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Pleasant production, good flows, but occasionally cheesy delivery and presentation.

A pleasant and enjoyable experience .
Al fin algo que suena bien.
Solid, entertaining
her best solo single released this year for sure
Okay this is lit, I’m gonna be honest if this Rav and Kill Bill don’t drop solo records next year, I’m gonna be really disappointed. Each track is solid on this thing. Rav kills this thing on the hook and singing department, Inside The Cockpit of The EVA being a standout, and Kill Bill kills every verse. But I really think he needs to drop some more solo stuff. Both of these guys have great potential but they hold each other back as a duo.

Taste Test: Frostbite
What a pleasant surprise A Beautifull Mess turned out to be! You may/should know Parental from his excellent 2018 album Infinite Growth with Atlanta emcee Pete Flux. This year he already dropped a dope project with NYC veteran Horror City, before releasing this album with Mount Vernon's Carta' P. For more background check the duo's Bandcamp blurb:

"Carta’ P. aka “The Obvious Wonder” who hails from the talent-rich city of Mount Vernon, NY debuts with his full-length solo ... read more
After seeing this score I thought I might've exaggerated, must've been in a mood listening to this? (Added 2 anyways)

Nope, I was right on the money! This thing slogs and slogs and sounds more like a buncha skeleton tracks waiting for some B-list rapper to fill the empty space.

I'm all for breathing room in a record, but this feels more like incapacitation than poised brevity. Let's be clear, Solange's faults are not egregious; I'm excited that she'll hopefully grow out of this ... read more
There's not much else out there that sounds remotely like this, which is so impressive to me. Can't wait for Friday!
His performance on Glock 19 is what brockhampton is missing nowadays.
Damn that was greaaaaat!
I love KKB so I'm not that surprised of this excellancy, synthpop is my gem no matter whoever artist.
The way they bring experimental together as well, ooh it's almost like an orgasm.
She's back with amazing songs and this one is the #1
In hindsight, this was obviously coming to hit the music industry at full force like a drone strike in Saudi Arabia
ok.... so, maybe her best release this year and maybe since teenage dream singles?
Com claras influências de gêneros como techno, uk garage, vogue music e mt mais, Urias entrega um EP extremamente interessante e curioso, um trabalho conciso e elegante até, estou bastante impressionado. Esperava algo bem reggae e recebi uma experiência de 10 minutos explosiva.
finally! a good song from katy perry
ok that’s a serve
The lyric "no lie no lie, I've been vibing to you all of this time" is better than anything Shakespeare did
I just love this girl honestly, I think her voice is so on point, the songs are not that great in this EP, but it sounds good the same way.
Very interesting album in terms of production. The title of the album perfectly describes what is happening in this album. The melodies are sweet and the instrumentation in most songs resembles the sounds of robots, which creates a very nice atmosphere. Apart from being cool and enjoyable this album doesn't offer much more. I like most of the songs, but practically none of them is perfect and I feel like they could make a little more out of them. Still, I think it's a good and very creative ... read more
To say 2019 has been Big Thief's year would be both understated and cliche at this point. However it still stands that this band has tapped into something mystical and they're love and emotional vulnerability with one another is something that permeates their records in a way that provides the audience with a sense of communal humanity that is so uniquely rare in music. The band's decision to record this album almost completely live shows just how much their confidence as a band has grown, and ... read more
Orca - 10
Glue - 9
Kites - 10
Vespa - 6
Ayaya - 9
Spring - 7
Drift - 8
Opal - 10
Rain - 8
Ayr - 9
Vale - 9
Aura - 9
WOW! sounds like shit!

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