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I've been meaning to talk about this for a while...

TL;DR: Suicide is not a solution. There will always be people who care about you, who feel pain the same way you feel. Think before you speak. Know that no matter who is on the other side, famous or not, they are human beings and deserve to be treated like one. Words carry weight.

I feel that in such a time of shock and struggle following the unfortunate passing of f(x) member, K-Pop idol Sulli, who took her own life today, we as a community ... read more
Patient #5 Test Results:

Description: After hearing 'There Existed an Addiction to Blood' by Clipping, a pacient went into a nervous breakdown, with three dead bodies found at the scene. Here is the recorded conversation with a medical professional. Names have been erased to protect the innocent.

Doctor: So, how are you feeling after the breakdown?

Patient: It's clipping bitch.

Doctor: So you've been saying, and i'd love if you wouldn't use such language towards me. Are we clear?

Patient: ... read more
....Yay? Hmm, uh...(*gets Piano Burning flashbacks*)...how should I even start this?

Well, I think it's best to start off with the basics. I liked it...it's a decent album. Experimental hip hop trio, clipping, makes their long-awaited return with what is perhaps their darkest, most tortured, ambitiously conceptual full-length studio album. Focusing primarily on the Halloween and horror movie concept, touching on themes such as racism, police brutality, gang violence, the mafia and bloodlust, ... read more

Fuck... uhhhh. Shit. Hey, I love Frank Ocean as much as all of you, but, this made me worried?? Like yeah the vibe is chill and the feeling is there, but that’s it. I don’t think there’s anything of substance here. The song sounds unorganized, and it never really goes anywhere or progresses. Hopefully the full album brings this track into perspective, because right now, after he’s released two 90 albums in my opinion, I’m scared for it.

Color: Blue
[AOTY Randomizer Sunday: #10]

Yup, yup, yerp
(And then the smoke got me)

I got albums like Golden Haze and Showa (ayy ooh)
Real real rare like Rivers Cuomo manga
I jump stomp stomp on low scores for Bandana
Now I'm back with random albums, man I'm feelin' so gangsta
Saw something strange transpire, thought I was tired (Blaow)
Switched up a pattern (ooh), now reality is shattered (ooh)
Moving cover had me flattered, brain so scattered (yeah)
My house caught on fire, better help me with the ... read more
你好,我叫Inglume,我回來了! :D

Just in time for my fav math rock nerds to come back once again with an album to satisfy my cravings. It's Battles, bitch!

So, picture this: You've been deafened by an explosion for a year. You finally get your hearing back and the first recording you hear is the song, Ambulance, with its quirky ass beats and rhythms so groovy the walls in your tiny room start vibrating. You've essentially just taken a dose of sweet, powdery cocaine...and that's how I ... read more
I've heard some pretty scary albums before. Albums that downright C R U S H you. You Won't Get What You Want was one of my favourite albums of last year, with its unbelievably heavy and crushing sound that would soon derail into a downright terrifying and gripping ending that leaves you in distraught and fear. I've heard a bit of Caligula, and from what I've heard of it so far it just feels a bit forced in my opinion. I like it for the most part, but that's just my opinion. But what "There ... read more
Open your eyes.

You're in Los Angeles, in that dark and lost bar with a strange name. You try to find your way among the onlookers who speak loudly, laugh loudly and swallow their pints in one-shot. The atmosphere is smoky, you can hardly discern the 3 dark silhouettes that appear on the stage at the back of the bar. 3 priests dressed in black, one of them has a microphone and screams shrill incantations with an extremely fast flow. Catchy and industrial music resonates throughout the room. ... read more
"Did I ever tell you the story about cowboys, and m-midgets, and the Indians and fron-frontier psychiatrist?"

Um...no, you haven't. It's been nearly 2 fucking decades! I swear, if I die before I hear this incredible story, I'm gonna be an angry ghost like Ava! >:(

In the meantime, we got Since I Left You, a stand-out, once-in-a-lifetime, magical experience that we may never ever see be attempted again. It's quite odd and funny to even imagine the existence of such an album being ... read more
It all started with an iPod Nano advert. What was just a experimental pop group formed during her art school days in 2006, Caroline Polachek is built to become a pop star, or more. The front woman of now disbanded indie pop act Chairlift and side projects (Ramona Lisa and CEP), she finally came through a debut brimming with daring and defiant work of refreshing proportions with her distinctive vocal style and contemporary kind of pop experimentation that shines through the half hour run-time. ... read more
"Fans ask me all the time what it is like to be a rock star. I can tell that they are dreaming, as I dreamed, when I was a kid, of someday ruling the world with a rock band. I tell them the same thing I would tell any young rock-star-to-be ... You will get lonely...This is the life of a rock star." -Rivers Cuomo, 1996

There will never ever be another Weezer album like Pinkerton. This album is genuine pain, suffering, sadness, tragedy, even psychological abuse. Rivers Cuomo and Weezer ... read more
i literally was writing a whole ass review for this bad album and my dumbass dogshit donkey brain closed the Google tab and i'm actually trying to not cry send f in the comments.

favorites: intro, nothing is safe, club down, the show, blood of the fang, story 7
piano burning is a 0/10

(ok i re-reviewed it, so here you guys go)

(all adjectives for the projects I haven't listened to are from AOTY reviews)

Clipping are an experimental hip hop band from Los Angeles, California, consisting of ... read more

I can't believe there's literally a song about how Mario and Link are friendzoned <brr>

Here's the thing, I have no problem with albums that show or describe clumsy emotions (I think of an album like "Pinkerton"). Sometimes artists are too young, they are in a delicate phase of emotion management. The beginning of Tyler, The Creator is an excellent example of this. But Johnson's stories about his love relationships are HORRIBLE and his love for his mother is quite ... read more
100% of Music Twitter is going to fail No Nut November now.

