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Despite not venturing too far away from the typical post-punk formula and definitely being a bit inspired by their contemporaries, Drunk Tank Pink is a great maturation for Shame, a band I previously saw to be a humdrum display of generic post-punk finally coming into their own.

Shame’s debut album, 'Songs of Praise', was an album that many loved, though I merely thought it was an average post-punk record. The album did very little to stick out in a sea of post-punk albums that already ... read more
Articulated around psychology and anxiety, Drunk Tank Pink is not only a successful second album, it's a consequent evolution for the London band. Shame's youngsters have grown up, now facing their demons through an intense and deep post punk.

In a corner of my head I still have this memory of the moment I first listened to Shame, it was precisely in January 2018 on the day of the release of Songs of Praise, which soon conquered me. A raw energy ready to explode that the band tries to contain ... read more
If anyone thought people still listened to ZAYN, this album finally confirms that “Nobody Is Listening” to his music anymore.

Middle of the road. I think a lot of people can agree that the mainstream falls under that category nowadays. Most artists are not striving to make more than “the norm” of music, and they play it safe. Why does that happen? Because it works. It appeals to the majority of the crowd, and it gets streams and revenue. But there’s always an ... read more
As someone who’s incredibly new to this genre of music, I’ve always been intrigued by it. From what I’ve heard, post-punk has some of the most interesting instrumentals I’ve ever listened to, and that’s in positive light. With it’s positive reception, I was quite engrossed by this album’s release. Just due to the high praise of both their debut, and now their sophomore album. After listening to this album, I did learn one thing… I’m a ... read more
DemiDevil rhymes like a half interesting mixtape where good and bad ideas intertwine, offering in most part of the project a bloated content but which in reality remains a set of wet firecrackers whereas we expected catchy bangers.

Beyond her fairy-tale world, which I honestly can't find an opening in order to be able to fully immerse myself in it, even though I have a lot of admiration for Japanese culture (among others), it must be pointed out that her character and her artistic vision are ... read more
While not necessarily groundbreaking within the post punk scene, “Drunk Tank Pink” serves as a batch of tracks that are still rather refined, a balanced mix between high-octane performances and ones than lean more towards a mellow and gloomy approach, in old punk fashion.

The year has just started and the genre that has been dominating thus far is punk, we’ve already gotten two records that are appreciable but this one sticks out much more in comparison to the Viagra ... read more

Oh my god he ate that!!! Imagine hating on matured zayn like you gotta be a raging racist man!!!!!! It dropped in India and it's so amazing I think it's the best album I have ever heard and I've only heard two but it's sooooooooooo good!. My oppar Zayn drops lovely vocals alongside very dramatic and sad guitar beats which i love with a passion! You guys are hating on this for the sake of hating, it's so good, why do you do this? Your making my heartbreak and I don't want to hear ... read more
Due to the fact that most mainstream music is dominated by pop, and when something’s mainstream, the majority of it can be quite stale and average. You can name dozens upon dozens of different artists that seem to blend into the same crowd. Never really switching up their style, doing everything by the book, but still coming out very successful. From the outside looking in, there’s not much to like with pop if you don’t like the socially accepted norm that it’s ... read more
Don’t worry ZAYN, I’m listening! I’m just not really enjoying it though. :(

Former One Direction member and celebrity crush of many, ZAYN Malik has come back with his third LP after a three-year break. While Mind Of Mine was not bad at all, Icarus Falls was generally considered as a big drop off, as although the 29-long tracklist might gain you more profit from Spotify streams, people don’t usually really want to sit through 90 minutes of music, let alone mediocre ... read more
The first great album released this year!

shame is a UK post-punk band and this is, of course, my introduction to their style and music. The album is... great -- great in every sense of the word. The chemistry, the insane instrumental, the abrasive, mean vocals infused with energy and an intense hunger for creativity and freedom all create new grounds for the band to discover and explore.

As being a relatively new post-punk listener, i won't really compare this to any other albums and ... read more
Back in 2018 I took note of the name shame - underlined, circled, highlighted, and bolded it. Their debut album Songs of Praise indicated an immense amount of promise in my vision, with the group encapsulating all the best parts of post-punk via its versatile sound and influences. With songs that either delivered in unbridled energy, infectious catchiness, or dark tones, the group had an eye on how to deliver different tonalities and moods so that their songs all felt idiosyncratic. Songs of ... read more
hip hop think tank – episode 1 – Drake's investigation

