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"bumps thou whip"
- shakespeare

"stan loona"
- martin luther king jr

"all my homies gonna bump this shit"
- gandhi

"i study the loona way to compose my next symphony"
- beethoven

"yo, this shit slaps"
- chopin

"im running out of people to make fake quotes with and forgot how to be funny"
- parthanyjobtano
We Insist! Max Roach's Freedom Now Suite is one of the bravest albums ever made. At a time in America were segregation and racism was a very common thing Max Roach gives us an album proving that they will fight and win. With beautiful rhythms and saxophone playing to the brilliant and cinematic vocal performances from Abbey Lincoln, this is arguably one of the best jazz albums of all time and my all time favourite jazz album. Brilliant stuff. Recommend a listen to this.
Carti stop teasing me and put it in.
I feel this is the album Cyrus has wanted to make for some time. It's... actually not bad. And I /really/ was expecting this to just be another cheezy pop rock, soulless cash grab (See: Machine Gun Kelly's 2020 release). But honestly, this album has a unique sound. It's washed in the synthy sounds that've dominated this year of pop, from After Hours to Future Nostalgia - and how fitting, too, considering the Dua Lipa feature on here.

There's a really smooth fusion of synthpop with pop rock ... read more
As someone who heavily disliked the original Savage Mode for how uninteresting the production and vocals were, I can say that Savage Mode II not only trumps the original, but is leagues better. Like the first Savage Mode, the second is a collaboration between 21 Savage and producer Metro Boomin. While I previously mentioned that I didn’t enjoy the first Savage Mode, I at least respect how well the vocals matched the production and the same can be said for Savage Mode II. The first Savage ... read more
produced by great Brian Eno
Regretting The Past Albums
Album Number 14.

Ugh, god I hate that I have to listen to yet another limp bizkit album, and one where their guitarist was gone so they had to get other musicians to play guitar, so no great riffs here I guess, just Fred and friends.

The first song starts with a pretty dumb, obnoxious and unfunny skit which then is followed by Fred "singing" over some fine guitar work, I can't tell what he is even saying half the time and I think that's for the best.

Eat ... read more
Alright, no irony here, this album is fantastic. At first I was thinking this was some stupid group trying to be experimental, but now I can't deny their genius and how great this is. The memes of people making fun of it are funny, and I can understand why they dislike it with loud distorted instrumentals and pitched vocals, which will either make you love or hate this album. Laura Les and Dylan Brady are truly helping hyperpop grow as a popular genre and paving a new wave of exciting music and ... read more
Someone should stop Bad Bunny from singing...
Instead of laying to rest in the wastelands of 2000's pop, Miley Cyrus returns with a spirited, engrossing set of throwback pop-rock cuts that excel in extravagance and sheer, unbridled catchiness! Her 2019 E.P 'She Is Coming' had me confused and scratching my head as to where the 'Party in the USA' pop machine had gone to. But in 2020, Miley is reborn as a no-nonsense, powerhouse rocker with retro grooves and often stunning vocal performances.

'Midnight Sky' is an absolute tune, and grows ... read more
dj khaled brought the heat ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
lil wayne is ok ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
The spirit of the 90’s is alive and well and living all throughout Fake It Flowers, the debut album of Filipino-born British singer-songwriter beabadoobee. beabadoobee (who’s real name is Beatrice Laus) is currently signed to the independent British label Dirty Hit and it seems like a good fit for her, as the label also holds other acts that have a strong footing in the past like the 1975, Wolf Alice and Pale Waves. Throughout this debut album, Laus writes songs that should appeal ... read more
After already getting multiple albums from Griselda label head Westide Gunn, the impressive From King to A GOD by Conway the Machine and other worthwhile releases from Boldy James and Armani Caesar, next up to bat for the label is the newest from Benny the Butcher with Burden of Proof. This newest album brings us a slew of tracks all excellently produced by Hit-Boy and with a big and triumphant sound that really recalls big hip hop release like those of the early 00’s (think Jay-Z or Lil ... read more
It's 2020 and the clan makes the same, goth comments on the spider that has been hanging on that wall for decades.
Noise and electro-industrial band HEALTH have sort of been a hit or miss type of band with me so far. In the past I’ve heard tracks by them that really impress me and others that did nothing for me, so I was skeptical heading into their newest project DISCO :: PART 1 since it’s a collaborative project, but it actually exceeded my exceptions and it turns out to be pretty damn good. The more abrasive tracks (“INNOCENCE” and “FULL OF HEALTH”) turned out to be ... read more
For a start, this isn't bad, but he had way better things coming. It has a very spacey vibe, which is expected because yeah look at the album cover. And it does have a nice atmosphere to it, but honestly, this album doesn't stick out to me that much. The production is decent. The hooks are pretty good. Windrag is a nice song, and actually has a really cool atmosphere to it. Ms. Led is my favorite on here, and has a Daft Punky sort of autotune effect that I like. Those are the main stick outs. ... read more
Sweet, short, non-revelatory. With punchy guitars and a smooth voice, OGRE YOU ASSHOLE's seventh full-length album is average citypop with a lesser over-focus on nostalgia. Nothing short of a lovely time in the background, really, but still, forgettable; like most indie efforts like this.
Some good bangers on here
This is an anti-toxic masculinity anthem
After spending some time living in L.A., singer-songwriter Kevin Morby returned to his midwest roots and bought a home in Kansas City and by doing so reconnected to the profound beauty found there that isn’t always immediately seen. As he put the finishing touches on his 2019 album Oh My God, Morby was already putting together the songs that would make up his newest effort Sundowner, an album that tones down the vibes of recent works in favor for something much more reclusive and folky in ... read more
I love this album it is very good. (Today is a criminally underrated track btw)
Best Tracks: Downward Spiral, Tell Me What I Don't Know, Rolling Stone, Really Doe, Lost, Ain't It Funny, Golddust, White Lines, Pneumonia, Dance In The Water, When It Rain, Today, Get Hi, Hell For It.
Worst Track (If I Had To Choose): From The Ground
In Everyday Matters resembles a bit the City Pop, but it is a bit more complex and directed towards Indie music in my eyes. Besides, it is a Korean album, not a Japanese one. Melodic vocals and upbeat instrumentation make the album a pleasure to listen to and create a cool positive energy around the listener๐ŸŒธ
Madeon's second effort is no breakthrough revelation nor a full on romper made for relistens (or playlist picks) but it is high quality electronic pop; even if they falter under their own uneasy skin.

Though it misses a lot of personality in its ultra-high glossy package and could be a rough listen at points in no good way, the few glimpses of breaking away from the norms here lead to much needed (and appreciated) maximalistic electropop unlike a lot of his mainstream (and/or even his indie) ... read more

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