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i love this album, although not being my favourite radiohead album, it really is great
favourite - optimistic, how to disappear completely, everything in its right place
least favourite - tree fingers, kid A
So enjoyable and curious beats, also funny sometimes and the lyrics are so good
Quite possibly the greatest alternative rock album of all time.
Leisure gets a lot of flack and is wildly regarded as blur's worst album. I personally disagree and think this album is pretty good tbh. It's FAR from their best buy there are some really memorable cuts on this LP such as 'slow down','she's so high' and 'wear me down'. I love the early 90's shoegaze vibe of the album and I think lot of these tracks are simple and fun enough to be enjoyable. The main gripes I have are that some of the songs sound pretty similar and that Damon's lyrics are nearly ... read more
I only like this because it has the radiohead guy on it

For my 300 follower review I thought that nothing would fit better than to review Boris' seemingly most daunting album. A 1 hour long album composed of 2 sides meant to be played simultaneously which creates 3 20 minute long compositions. There are so many things to say about this album so I'm just gonna go ahead and get straight into it.

This album is so fucking cool, everything from the riffs to the way it's paced, it all oozes a sense that they have a perfectly clear ... read more
This record turned 15 years old today and I decided to listen to it for the first time. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
crazy how good every track is, probably his best record to date.
Not as good as Vol 1 but still banging.
Bro dropped a banger and dipped.
Awesome, that was a good song.
Album swap with @Macks - #5

The only bit of Quadeca's work that I had listened to before this was "Sisyphus" and I thought that was amazing. Who would've thought one album would give me 5 more favorites fromhim.

This album is nothing shy of phenomenal. It's such an amazing example of a musical evolution, especially since this guy was known on YouTube for rapping like other rappers. This album is extremely creative in the sense that it's a story being told from the perspective of a ... read more
Chris Daughtry's self-titled debut album, released in 2006, showcases the impressive talents of the American Idol alum and firmly establishes him as a force to be reckoned with in the rock music scene. With his powerful and emotive vocals, combined with a blend of rock, alternative, and pop sensibilities, Daughtry delivers a collection of songs that are both catchy and emotionally resonant, making his debut a strong and memorable entry into the music industry.

The album opens with the ... read more
Truly got this best ep her in first try. Her templates is going heated on the spacey dream cut samples, dreamy heavy bass, increased trap slightest cut in edm. This is the best ep example got memorable tracks and mixing is raw edm in her electronic music.
At this point in time, Suicide Silence are two albums removed from their somewhat divisive, but mostly disliked Self-Titled which saw them experimenting with their sound dramatically, to somewhat jarring and mixed results. 2020's "Become the Hunter", the band's previous LP, was one I enjoyed a fair bit, but as time has passed, it has not proven memorable, as they backpedaled into a more-formulaic deathcore sound. Sonically, on "Remember... You Must Die", the band is heading ... read more
Mis favs: Peso a Peso, Si Salimos, Padre Tiempo, Si La Calle Llama, ¿Qué Carajos Quieres Tú Ahora?, Haciendo Dinero
Happy pride month🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Casper the friendly ghost type shit
I see why this became one of the most influential black metal albums of all time on the merit of the first track alone but were the hipster metal accusations wrong? No. You're actually probably more likely to enjoy this if you're a fan of screamo or surprisingly Godspeed You Black Emperor (or shoegaze but I omit that because it doesn't have the alternative structure I tend to enjoy about shoegaze personally + the drums are pretty powerful).
One of the best Trap records of modern times
Fire pop hit by drake. Easily one of the better songs from him, catchy as hell and just a bop to listen to. Sometimes I feel like Drake always wanted to be a R&B artist.
Really good trap at its best. Really boring trap at its worst.

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