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Even though he clearly ripped off ZIPPER by Brockhampton on that melody, I can’t help but vibe with this. G minor gets me everytime.

Color: Red
First sighting of our queen, STAN DANNY BROWN!!! jokes aside, this album is really good. everyone should give this at least one listen.
count the people has “FASTEST WHITE RAPPER ON YOUTUBE” vibes mixed with i need help immediately vibes
i hated this, i really did, but after some time i managed to get an objective viewpoint.
definitely not for me, i put this on and the only thing that i hear is commercial metal, but it has some nice riffs and .. everything but the vocals is kinda enjoyable.
I see a lot of potential and influences here, going through punk and goth culture until the basic rock and roll, but at some point it all may seem a lot confusing to many people, which is maybe the big fault of the record, not blending it all on a more palatable way.
kinda wished there was a bit more but it was fun
This is probably my favorite album of all time. Ever since I heard it for the first time about a year ago (when I began to explore more music thoroughly), I've become obsessed with Radiohead and their entire discography. It brings me so much nostalgia even though it still feels so fresh every time I listen to it.
Yung Gravys Comedy on this is funny the lyrics are actually catchy and its FUN AS HELL Fav tracks gravy for pope magic whip a tesla gravy train least fav track e.t
This is childish gambino's peak The Songs Are Great The Funky Beats Are Amazing overall this album is amazing Favourite Track ALL
At first I accidentally put hot sugar on my disliked songs because I was so used to putting them in for this album

Disliked: dreamland, tangerine, space ghost coast to coast, Tokyo drifting, melon and the coconut, your love, waterfalls coming out your mouth, domestic bliss

Meh: hot sugar, it’s all so incredibly loud, helium

Liked: helium
Finally, a good Drake single
Uma das faixas mais fortes da Rebecca pela melodia e o refrão chiclete que ecoa na cabeça.
De pontos negativos temos uma falta de versatilidade na canção, o que a torna genérica e o curto período de tempo que da a impressão de que a faixa não foi finalizada
O debut de A. G. Cook não poderia ser outro. Ele simplesmente trouxe a essência do movimento no seu mais importante projeto até então. E se a Pc Music um dia pretendia reinventar o pop, A. G. Cook fez isso da forma mais ímpar o possível em '7G'.

Seu projeto carece de muita atenção por evidenciar algumas coisas importantes acerca da Pc Music. Primeiro ele mostra na prática a variedade musical dentro do hyperpop, criando 7 ... read more
jesus christ. stop pretending you guys are in the 70's, nobody cares about this esthetic anymore
The songs are catchy enough, I suppose, but the production is just... criminally bad. Actually, it was SO noticeably bad that the first time I listened to this particular EP some time last year was also the first time I started caring about mixing at all - the guitar in "AH YEAH" was unsatisfying to the point that any enjoyment I got out of the song was ruined immediately once I noticed.
With their third album, the sisters from Detroit take a soft and tender walk around contemporary soul without having any intention of annoying its standards.
This is some unholy combination of Suicide and Xiu Xiu, and it's great.
A lot of emotional resonance - excited to see what the future brings.

Favorite Tracks: "thinkingoutloud//," "how will i rest in peace if i'm buried by a highway?//,"
Dave East was born in the wrong era. He is a special breed in a day and age where most rappers are trending farther and farther away from the style of the 90’s. Lyrically, he is in an elite class, and his flow is on point. I don't think this tape was his BEST effort but it's still really solid and there are definitely some gems on here.

In the very first track, “Handsome”, which features an aggressive trap kit and hi-hat roll, Dave East spits triplets with a fervor that most ... read more
Those Whitney boys are back with a solid release for their 3rd record.
Problem sounds like blueface lost In the middle of two vets.
a delighting present, a bright future
Jaden Smith continues his reign as hip hop’s most under appreciated artist.
Rainbow Bap is so vivid & dreamy. Jaden’s versatility is on full display. Crooning while sounding like Jah & holding his own while spitting.
Shame that people will continue to dismiss him just because of who his dad is.
After coming close to fading into obscurity and never walking again, Kiesza craves love and finds it on this album's 80s synthpop dancefloor. While brimming with uplifting, infectious melodies, Crave does not always go the distance to creating the full circle Kiesza was capable of making here, tainted slightly by what are essentially Carly Rae Jepsen knockoffs.

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