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Crackheads running rampant in British streets, mental wards overflowing with patients, the grassy pastures of rural Britain. Squid’s jazzy post-punk revival opus, the apocalyptically eclectic ‘Bright Green Fields’, attempts to tackle the un-urbanized section of Britain, a massive 90+% of the country that goes oblivious to outsiders, smashing down the picture-perfect facade portraying Britain as nothing but sunny green fields and stunning cityscapes without sacrificing any of ... read more
To say that there are before and after Bright Green Field is perhaps a little too hasty, yet the Brighton natives have offered us an absolutely brilliant experience from start to finish that will be remembered for years to come. They knew how to revisit through the anguish of the world, with the help of a modern signature absolutely personal

For two years now, the underground scene in the United Kingdom has been rising up among the most promising, as the standard of the future. Among the ... read more
DJ Khaled makes albums so people can play it, and you actually hear it. You know, drive in your car, you hear another car playin it? Go to the barber shop, hear them playin' it? You know, turn the radio on, you hear them playin' it? You know, it's playin' everywhere. It's called great music. It's called albums that you actually hear the songs. Not no mysterious shit, and you never hear it.


DJ Khaled's newest attempt at making ... read more
Summery, exotic, and psychedelic pop at it’s finest, 2021’s Summer Soundtrack has finally arrived in all its grandeur and glory.

I have to admire, with the utmost respect, Bruno Pernadas’ tendency of not letting the past define him while also keeping the essential foundations that make an album distinctly them. Whether it comes in the form of equal parts mirthful and melancholic jazz-pop or enchantingly euphoric neo-psychedelia, Bruno has always stood out among the pantheon ... read more
Envision the Great Plains, a vast open space with only one color to be found, green. An empty open space, leaving room for thoughts to prevail. A sight seen by many in just their own backyard, a field of grass. It may seem mundane, but in these plains, there’s nowhere else to go but these fields. This provides a beautiful golden frame for the painting of Squid’s debut project “Bright Green Field”. The framework leaves a lot to interpret, and the painting gives us the art ... read more
Seek shelter, the best post-punk band of last decade returns.

The Ugly Duckling, a fable old as time, and one that shares parallels with the music of Iceage. Just as The Ugly Duckling found he was unattractive to some but elegant to others, Iceage’s filthy, rather cathartic style of post-punk will off-put many yet be nothing short of chaotic bliss to others. Their trademark euphorically raw style created a niche for them within post-punk at a time when the genre was running on fumes. ... read more
SHUT UP!!!!! SHUT UP!! PLEASE JUST SHUT UP!!!!!!! SO BORING!!!!!!! SUPID DUMB!!!!!! SHUT UP NO ONE [email protected]! SHUT UP!!!!

if I could make it go quiet. My least favorite album of 2021 after five whole long, grueling listens. 11 songs that are still way, way, WAY too long for their own good, I felt like my brain was rubbing and churning up against the gnarliest sandpaper for the entire dragged out duration of this album. This listening experience felt like my woman dick was shoved into a ... read more

500. I can’t believe it. I joined this website back in July as a fun hobby, and my page blew up. I am so thankful for all of you, and it's just unbelievable. I'm so happy to have a platform where I can be authentically myself, and it means so much to me how much support, and never-ending love I’ve gotten, as well as the countless friends I’ve made along the way. Due to this milestone, as I promised, I will be reviewing ... read more
As the hype is starting to die down, I now feel comfortable with sharing my opinions on this album. Please hear me out, as I’m clearly an outlier here and I withhold criticisms not a lot of people have to give to this album. Let me preface it with this, I give every single album I listen to an equal chance. No prejudice is given to an album I listen to as it’s just not fair. I’ve seen so many comments about how some don’t give foreign albums to English “a ... read more
I WAS BEYOND HYPED FOR THIS ALBUM TO COME OUT!!!!! FOR OVER 6 MONTHS, EVERY TIME I LOG ONTO THIS SITE, I WAS FORCED TO STARE AT THAT “graphic design is my passion” VAN HALEN RIP-OFF LOOKING ASS ALBUM COVER AT THE TOP OF ANTICIPATED ALBUMS EVERYDAY❗️My life is fulfilled cause I never thought I’d live to see the day of this album dropping. I’m so happy I never have to look at that awful cover ever ... read more
“Van Weezer”, American band Weezer’s second project of the year is finally out now after an immense amount of hype. Earlier this year, we received Weezer’s interest revitalization, “OK Human”, the chamber pop rock album with many exciting and euphoric moments, which I can officially say is a solid album. After years of decline, this was their first output to get old listeners intrigued again. This left me both excited and worried for the next album. ... read more
The History of The Albums – n° 333 [I thank @bart for his precious help]

In the shadow of American, Anglo-Saxon or Latin music, many other countries have of course offered us legends that have changed the history of music forever. Some countries may surprise you at first, especially if you don't have any particular ties. Today for example we fly and land in Poland, for an episode dedicated to Ewa Demarczyk. An absolutely fascinating journey to discover this scene; its history and ... read more
With the recent tragic passing of Van Halen’s Eddie Van Halen, Rivers Cuomo of Weezer has decided to step up to the plate and offer himself as the next most epic guitarist. It’s quite hard to match Eddie’s skill, but Rivers let us know with tracks like Hero and his newly-grown mustache that he meant business. Some have speculated that the lip-based hairs mark the return of the legendary Red Album Rivers, my Hero, who has not been seen in public since the 2008 Grammy Awards. ... read more
The History of The Albums – n° 331

