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I miss the old Kanye
The good music Kanye
Not the ("bro wtf is this shit man") Kanye
I used to love Kanye
Now I look around and there is so little Kanye in my everyday thought patterns
Patient #4 Test Results:

Description: Locked in a lockdown facility, a patient, who previously listened to the album ‘There Existed an Addiction to Blood’ by clipping. and was found with three dead bodies of his roommates, has been located and contained after murdering the last therapist he saw. Here is the recorded conversation between him and the head of the mental health department. Names have been erased to protect the innocent.

Doctor: OK. I’m going to ask you how you ... read more
Halloween is fast approaching, impossible to escape, just like today's topic. Almost 1 year to the day, Clipping doesn't just come back with a simple sequel to satisfy its fans, the second installment Visions of Bodies Being Burned is even juicier, terrifying, intense and more immersive than the previous one. A total success that confirms the fact that Clipping continues to build their reference to the Horrorcore pantheon, and even more to create its own legend thanks to this consecration. ... read more
“Visions of Bodies Being Burned” is just one of those albums you have to hear to believe. It breaks so many boundaries, it becomes so immersive over its runtime, it succeeds in making you actually, legitimately scared. I’ve been listening to this for about a month at this point, and it has only grown since first listen!
How can I even begin to describe this record to you? Seriously!

Well, I’ll start with its atmosphere, because it effortlessly brings dread to your ears ... read more
Around a year ago, noise rap trio Clipping trio would their 4th album ‘There Existed an Addiction to Blood’ which had perfect timing being released right about a week from Halloween. For any experimental music lover it was basically their go-to soundtrack for Halloween (including myself). But if you told me they would be releasing another album next year around the same length, I would have never believed you. Here we are.

I’ve heard many people making analogies to this ... read more
This album is basically Humanz… but awesome

Alright, this is gonna be a long one, so strap in! Gorillaz had a bit of a rough last decade. They started it off really well with Plastic Beach, their best album yet! It featured their best and most iconic production, they’re most conceptual assortment of tracks, and it boasted such an impressive feature list. That record was near perfect aside from some low points that drag it down a bit for me. This was followed by The Fall; an album ... read more
Oh yeah, thank you Mr. Ghoste. This is absolutely the best Eric has ever sounded- by a landslide. This entire album is simply Ghostmane playing into his best qualities, cutting the fat from his previous records. The main issue I had with most of his previous albums (such as N/O/I/S/E and Hexada) was the filler and lack of cohesion or immersion. I feel like this is exactly what Ghostmane has been going for for a very long time, but he was never quite able to nail it until now. I was instantly ... read more

It's hard to beat around the bush when it comes to the overall quality of the music Gorillaz have released over the last few years... it hasn't been very good. Even if 'Humanz' and 'The Now Now' had their moments, those were ultimately too scarce, especially on the latter, to make for entirely fulfilling albums that could hold their ground among the likes of 'Plastic Beach', 'Demon Days' or even their debut.

The biggest issue when it came to these releases for me was ... read more
Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez by Gorillaz is a fantastic return to form. For roughly the past decade, the band has been releasing some questionable albums, some of which even massive fans hate. This, for me at least, is easily their best record since Plastic Beach. Season one of Song Machine sounds like it comes from another dimension, one a lot less dreadful than the one we currently reside in. Though it still references these 'strange times' which the world is currently dealing ... read more
The 2010's have definitely been a little rough for this animated band, to say the least. Gorillaz kicked off the decade with the magnificent "Plastic Beach" and an amazing Converse collaboration with "DoYaThing"... and then disappeared for a while. Things initially started to look up for the band with a big comeback and a new album, "Humanz". Unfortunately, that album and "The Now Now" were both very underwhelming and completely unimpactful albums that ... read more
Lo-Fi Hip Hop beats to Torture/Kill to
It's really weird to be caught in this wave of hype when I feel nearly nothing about this group. To me, they are just the perfect example to prove that being experimental or having an unique style doesn't automatically turn out into good music.
I really don't want to shit on what other people like just for the sake of it but I really don't enjoy it, 49 is really the maximum I can give this.
The MC for this group is just so bland and unoriginal to me, there's really nothing unique about him, his ... read more
9.1 - Phenomenal


This was one of my most anticipated releases of 2020, due to the amazing singles that have been released throughout the year, and boy it absolutely did not disappoint. Due to my excitement and happiness with this release, I am going to review this album track by track. Here we go fellas.

