grief, Worldwide Steppers, Die Hard, Father Time, We Cry ... read more
My MCR binge continues and yeah I am incredibly impressed by this album. Holy shit this is so good. There is so much attention to detail put in to every second of this record. The concept, the vocals, the sequencing, the guitars, the drums and everything else just works. This album really had me at the edge of my seat through entire runtime. And can I mention the concept again because holy shit. The themes about death are so well implemented into the tracklist that it’s actually insane ... read more
Yes, I think this is the best Jack Stauber album, and no to my knowledge I am not insane. Jack made this album during a time when he was undergoing personal loss, and when he was a mere 19 years old. This album hits me on a deeply personal level, as I feel Jack did a great job conveying his emotions in his ambiguous yet insightful lyrics, vocal performance (which I don't know how to describe rather than being, well, Stauber-esque), and overall stripped-down production.

As mentioned, the ... read more
SHORT REVIEW #4: 'Oracular Spectacular' by MGMT

It's a decent album that parades the big three: "Time to Pretend", "Electric Feel", and "Kids". They're awesome tracks, but they overshadow other good tracks on this album, like "Of Moons, Birds & Monsters". Also, there are songs that aren't awesome and miss the mark, such as "The Youth". I won't listen to 'Oracular Spectacular' religiously because of this, but it doesn't stop it from being a ... read more
FAV: Lost, Ain't it Funny, Golddust, White Lines, Get Hi
LEAST: When It Rain

Ain’t it Funny
Dance In The Water
White Lines
Get Hi
Rolling Stone
From The Ground
Really Doe
Hell For It
Tell Me What I Don’t Know
Downward Spiral
When It Rain
It's a nice album, although it has its weak moments it has great songs too. The problem I have with it is that in some parts it sounds uninspired.

Highlights: Can't Remember to Forget You, Empire and Dare (La La La).
This is a great Black Eyed Peas album. Sucks they went to Latin-pop stuff, because these old school vibes are fantastic.
Really good debut album there is no standout track on it but it really consistent with nice production. Nothing really to say about this album except it's good.
Best Song: Ronald Reagan Era
Worst Song: Tammy's Song (Her Evils)
I probably would of given this a higher rating, but due to how overplayed the song is, that's why I have it as a 60/100.
Stunning. If Sufjan hadn't already created sonically similar masterpieces prior, this would be an all-time classic.
What in the flying fuck…
I honestly didn't have any set expectations before heading into this album since I hadn't actually heard any songs produced by Real Bad Man that I can remember. However, after now hearing this, I might have to go and check out the other LP these two put together a couple of years back as I quite liked this new one.

'Killing Nothing' brings together some very clean instrumentals filled with various different instruments, my favourites on here being the bass and piano usage. I found these ... read more
would make an oldhead kill themselves so its got the approval from me
Well logic just made one of the best singles this year with the help of DJ Premier and 6ix with a big classic lo-fi sample
I love this album. This was one of the first albums I fell in love with. This and the self titled are great gateway albums to pop punk.

Best Tracks : First Date, Story of a Lonely Guy, Reckless Abandon, The Rock Show

Worst Tracks : Shut Up
Yeah I just don't understand the super high ratings...... LOL if I ever heard "I WHO BEND THE TALL GRASSES" being played I would instantly start running, if there could be a song that would be played before some woman has a mental breakdown and starts shooting a crowd it would be this song. This sounds like the soundtrack to some type of pagan horror movie. LIsten to "MANY HANDS" and tell me that doesn't sound like something that would come out on midsommar. I listen to a ... read more
This do be very good however Blink has better albums.

Best Tracks : Whats My Age, Mutt, Dumpweed

Worst Tracks : Anthem

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