Although it's no surprise, there's always something magical going on when you listen to The Byrds. Whether you know them by heart or not, there is above all this genius that cannot be explained. The stratospheric line-up is the main explanation, but diving into their 60's discography is still something unforgettable. Not only is this band one of the greatest of all time, but they are also one of the most avant-garde. A slight retrospective leads to ... read more
The History of The Albums – n° 332

In 1967, the Greenwich Village neighborhood, symbol of New York's folk revival, continued to promote excellent talent, artists and also resonate as an influential land of counter culture. However, it no longer had the same visibility in the eyes of the general public and the music industry. It's a bit of a story of the short-lived underground phenomenon brought to light, helped by the emergence of Bob Dylan, that ended up back in the shadow of show ... read more
DJ Khaled makes albums so people can’t play it, and you actually can’t hear it. You know, do not drive in your car, you can not hear another car playin it? Go to the barber shop, you can not hear them playin' it? You know, turn the radio off, you can’t hear them playin' it? You know, it's not playin' everywhere. It's called terrible music. It's called albums that you can’t actually hear the songs. Some mysterious shit, and you can hear it.

Oh dear lord if their is ... read more
9.3 - Phenomenal

Fuck. I mean, where do I start.

I have a bad habit of rating albums high. When an album wows me at first listen, I give it a high score, but sometimes never return to it ever again. This is especially for new acclaimed releases such as For the first time by BC,NR, or classics like In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. I’m not saying those albums are not good by any means, they are actually quite great, but man, the opposite case of these examples was with Bright Green Field. ... read more
It’s a DJ Khaled album.

You know his name, you know what you’re getting. If you already dislike DJ Khaled’s music then “KHALED KHALED” won’t win you over, and if you do fuck with DJ Khaled - honestly I’m not 100% sure you exist, but someone has to be listening to this according to the charts.

If you’re still not caught up on what exactly DJ Khaled does, it’s not really anything in terms of the creative end of making music like you’d ... read more
It was a dark, cool summer night in New York. I could hear the distant pinging of piano keys from outside the bathroom as the hot water dripped down my face. A burning yet uniquely pleasurable sensation. Finally, after letting it redden my skin for around twenty seconds, I crept out of the shower to grab a towel. But before my hand could reach the cloth, I noticed. The pinging had stopped.

I jumped when I heard three hard thuds on the white wooden door ."M'lady?" said a friendly ... read more
For every album I hear from this band, I just get more disappointed, this is one of the most overrated bands and I really don't understand why people think it is that good.
Maybe it's a beloved band because they make a silly and cliche sound, but even so, I can't see any sparkle in them.

This album I found a little better than the past, but it's still not something that really makes me like the band, maybe I don't understand their proposal.

The album goes with a different sound from the last ... read more
Yeah I don’t think I can wait until September for this album lmao

Little Simz is seriously one of the most intriguing rappers out right now, and this new album looks like it’s gonna be an AOTY contender because this is another great single. I’m not sure I love it as much as “Introvert” yet, but this is still a great track that definitely has a more smooth and chill vibe that I think she executes pretty well. Definitely will be playing these two singles over and ... read more

We got a little bit of a hot take today boys.

While I did not rate this EP substantially higher than Tourist History (only a 4 point difference) I still think I should give a bit of an explanation as to why I favor a demo EP to the full package. A lot of my preference towards FWSO comes down to both the 2 EP-exclusive songs and the raw edge the demo versions of the TH songs. I've always had a soft spot for pop rock that has a DIY, garage-y quality to it, which ... read more
🍁🍁 420 follower special 🍁🍁

For my 420 follower special there was only one artist that I could have reviewed. Of course it had to be snoop Dogg. The king of weed, marijuana, ganja, whatever you wanna call it. So I decided to check out the snoop Dogg album which had the most positive reception, that being his debut album, Doggystyle. I imagine that this would be good weed music but unfortunately I'm a child of God so I have never taken apart of such devilish acts. Maybe I should've ... read more
After an almost two year wait, Weezer has finally released their fifteenth studio album, “Van Weezer”. My hype for this album has faded since its original announcement, but I really enjoyed the singles and I loved their previous record released this year, “OK Human”, so I had pretty high hopes. However, while I do enjoy this project more than most of the records Weezer has released in the past five years, I still think “Van Weezer” is a mixed bag.

The ... read more
Sadly, glam metal for this album is nothing more than just an aesthetic as Weezer delivers their most boring, dull and forgettable sets of tracks since raditude, not anywhere close as bad as that one but it's only a bit more enjoyable than that one.

As for pacific daydream, AT LEAST it didn’t butcher Crazy Train’s awesome riff for what is essentially their worst song in 12 years. This is an album that feels like it wants to do one thing but does something completely different ... read more


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