Hey AOTY, as announced 1 week ago, here is the launch of my second new mini-series dedicated to Hip Hop and published weekly. Hip hop think tank will be built on no rules. I can talk about an album, an artist, a song, a musical sub style in particular, no matter as long as the subject is related to Hip Hop. You will find all the episodes that will be added to my lists. I'm also open to suggestions, even if I can't assure you ... read more
Should we say that beauty is something relative or subjective? On the principle, I agree that the human being is generally dictated by charm and seduction towards anything. This is how we feel and our perception acts, defining what deserves to be appreciated or not. Yet when you listen to this wonderful collection The Koroliov Series Vol 23 Johann Sebastian Bach - Partitas Pt 1, I am sure that everyone would find beauty in it, whether or not one is familiar with this kind of musical experience. ... read more
Music, am I right? So frustrating at times, that just makes you wonder if you should probably go interact with people instead. Yet so amazing at times, that just makes you wonder if this is what your life was destined to, every decision you’ve made, every step you’ve taken, all wrapped up in this huge butterfly, that’s now present in your stomach, as the sound insinuates into your ears, a strong yet sensational breeze, an absolute fleeting experience that makes every awful or ... read more
This new record from ZAYN is exactly what you would expect from someone titling their tracks as “Vibez” and “Unfuckwitable” and known for former One Direction fame, it is nothing more than run-of-the-mill radio pop now embraced around a nondescript R&B aura.

Admittedly this is not something right up my alley, so it’s no surprise that I absolutely despised it, yet it is still fun to express your unfathomable hostility towards something every once in a while, ... read more
ashnikko is taking the rap game by storm. she carries herself with an admirable amount of confidence. there’s a distinct attitude and style to her music.

i was hype for this mixtape, and it doesn’t disappoint. the production carries any moments that fall flat. meanwhile, ash retains all attention with her voice being the forefront of the music. the consistency of this mixtape is better than any of her previous releases (although none of the individual tracks slap quite as hard as ... read more
The History of the Albums – n°285

With a stage name as unlikely as it is zany, The Who is a British Invasion band that first made its mark with Mod/Beat Music and Blues-Rhythm and Blues before becoming one of the pioneers of Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Opera Rock and Rock Arena. Their impressive legacy has made them one of the most important, popular and influential bands in history, but where The Who excelled was in their gift to deliver that devastating pure rock energy and ... read more
First review of a 2021 album, and it's good!

Shame is a British rock band from London. Their last album, Songs of Praise, garnered critical acclaim, and it is a fun post-punk album that I enjoy personally. However, their newest project, Drunk Tank Pink, represents a sonic shift in the band’s sound, and it's for the better. Drunk Tank Pink is an exceptional rock record, with incredibly unique sounds and vocal delivery, that I will definitely come back to in the future.

One of Drunk Tank ... read more
So, before reviewing, i've had a rough time these last days, as something completely unexpected struck my family after seemingly 2021 started out as being a much better year then then last year. And yea, as much as i can tell, there isn't much of a difference. Last evening we got the completely out of nowhere sad news of my step-grandpa:s passing due to a injury he suffered a few days prior. I honestly had no idea how anything happened and what lead to it, but i can safely ... read more
warning: yeah this shit is cheesy as hell

what the fuck
i’m just a teenager from suburban maryland who hasn’t gotten out of my pop punk phase.
like my reviews aren’t even good i barely put effort in? my most liked review is just a quick joke and the lyrics to fack. but you know what, even if you guys are crazy, i’m still glad you followed me. all of you are super cool.

like i said, all of you are super cool, but here are some of my followers ... read more
"HHH: Hip Hop History" is the new series that i will be working on from now on during which i will explore the vast world of hip hop and it's evolution in a more detailed way, technically just feeding my curiosity about my favourite genre. The realm of rap is... huge, with sub-genres and new artists always emerging out of the unknown every year, some of which went on to do big things for the genre and culture. With that said, this will be a fun thing to do, also improving my own ... read more
Ashnikko has been under my radar for a while, namely due to the singles that have been leading up to this debut mixtape, as she is presenting a blend of genres that is quite distinctive, truly displaying a signature sound that comes off as thoroughly unique to me, as nothing that I’ve listened to before is quite similar to “DEMIDEVIL”.

I consider that the most focal point of the mixtape is to showcase what she is capable of doing as an artist and not necessarily to propose an ... read more
Nobody is Listening.

It's strange that a commercial release from a former 1D member would go under the radar, right? Not really, actually, because though it seems that ZAYN's solo career came and went as fast as Louis' or Liam's, he's been able to hold onto fans for years, proven by the confusing chart success of Icarus Falls and the twenty-one million monthly Spotify listeners he somehow has. Getting a headstart with the hugely popular Pillowtalk, ZAYN nabbed hundreds of millions of those 1D ... read more
She predicted my user score....actually no she didn’t.

Ok, I’ve wanted to listen to this album for so freaking long but i just got around to it around a week ago, I’ve heard the big singles, (who hasn’t) but I really didn’t get into the (Red) meat of this album. And well...it’s good!

And....there’s an Ed Sheeran feature.....?! Nvm, this album is a 0.

Saturday, January 2nd. 2021.

I never really expected much from Taylor for vocals, but rather for ... read more
ATTENTION! Off your head right now, what would you list as some of human existence’s finest moments? The control of fire? The discovery of the Americas? The invention of writing? Well, allow me to add one more to the list: The pure existence of What Is Love? by Twice.

(Please read the review in a London accent, as intended. If not I will mercilessly eat your shoe.)

The single from 2018 is a defining moment for Twice, scratch that, for Korea, scratch that, for the world. For it answered ... read more


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