Firstly, the album starts with Strange Timez, featuring Robert Smith and yea it’s a very good opener. The hook from Smith is super sticky and ... read more
"We could do so much better than this"

A collection of bad decisions and dreadful duos. Only Damon Albarn could make disasters like 'The Pink Phantom' and 'Dead Butterflies'. This record as a whole is a mess. At least Humanz had a "story" and a track with Kali Uchis πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄. Its a shame the best song to come from this record didn't even make it on the basic version. I'm referring to the song 'Simplicity' featuring the lovely Joan As Police Woman. Keep ... read more
Dorian please fuck me in the ass i beg of you
Even If only the singles were good, this would still be an 8/10.
This is also near perfect combination of the worlds of Plastic Beach and Demon Days.
It's got the more stylistically shapeshifting elements of Demon Days with the with the psychedelic production from Plastic Beach, and even the feature madness of Humanz.

It was weird hearing Gorillaz going trap Dead Butterflies but they pulled it off. There really wasn't a single low point for me, can't wait to put more listens into this!
king dorian returns with some hyperpop tunes; they self released this which is a POWER MOVE.

the production, mixing, and engineering are quite impressive.

they even got Village People on the title track.. dorian has imperceptible amounts of influence.

“Gentleman” is a track for which i bow down. it’s brief and catchy with a unique mix of jazzy horns and trap beats.

scratching all over: the beat is looking everywhere for its place.
Suffice to say, this is the most successful album Gorillaz have released in a decade. Initially I started with the word anticipated rather than successful, but that would somehow be inaccurate. After a seven year silence from the project as Albarn released music as a solo artist and under Blur, the project made waves by releasing Humanz back in 2017. Although this was a heavily anticipated album, I couldn't for a moment argue it was a successful return for the storied Gorillaz. It was then ... read more
Yeah... I'm sorry... No.

Poppy is certainly an interesting artist. There is no doubt about that. But this is just my old Sega Genesis glitching out. There is nothing behind this. This is not ambient music. This is just static noise with no comprehension behind it. I could have made this if I held up a microphone to my computer in 2001 while Internet Explorer was trying to load.

Let me be clear. I like noise music. I like experimental albums. I like Poppy.

This ain't it, chief. I don't write ... read more
The history of the Albums - n’239

As in the previous episode, here is a new example of a little known jazzmen/composer from the 60's, who nevertheless managed to bring a new energy to Post Bop: Grachan Moncur III. Although he is building a long career, most of his work is from the 60s and 70s. Moreover even if we gather all his works as a frontman and also as a Sideman, he is not known to have been very productive. However Grachan Moncur managed in the space of about 3 years (from 1963 ... read more
There are elements of this song that are good the beat is fantastic I liked the chorus a bit. But everything else is just okay for me The lyrics are catchy and corny at the same time These are the lyrics Switching postions for you Cookin in the kitchen and I'm in the bed room. What is this shit man It's just okay 5/10 why did i listen to this shit man.
Shoutout to the critics for sucking off people like Bruce and Bob Dylan at every turn, no matter what they put out.

I’m not saying this is bad, I’m just saying.
This is....is...Humanz and Now Now done right!

I honestly always thought that Song Machine was weird, and way too overdone, but I honestly never thought to listen to it open minded.

I think this is Gorillaz’s best thing since Plastic Beach, I don’t think that’s a very unpopular opinion. It’s like a Nectar/MTBMB situation for me. Every flaw I had with the past records has been fixed and drastically improved.

Also the album has ScHoolboy Q and 6LACK. Instant 10/10, ... read more


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