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TL;DR- I’m making an aoty version of the grammys that’s user voted. More information on how to vote down below.

Everyone on this site should know the Grammys. Even if you hate them and refuse to watch them, you know of their existence. I thought it would be pretty cool to do something similar based on what this website enjoys- that’s why I made the AOTY Grammys (The Album Of The Year Awards as I’m calling it). Nominees were picked based on a myriad of things, though the ... read more
Hey AOTY, I'm very happy to present you today my overall review on Arca that I wrote for Spectrum Culture! For those of you who are used to follow me, this is my first very important topic, so I hope you will enjoy it! I don't usually post this kind of message too, but I needed to share this with you ! (The rating applies to all new KIcks for the moment, according to the different ratio of my rating of AOTY) Here is the link: ... read more
day 2 of arca week.

way to blow my mind alejandra. i knew from the singles alone that this would be my favorite kick by far. and i was definitely correct in thinking that.

my favorite arca songs usually consist of a very abrasive sound design with her literally screaming and shouting absolute nonsense. and that’s what kick iii literally is.

lyrics like “ hissy fit throw it up bitch bounce back get it wet hit it rip it stroke t****y get me hard” & "hear me raw ... read more
Desde que foi anunciado seu lançamento, já imaginava que ele seria um dos meus Kicks preferidos, pelos melhores singles que Arca lançou esse ano, terem sidos da terceira parte do projeto. E parece que estava certo sobre isso, já que "Kick iii" não é só um álbum esplêndido como também é um dos melhores, se não for o melhor, disco de Arca.

O disco conta com 12 canções deconstructed club ... read more
Before i start my review, i got a quick question for y’all. Who was your most streamed artist of the year?

This was Woods’ first collaboration with Blockhead. Now that i have been relistening to most of his discography. I’ve actually warmed up to this record a lot. I still prefer their second project together “Known Unknowns” but only slightly. The production is so clean and choppy at the same time. It’s also a lot calmer than the stuff Billy usually raps ... read more
After listening to this, laying in grass kinda sounds nice to me right now. Is that weird?

I FINALLY got around to listening to this. To be fair, I haven’t really taken the time to fully get myself into electronic music like synthpop, so maybe that’s why I waited till now. Either way, I’m really glad I did listen to this because I want to get into those genres and be open to anything. I’m honestly impressed with how much I liked this. Specifically certain tracks. The ... read more
The History of The Albums – n°378

Among the most influential artists in history, we find the lyricist, songwriter, singer and pianist Laura Nyro, one of the queens of Pop Soul and Singer-Songwriter. She was known for merging the introspection of folk with R&B (as a whole), Jazz and Rock, which shook up the way of writing and broke the stylistic boundaries that were very closed at the time. That is to say that at the time, to caricature, there was the rock band, the Soul/Rhythm ... read more
day 4 and the final day of arca week.

and she saved the best for last.

wow what is there to say after experiencing an album like this. this is the ambient record i’ve wanted from arca all along. this feels like a more mature and evolved version of her self titled album back in 2017. no skips at all on this though.

this album starts with “in the face” which if you’re a mutant, you’ve heard this before on @@@@@. it sets the tone for the album. pu and chiquito ... read more
I’ve always described Arca as “High-fashion Music”. Not to be pretentious, but I honestly think her production and especially her earlier work can be compared to high-art fashion designers. You know those pieces of clothing that you see on the runway at fashion shows that are so wild and impractical that it would make no sense to actually wear it anywhere? That’s Arca’s music to me. Those clothes are design not to be practical, but to show off the skill and ... read more
I’m the world’s biggest Tierra Whack stan, but while I do like this, I’m just a little disappointed.

Tierra Whack has been the one artist whose career I have been most excited for over the last few years. She just has so much talent and personality, and her music is just so creative and unique. Whack World is such a cool and unique concept that was really well executed, and her freestyles on Instagram are insane and show how talented she is. She just has so much potential ... read more
Playboi Carti by Playboi Carti is the greatest mixtape to have ever have it's lyrics touch paper and it's ideas touch an audio workstation. From the spellbinding production to sheer miraculous poetry that Carti showcases on here, it is nothing but a masterpiece and a half.

But what exactly in the constitution of this mixtape makes it ever so legendary? Here's a humble attempt as to why.

