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This is an excellent collection of tracks, this guy shows a lot of potential...
It's seems almost impossible a successful artist with almost 20 years of career keeps trying to evolve after make a name as one of the biggest act at the industry.
Utada breaks this wheel.
"Hatsukoi" is Utada's return to her old days but sounding freshier and present than never. Hikki doesn't gave up, she still remains giving her essence to bring something new and interesting. Utada Hikaru is a monster and she is hungrier than never to still giving strenght to her forevermore legacy.
13. See You
12. Enough Space
11. Doll
10. My Poor Brain
9. Everlong
8. Wind Up
7. Up in Arms
6. My Hero
5. Monkey Wrench
4. Hey, Johnny Park!
3. New Way Home
2. Walking After You
1. February Stars
I mean, it's not System of a Down. It's a really fun album with really well done instrumentals, a great vocal performance and... interesting lyrics, to say the least.
There's not really any bad track on here. The only ones that I can say are my least favourites are ones that aren't all that memorable. To be honest, the only complaint I can think of is that some tracks drag on a bit too long, but other than that, this is just a really enjoyable album.

Favourite Tracks: Kill Each Other / Live ... read more
A little masterpiece in terms of vibes but some corny lyrics, rip
Soorrrrry but I refuse to listen to this.
It's sweet but not one of her best songs.
Liked the songs at the beginning to an extent, but got worse as it progressed. Heaven's Gate made me want to throw up.

Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea - 8/10
The Last Of The Real Ones - 7/10
Wilson (Expensive Mistakes) - 7.5/10
Church - 4/10
Heaven's Gate - 1.5/10
Champion - 3/10
Sunshine Riptide - 3/10
Young and Menace - 2/10
Bishops Knife Trick - 7/10
just basic pop music, really. And fuck the fact that this is 27 songs; what a hour an a half wasted on this. Let Me was the most interesting song until Imprint, and that basic pattern of sustainable enjoyment followed by washed out pop music, with a soft vocal filter, for an hour is just a bit too 2018 for me. I do wonder if the name has anything to do with 1D being similar to Icarus' father in mythology. Probably not, but hey, at least that made me think.
One of the rarest albums of Richard Dawson's discography is "Motherland", released in 2008 under the label Pink Triangle. Composed for the Steve Gilroy play of the same name, it is currently out of print with only 100 copies ever released on CDr. As of 2018, only two tracks exist online, "Black Sand Finger" and "Anna", the first two tracks of the album. After his debut album 3 years earlier, "Sings Songs and Plays Guitar", Dawson takes an instrumental ... read more
Faves: Holding on to you, House of Gold, Fake You Out, Guns for Hands.
It's fucking Death Grips, what more do i need to say? They can't make a album that isn't amazing.

Favorite track: Streaky

Least favorite track: Little Richard
Funny bars, Mocks of Trap but also very listenable songs. This EP from TMG is very enjoyable, although some cuts just feel annoying.

Favorite track: IFYB

Least favorite track: Super Xan
'Boy In Da Corner' is one of the definitive albums that affirmed the grime culture that now grips the UK music scene, however, listening to it for the first time in 2018 it sounds incredibly dated.

Don't get me wrong, I agree with people's high ratings of this album and the critical acclaim it received (and thoroughly deserved). On release, this album was a fresh sounding record that opened a completely new avenue for UK rappers to go down. It was a game-changing album and one which would ... read more
Timeless classic.
5. Mitternacht
4. Kometenmelodie 1
3. Autobahn
2. Kometenmelodie 2
1. Morgenspaziergang
cmon guys, don't be virgins
De mis favoritas por siempre, y no nada más de mis favoritas de La Gúzman.
Just so damn catchy and intruiging at the same time. This thing is jam packed for a 32 minute album.

This Is Gospel - 9.5/10
Miss Jackson - 7/10
Vegas Lights - 9/10
Girl That You Love - 7.5/10
Nicotine - 8/10
Girls / Girls / Boys - 10/10
Casual Affair - 9/10
Far Too Young To Die - 8.5/10
Collar Full - 7/10
The End Of All Things - 8.5/10
I don't know why this exists and I don't know why I listened.
Okay, that's a lie: I listened because it has Frank Iero as lead singer. To be honest, although I like MCR, I still don't know why that led me to this album.
This album has some of the most edgy songs I have ever heard. Seriously, with songs talking about school shootings and how he wants to kill the president, it feels more like a mentally disturbed teenagers notebook.
I would be lying if I didn't say that I didn't find any kind of ... read more
*deep clenching hate for myself a year ago intensifies*

ok tbh this is really like a 60 ngl, but I don't know how I once considered this one of the best things ever.
Every single song on the album is masterfully produced, a combination of a brilliant use of samples and Nicolas Jaar's own amazing compositions. This album is a collection of some of the most energetic, funky, and creative electronic music this year.

Favorite Songs: "This Old House is All I Have", "Cityfade", "Flash in the Pan", "Rave on U"

Least Favorite Song: "Some Kind of Game"

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