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this album is full of unnecessary corny lyrics & bad jokes. I didn't like the voice tones of this album either, the voice tone was too boring. but this album had good production and sorta decent rap skills.
but even though I am negative on this album, I think that discombobulated is perfect song. best beat, great flow and rhymes. best song by Eminem in 2010s~.
also I think that key skit is awful as heck.

W: Discombobulated, definitely
L: Black Magic, Key, She Loves Me
This is for sure her best album yet, it’s a masterpiece full of bops. This album really deserve some Grammy’s!
Reviews Of Vinyl Album Collection #4

Okay, finally moving on with the series. This is the only album from a Latvian band named Aurora, which I only labeled as GrupaAurora because you apparently can't add another artist with the same name to AOTY. Oh well, either way, this is the only album from the band, and the background here is kind of weird. The band existed back in late 80s and got some recognition before splitting up in early 90s. Then they decided to suddenly reform in 2014 and finally ... read more
Not gonna lie best thing about this album for me is the production

(lyrics are pretty good though)
8/11. Fav Tracks: Feels Like Summer; Don't Get Chipped; Relay; Tweakin'
4/7. Fav Tracks: Smile; Loco
5/7. Fav Tracks: Fire; 65 Hunnid; Limos
π–π„π„πŠπ‹π˜ π€π‹ππ”πŒ 𝐒𝐖𝐀𝐏 #πŸ’ 𝐰𝐒𝐭𝐑 @theryanhimself

Welp, I certainly underestimated this guy.

I've heard the name of this artist countless amount of times. Whether it's his material being often called masterpieces, or he being often referred as one of the greatest musicians of the past decade, or fucking Car Seat Headrest being actively Ocean stans, this guy has been everywhere, but I haven't really shown much interest in checking out his ... read more
In my opinion this is the best UK Hip Hop album
Pop muy fresquito. No conocía a este grupo y me sorprendió gratamente su escucha, si bien el disco va a menos según avanza, especialmente en las últimas canciones, con la excepción del tema que cierra, el mejor del álbum. Merece la pena escucharlo.
Mejores canciones: Be Sweet, Posing In Bondage y Posing For Cars.
A lo fi grower this one. I started out feeling a bit meh, but as the LP progressed the album seemed to become more of a cumulative effect, a sum of its parts that pulled me in and wouldn't let me go; much like the album art.

Essential Track - Dead Glitter Sun
Poppy is soundtracking WWE now? And the result is one of the best EPs of the year? I’m so confused, but if you think I’m complaining think again. This EP is 14 minutes of pure, unadulterated fun as Poppy dips her toes into metalcore. This results in her most compelling performances to date, some of her most well-rounded hooks, and a slight pop edge that makes this accessible enough, and distinctly Poppy, without diluting the constant energy. The production is high-budget and clean ... read more
It's unneccesarily long, the skits are redundant and it really starts to drag after some time but what makes this album enjoyable, despite all these things, is her beautiful voice and great production.

With a better mix and removal of the title track and Keep Da Os this album would be incredible. It's varied, over-the-top, noisy fun regardless with several of his best songs, so I'm still not complaining too much. Deathcamp, Buffalo, Find Your Wings, 2Seater, Brown Stains, Fuckin Young, and Smuckers are top tier Tyler.
Blueberry scones >>>
ever-pleasant, i want to dream with alice
apart from a couple of weak moments near the beginning, this is an under appreciated and mostly good album
Five years later and I'm still bumping this album

(and yes I prefer this album greatly over Madvillainy)
I love this so much, already watched the special 7 times and counting. A beautiful expression of anxiety and depression and mental health, and a lot of laughs on the front end. I became a huge fan of Bo just after he released ‘make happy’ and so it was so good to be there for a new special (Also I love his movie eighth grade).There’s certainly tracks I would much rather listen to than others which is why this isn’t a perfect score but other than that it couldn’t ... read more
I'm a big fan of deep house, hell I grew up with deep house so it's cool to see that there's an actual good deep house album (cuz they are rare)
This is how you make an emo album I was pleasantly surprised by this album
An unbelievable and underappreciated Funeral Doom Metal classic which is appreciated within the fanbase for it ethereal and gothic nature with its pessimistic and sombre lyrics and soundscape and the band shifting to a clearly sound helps them a lot especially with the more longer passages and how the vocals are weaved into this record is beautiful.

Track Review

Fallen 8/10
Angels of Distress 9.5/10
Quiet These Paintings Are 8.5/10.
...To Live for My Death.... 8/10
Night's Dew 8/10

Average: ... read more
For some reason this album really grew on me and I'm glad it did cuz I always wanted to like Kid Cudi's music but for some reason he didn't and Speeding Bullet to Heaven didn't help
Great listen. Gets off to a slightly slow start but after that it picks up very well, climaxing with my favourite from this album ‘Pyramids’. I think that song is perfect and a masterpiece. I don’t know why but I wasn’t expecting this type of sound from frank ocean on this album but I loved it more than the sound I was expecting. Don’t know what else to say, this is very very very good and I’m excited to listen to ‘Blonde’.

Favourite tracks: ... read more

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