Before further ado, let's get to our central body of text. The initial analysis will display a solidified ... read more
I actually prefer this one over Pray For Haiti. I love it sonically, it’s so smooth and groovy with its jazzy production. The length of the album is also one of its biggest strengths. With the runtime of only 24 minutes it ends up being a nice compact package. Mach is in top form as well, he has a buttery smooth delivery with witty bars sprinkled throughout. There’s no filler, except maybe the interludes can get a bit tiresome. But overall this is my favourite of his this year, it ... read more
"Kick iiii", é diferente de todos os Kicks lançados antes dele, enquanto sua primeira, segunda e terceira parte tinham um som com mais influência do deconstructed club com alguns elementos da música Latina, este traz algo mais ambient. O que pode causar um estranhamento por parte dos fãs de Arca por não ser aquele som típico da artista, mas para mim essa sonoridade mais diferente das de outros trabalhos dela funcionou bem ... read more

I don’t usually enjoy instrumental albums but this one is really well made. It’s something that perfectly captures the Christmas spirit with a hip hop twist. It’s actually my go to for Christmas music, also great to put on in the background. Jon has proven himself time and time again as a phenomenal producer, but with this beat tape he showcases his versatility and depth. I know i’ll be listening to a lot of this during ... read more
Still waiting on that SZA album but meanwhile she chooses to drop another single, 'I Hate U', with the song being a really nice vibe, especially when you're disappointed with a relationship. SZA's vocals aren't too strong, being coated with a misty, magnificent vocal effect that makes her sound slightly distant, with her passionate vocals on the pre-chorus being perfect, capturing the pain of a relationship with potential being ended. The production feels low-key, floating around in the ... read more

On the third instalment of her transformative 'Kick' album series, Arca delivers a fierce and skeletal set of bangers that utilise glitchy vocal acrobatics and fractured techno aesthetics to form the series' most robust work yet.

'Bruja' jumpstarts the record with possibly some of the most off-the-wall production I've heard this year to form a masterfully controlled chaos. This then hurdles the listener into lead single Incendio, a fiery track that lives up to ... read more
Highly anticipated track, 'Just Look Up', for Netflix's movie, 'Don't Look Up', finally drops and even if it's not a groundbreaking, gorgeous hit, it's still a great song that I could hear being performed in a musical. The vocals from Ariana Grande are absolutely amazing, probably her best vocal performance in a while but at the same time, I can't help but wonder if she overdid her vocals as it did get extreme quite fast, reducing the replay value for me, while Kid Cudi uses a really cool vocal ... read more
Smooth vibes

So this is a pretty decent album. Clairo delivers the smooth vibe album of the year right here, and overall it’s a nice experience. Right off the bat I’m gonna list the main problem I have with this project. It is VERY one note. Yes the vibe is good, the singing is amazing, and the production is super soothing, but when the whole album doesn’t really change that much, it starts to get a little bit draining. Still, the music is enjoyable for sure. The opener, ... read more
Busdriver is an acquired taste in rap. His of-kilter flow and strange voice doesn’t click with everyone. For better or worse, he manages to hide his quirks here pretty well. Because of that it’s his most accessible project, but definitely not his best work. The other thing you’ll notice immediately are the insane features (Daveed Diggs, Anderson .Paak, Milo, Hemlock Ernst, Del the Funky Homosapien…). But if I’m being honest they’re pretty hit and miss, some ... read more
The History of The Albums – n°377

[I recommend you to go and read my first review on The Mothers Of Invention - Freak Out (1966), in order to understand it better]. To summarize, The Mothers Of Invention, led by the legendary Frank Zappa, had just released a first album that was a commercial failure, despite what it would become afterwards, that is to say a classic and pioneering album. The Californian band created their own style, the very opposite of counter-culture, constantly ... read more
I’ve never really liked Lil Peep’s music but i still wanted to check this out because of Fraud’s production. I gotta say this is surprisingly good, i even liked how Peep flowed on these beats. The star of the show are the instrumentals though, they’re smooth and fit Peep’s style perfectly. The track “Living Rooms” has an impressive instrumental that I honestly can’t get enough of. With all my praise though this still isn’t my type of music. ... read more
Não há muito o que dizer referente ao segundo disco lançado por Lana Del Rey este ano, ele apenas concretiza a Lana como uma das melhores compositoras da atualidade, assim como Chemtrails Over The Country Club, ela se encontra alinhada em uma direção musical concisa. Apesar de ser muito bom, não tinha necessidade de lançar um catálogo morno como esse em 2021, mas de qualquer forma, a melhor qualidade de Blue Banisters é ver Lana ... read more
'Wandered to LA', Juice WRLD's second single to 'Fighting Demons', is not a total mess to my relief, being a wonderful song to listen to while travelling, but it's still not close to the quality of any of his other posthumous tracks previous to the 'Fighting Demons' era. The vocals from Juice WRLD are mediocre at best as the amount of repetition really drags down any potential they had, making him sound really annoying while Justin Bieber surprisingly saves the song from a vocal aspect, with ... read more

Low is a band that I know kinda fits into the Slowcore genre, but have since switched up a bit. This new album from them is pretty decent. I think I’m a bit conflicted with some things, but overall the experience was nice for sure. The thing I noticed that didn’t make this score higher is some of the weirder production choices. Some of it gets so overbearing that it’s weird, but other times it’s really cool, so it’s kind of a mixed bag. I also ... read more

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