I do find myself enjoying Frank Ocean, but none of his albums have truly stuck out to me aside from the overshadowed Endless, which I'd consider one of the best albums of the decade. With this new single, I'm really glad to hear him taking his sound to a new direction instead of sticking to the Channel Orange/Blonde vibe. Some may find this change in direction odd at first and "not Frank Ocean", but that's the least of my ... read more
Caroline Polachek has a distinct fingerprint in the pop world. She is a presence that has always added to a project rather than distract. She knows her voice well and wields it like a master swordsman. On Pang, Polachek is exposed and vulnerable. She narrates her insecurities through songs that bend reality into new and fantastic shapes. She escapes her nightmares through bright melodies and delectable bops. As someone who allows insidious doubts to fill my head, Polachek's debut is a friendly ... read more
Ah, this good old Richard! 🇬🇧
Richard Dawson is really in my top 3 favorite artists of the decade but I think you will understand this by reading my review of "Peasant". Today, the best bard of his time is back, with an album entitled "2020", goodbye the Middle Ages and hello the zeitgeist....

Dawson is originally from Newcastle, England. He has two masterpieces in his discography: "Nothing Important" (2014) and "Peasant" (2017); a record that has ... read more
it's clipping bitch!

When I heard that the new clipping album was going to release, I was not too hyped, The first single 'Nothing Is Safe' was such a bad song, it was so boring, it just felt so bland, for a group that not so long ago, put out one of my favorite songs of the decade; 'Story 2'. For a long time I thought I wasn't going to review this album, but as the singles improved with songs like 'La Mala Ordina' and 'Blood of The Fang', I decided that I would listen to this album, so here I ... read more
There Existed an Addiction to Blood is a painfully disappointing release that I fail to really see the appeal of outside of the usual outstanding storytelling from Daveed Diggs part which is already a thing we're used to given Clipping.'s past works. The album leaves a lot to desire in terms of execution and it fails to bring any emotion other than boredom. My problem here is mainly the whole aesthetic which could work but throughout the album there's so many songs that lead to nowhere or just ... read more
July 14, 2015.

Nick Cave's son, Arthur, died accidentally under tragic circumstances. The singer, forever marked like all parents who had lost their child, would release, a year later, the painful but masterful "Skeleton Tree", an album as intimate as it is minimalist, unanimously applauded. In addition, the movie "One More Time With Feeling" came out, directed by Andrew Dominik, focused on the process of creating "Skeleton Tree" but also on mourning, the ... read more
I’m not buying that clipping. aren’t still more than a little cheesy here, as well as remaining locked in service of a limited shtick of their own design.

The album loses its impact long before it finishes thanks to the repetition of ideas and grossly over confident running time. Fifty minutes of a similar palette of sounds and exactly the same rapping flow and tone is too much for anyone’s ears surely?

What do they add to mix things up? 18 minutes of field recordings of ... read more
Hello, I hate fun and smiles. I kick puppies whenever I walk down the street and spit on babies. Every Halloween, instead of passing out candy I give a physical CD copy of this album taped to a toothbrush. Their parents love me. "Finally! I have 6 hours of white noise to give to junior! This will knock the bitch out!"

"This sounds like shit!" The kids say. "This is like, 3 hours of a repeating synth note. Like a guy died and fell on his synth while playing. Even when ... read more
New genre: SCI-FI HOP

Following in the footsteps of "CLPPNG", the second album, as squeaky as it is sumptuous, Clipping. is back on track with its noisy recipe with "Splendor & Misery", an Afro-futurist epic cut into fourteen strident fragments. This disc is the story of a man, the only survivor of a slave uprising on an interstellar cargo ship. While wandering on this cargo ship, the hero discovers music by coming into physical contact with the metallic elements that ... read more
Ms. Polachek's experience in radio pop sensibilities shouldn't deter passersby from her genre accepting sound, but it also shouldn't over exaggerate the simplicity of her work either. She strikes a fine line between unconventional and accessible veneer. What, with her (albiet light) touches of ambient, acoustics and glitch pop. Her vocal work is fine and dandy, nothing I could nit pick, but it's really the production table that gives her a leg up. (A good speaker listen, but an even better ... read more
Foals continue their practically unstoppable run of great records, this being the second good release in the same year!

Honestly, I don't understand any of the hate that this album is getting. Frankly, I truly don't get the general lukewarm rating and reviews this band gets as a whole. They tour non-stop, their sound is original in that no band captures what they do, and they have NEVER put out a shit record. I seen these guys live on the tour for Pt. 1 and its up there for my favorite ... read more

I wrote that ( ^ ) when i thought i was going to rate this in the 60s. But holy is this really good. Like how is this so good? I'm generally not a fan of rock at all but this just hits different than stuff i've heard before. VERY epic ablum. Probably a 90+ if you're a rock fan. DEFINITELY DEFINITELY DEFINITELY DEFINITELY check this out no matter how much you despise rock. You'll at least get something out of it.

The End. 70/100 (Good)
It's good but ... read more

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