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I swear if this website were out during the Kid A release it would've never gotten the praise it has today. So many people on here can't wait to rate things, so they immediately come to a conclusion on an album after 1 listen. You're telling me that Kurt Vile, who has pretty much gotten solid 80's throughout his career, deserves a rating after a leaked album listen? C'mon people. This is exactly what happened to the new AM and Jack White albums this year. A ton of people listened to it once, ... read more
Definition of chill. Even though I haven't given it a super high score it's the type of album I'd like to have on vinyl.
Stop over-analyzing it. What were you looking for? Father John Misty, Radiohead? This is a Kurt Vile record, and a damn good one.
Okay so yeah she has a great voice and all, but this is just boring, basic ass pop radio filler bullshit
Since I'm being teased about my dislike for In Rainbows, I thought it'd be a great time to finally tackle this beast of burden. But I feel I must preface, I don't dislike Radiohead, but I don't think they're anything special either. Also, I think this album has a recieved a lot of unworthy praise due to its marketing, the choice to pay any amount for its ownership, a new business model for albums at the time, was a huge success. So what is In Rainbows then? It's a slew of unfinished ideas. ... read more
Mind numbingly horrible. What is the appeal of this shit. It's just noise.
The last time Kanye dropped a project that felt authentic to his "creative vision" if you will, was The Life of Pablo (at least to me). He brought back G.O.O.D. Fridays, generated empty hype with the handful of name changes, had a couple twitter meltdowns, but at the end of it all he still seemed like the Old Kanye. Kanye has always been special to me due to the scale of his antics and how sporadic they are. While TLOP isn't my favorite project of his, I was constantly listening to ... read more
If you had told me any of these at the beginning of the year I would have eaten a Tide Pod:

- I would love Playboi Carti more than Brockhampton
- I would like a TøP record and not Jack White
- A black metal record would be in my top 3
- I would love a Kero Kero Bonito record

Oh my God I'm becoming Armond White....I'm so sorry amino buds
Ok yeah this is an amazing album. Best of 98 tho?
j cole is the #1 most overrated rapper by far. nothing unique or special is here, its boring and faux-emotional. if youre looking for conscious hip hop or something with meaning, seriously look elsewhere.
It's trying too hard to sound like what Halloween would be if Halloween was a band.
Cheap sounding production, cringe a minute lyrics, Grating vocals, and extremely formulaic instrumentals make for a below average release. Not at all impressed by this album.

Best tracks: Truce(solid piano ballad with no shitty switchups, a great closer)
Worst tracks: House of gold, Ode to sleep,

Edit: Who'd have thought one of my least favorite albums would shrink? oh well. This borders on unlistenable for much of it's runtime
rating: 31/100
W€ CHANG£ goes hard as shit wow.

EDIT: My brother just pointed out that If you look just above the title there's faint but still very visible Sans(yes, from fucking Undertale) fanart. A true visionary.
ah fuck it, im gonna give this a high score cause i was having a bad day and this made me smile. nothing better than that
You guys are really bumping to Lil Baby x Gunna and pretending to be offended here like you didn't come in expecting a bad album and with a pre-formulated opinion. Kinda disappointed in this community, hope you enjoy that bandwagon.

The production on this album isn't anything new, but it is really well executed. This is some expensive sounding production and mastering. Quavo is an adlib veteran, he knows what sounds catchy and exciting and executes it well. Linkz02 mentioned that Quavo clearly ... read more
Sounding like a cowboy from the late 19th century who's been smoking cigarettes since his youth. With these 11 songs it's easy to see why some have been raving about this 23 yo for awhile now...

Bleak songs, stark arrangements. This is timeless music. As we all take part in the general absurdity of life in 2018, its really something else that a Canadian dude who moved down to Nashville is making music like this. It would be easy to dismiss this, but I can't do that when the man sounds so ... read more
OK, the Led Zeppelin comparison is kinda hard to ignore here. It's so 70s classic rock that when it comes to that comparison, it's a pretty hard hurdle to jump. And, in the case of Greta Van Fleet, it's not a hurdle they are really that ready to jump yet. Hell, some songs could potentially get their 'homage' sued if they aren't careful. The band is extremely talented and each member pulls their weight (especially the vocalist, by god), but the music isn't as original or as interesting as it ... read more
This is literally a record label trying to cash in on these artists' deaths. Its honestly sad.
MassEducation is a collection of piano renditions of the MASSEDUCTION album, and is a solid and worthwhile listen for fans of St. Vincent, or if you like Tori Amos style piano ballads. I might even find this release more compelling than the original release.

Slow Disco is a strong opener to the album, very singable and memorable, but the second track, Savior, does a better job of making a powerful mission statement for this remix album. Eerie and somber vocals from Annie followed by classic ... read more
wow very brave ! wow ! this is literally the first time someone is doing something like this. it's not like we had a band do something like this last year ! no way ! the music is your standard pop music but this person is very very brave and deserves 100 for sure ! album of the year ! album of the decde ! album of all time !

favourite tracks: wow very brave artist !
How many of these formulaic piles of steaming shit need to come out before people have had enough? Also, they must've been seriously dropped on their head as children to think people want to seriously sit and waste 66 minutes of their life listening to this.
WOW... this is a huge improvement from Lil Boat 2 on nearly every level... I’m gonna give This some more listens before giving a final score
You know what?
If you can make something sound epic yet so emotionally personal,
You can take my money.
Is this album perfect? No. But it is one of the most beautiful things I've listened to.

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