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10. Nervous Alibi
9. 61 Seconds
8. Mystery Man
7. I Don't Need Her
6. Say It Isn't So
5. Everytime You Cry
4. Taking My Chances
3. All the Love in the World
2. Talk to Me
1. Your Love
Allie X brings most dull and gray sound pallet to date. Tracks like 'Devil I Know' make you think she's going to do a lot with her new aesthetic, but it never delivers. It really falls apart on the second half with too many laughable lyrics and song ideas.

This album oddly reminds me of Sara Bareilles at times. I like her a bit more, though.
This is definitely one of the best albums from BTS. The weakest tracks are nearly all from the earlier 2019 EP Persona which was a bit of a disappointment. Luckily, the new album has fifteen new tracks that, for the most part, lift the bar for pop albums in 2020. Each solo track provides deep dive into each member’s personal style and with the exception of Jimin’s “Filter,” (which is the most reminiscent of a typical Latin-infused top 40 track today) each solo track also ... read more
Yes, absolute epicness

Best Songs: Holy Wars... The Punishment Due, Rust In Piece... Polaris, Hangar 18
Ah Mr. Wonderful you are 12 tracks of simple Blues rock which is mostly uninteresting and forgettable. I guess your name is ironic

Track Review

Stop Messin' Round 6.5/10
I've Lost My Baby 5/10
Rollin' Man 5.5/10
Dust My Broom 5/10
Love That Burns 4/10
Doctor Brown 5/10
Need Your Love Tonight 6/10
If You Be My Baby 6/10
Evenin' Boogie 4.5/10
Lazy Poker Blues 5/10
Coming Home 5/10
Trying So Hard to Forget 4/10

Average: 5.1/10
Totally attached, spiritually and physically, to their electro-industrial obsession, they promise to give some great reward to every true disciple, whose number seems to grow slowly but steadily.
favs: nfr, fuck it i love you, bartender, cinnamon girl
Cliff Clavin, Hi-Q & Elz Sinatra are Bowery Bruisers. This self-titled full-length LP was created from scraps of other projects that were given new life once the group compiled unfinished songs and concepts. It is also the debut of the production team The DreadKnocks comprised of Cliff Clavin and Hi-Q. All cuts on this album were done by the indelible DJ TMB.

This is another one of those albums that will fall through the cracks and will remain unnoticed by most in today's oversaturated ... read more
Yeah, it isn't as ambitious nor as amazing as Pure Comedy but god damn is it such an enjoyable and fun chamber pop record and another impressive album from Father John Misty

Track Review

Hangout at the Gallows 8.5/10
Mr. Tillman 8.5/10
Just Dumb Enough to Try 8/10
Date Night 8.5/10
Please Don’t Die 8/10
The Palace 8/10
Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All 8.5/10
God’s Favorite Customer 8/10
The Songwriter 7.5/10
We’re Only People (And There’s Not Much ... read more
A solid follow up for Faith No More after The Real Thing and Angel Dust and it is one which most fans do enjoy even if critics don't, especially with the different styles and sound of this album there is so much variety that there is genuinely something here for anyone but it falls short compare to their last 2 records. Also, low-key one of my favorite album covers.

Track Review

Get Out 7.5/10
Ricochet 7/10
Evidence 8/10
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies 7.5/10
Star A.D. 8.5/10
Cuckoo for ... read more
favs: ilomilo, xanny, you should se me in a crown
least favs: goodbye, all the good girls go to hell
surprise computer bonito spaghetti ancap motion explosion
Not gonna put one pecans that''s actually a good song, unlike this entire album :(:( 2/100
Love the lyrics and the album a lot.
Without Vince Clark and with Alan Wilder, the band follows the same pop path and sounds a bit reserved but more coherent.
1. Ain't Shit Changed |10/10
2. Vanity Fair | 8/10
3. Use Your Manners | 10/10
4. Big Shadow | 10/10
5. Mark's Basement | 8/10
6. Smokin' Section | 10/10
7. Easy Access | 8/10

Final score: 9/10
This album does have some good songs which i do have some nostalgia for but god, are the others tracks just os boring and bland and it makes me question when we look at Eminem discography at this point in time, can people argue that he is a Top 10 rapper any more? I know he did a lot for Hip Hop especially in the late 90's but right now his just a shell of his former self.

Track Review

Cold Wind Blows 7/10
Talkin’ 2 Myself6/10
On Fire 4.5/10
Won’t Back Down 3.5/10
W.T.P. ... read more
So happy. Westerns who listen to some songs like habib galbi might feel like it’s off tune but this because Middle Eastern music theory has more notes based off of a different music theory. I LOVE IT. Truly a unique and distinct band no one else is doing anything like them. It reminds me of my own heritage of sudanese music
Nostalgia to when I played this every time I was on a plane above the clouds.
This is the best thing Gorillaz has done since 2010
An amazing album that really showcased their growth as artists. Personal favorites: Louder than bombs, Ugh, Friends, Filter and of course the heartwrenching We are Bulletproof:The Eternal
Is the way you feel about any particular album not a constantly evolving thing? Do albums sometimes do nothing for you, and then suddenly make sense? On occasion, does all the music you've heard before just simply not do it for you? Can an album bore you while sitting at the computer with a million distractions at your finger tips, but then ring out loudly and command your attention as you drive around the country side?

This album has grown on me a lot.
Björk's uniqueness in the music industry is almost incontestable. From her exquisite style with experimental music to the different variations of art pop she developed through her career, her name is a statement - and to extend these achievements, she's also one of the only singers to have TWO debut full albums. Fancy, right? You tell her - or her parents, who thought of the great idea to enforce such early start in the industry with the self-titled "Björk".

In a world ... read more

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