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predicting a solar power situation where it’s a really good song but everyone is disappointed because it’s not a great choice for a comeback single

anyways yeah, this was pretty nice. i can’t help but be a bit underwhelmed considering all the hype around this album but my ratings are based on the song itself not the context around it. so even if i’m disappointed, i still really like this. it kinda feels like a mix of all of his previous styles. holy shit this ... read more
Tyler the Creator is back with 'Lumberjack' and it's a boring banger that's not trying too much, serving its purpose as it hypes you up, but it's also very basic as almost anyone could've created a song similar to this. The vocals from Tyler the Creator are crisp and cold, a bit underwhelming because I was expected a tiny bit more emotion from him. The production on the song is messy, handled by Tyler the Creator himself, reminding me of the Detroit beats that are going viral right now, with ... read more
The History of The Albums – n° 347

August 1967, dear journal, I saw a live performance by aliens

Presenting Pink Floyd seems so trivial that it is a monument, especially when talking about one of the most notorious bands in the history of Pop Rock. Suffice it to say in a few words that Pink Floyd is a London band that is very often considered "the greatest band of all time", especially for its work from the late 60s until their peak in the 70s. Pioneers of Space Rock and ... read more
Get ready for this to get nominated for like 6 Grammys next year for no reason lmaooo

Edit: ok here’s my actual review

While I think H.E.R still has a lot of potential, “Back Of My Mind” is less a realized album and more a vehicle for HER to release 21 cleanly produced, listenable, but in many cases ultimately forgettable songs that I’m sure will earn her more industry acclaim, but I think it ultimately hinders her artistry in the process.

H.E.R has had one of the ... read more

This slaps so hard. The beat is crazy, the hook goes hard, and Tyler is just talking his shit all over this song. I also love the DJ Drama tags and the mixtape-esque feel that this song has. I can see this being the Who Dat Boi of this upcoming album, as that was also the first single. I can also see people not loving this as much as other singles of his, but I’m loving it and loving this direction.

Tyler, The Creator is one of the most ... read more
Anybody with an internet connection could tell you the story of Rebecca Black, the thirteen year old girl who broke the internet with painful and easily memeable “Friday”. However, as public opinion of her has changed, Rebecca has been quietly working on developing her abilities as a songwriter. Now that it seems she’s finally found her sound, Black has decided to release her first project in the form of a fairly solid pop EP “Rebecca Black Was Here”.

While her ... read more
While she’s been exploring witchy and horrorcore aesthetics combined with trap and industrial metal, it wasn’t until Backxwash’s 2020 album “God Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out Of It” that I feel Backxwash turned it from an experiment/gimmick into a fully realized sound, being my second favorite album of the year and garnering her a huge amount of attention with a lot of anticipation for how she follows it up. That followup, which happens to be the second ... read more
While I’m a little disappointed with this project because of how good it could have been, and because I thought it was going to be an album, it’s still a really enjoyable, fun, and promising EP with some great highlights.

Rebecca Black (yes, that Rebecca Black) has actually released some solid singles this year. These singles overall weren’t amazing, but they were really fun and included “Girlfriend”, which is one of my favorite pop singles of the year. So when ... read more
Rebecca black é uma cantora que ficou conhecida como uma piada com a música "friday", que é considerada por muitos uma das piores músicas da história. Porém o que ninguém esperava é em 2021 ela voltar com um ótimo ep, mostrando o quão talentosa ela é. Em seu novo ep ela tenta um som com muita influência do hyperpop, o que deu bastante certo.

O que mais se destaca aqui é a ... read more

“Well, well
Look who's inside again
Went out to look for a reason to hide again
Well, well
Buddy, you found it
Now, come out with your hands up
We've got you surrounded…”

Bo has always been a comedian that I’ve admired. He has a particularly interesting way of incorporating subtext into his comedy/music that I find is a skill many of his contemporaries simply do not possess. However, even with my rather glowing ... read more
9.0 - Phenomenal

No piece of music has ever made me jump out of my seat, not even close to multiple times, until now.

Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. Consider my pants shat.

So Kristin Hayter, widely known as Lingua Ignota, is an artist from California that I’ve heard about for a bit now, mostly due to this album. I heard of her massive acclaim from Anthony Fantano, as well as her passionate fan base, and CALIGULA was on my queue for quite some time. However, only until now have I had ... read more
H.E.R tem bastante talento vocal, isso é inegável. Porém infelizmente em seu novo álbum ela não consegue mostrar o quanto ela é talentosa, lançando um álbum de r&b básico que parece já ter sido lançado várias vezes com títulos e musicas diferentes, o álbum até é gostosinho de ouvir, talvez ouviria pra passar o tempo, porém pra quem queria um trabalho interessante da ... read more

Imagine going from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix to dropping this.

Bankupt! isn't bad by any means (there are quite a few highlights) but I would overall say this album is kind of boring. I appreciate the hazy atmosphere, but the production is not nearly as strong here as it was previously. There's very little in terms of dynamics or punchiness, leading the record to be really stiff and lifeless. This combined with the abundance of generic filler (I swear I've ... read more
Well that was a short retirement lol

Edit: here’s my actual review

Logic please release music on this level going forward.

I have always wished I liked Logic’s music more than I actually did. But since he announced his retirement, I’ve liked what he’s done more, whether it be No Pressure or the Doc D mixtape he did. I haven’t gotten around to the MadGic singles, but his recent stuff has actually made me not opposed to more official Logic music. And this single ... read more
I went into this REALLY wanting to love it, and while I do still really like it and there are a lot of highlights, I can’t help but be underwhelmed due to how much potential Backxwash has.

I liked Backxwash’s last record, but I thought it didn’t always feel fully realized. I was hoping this new album would improve upon the shortcomings of her previous album, and while I do think it’s better, I still see room for improvement. One thing that doesn’t need ... read more
Há 10 anos atrás Rebecca Black era ridicularizada por toda internet após ganhar certo destaque com a música 'Friday', uma canção boba e inofensiva, mas que causou um verdadeiro rebuliço nas redes, principalmente por conta do momento onde todo mundo começou a pegar gosto em dar sua opinião (ódio gratuito sem pudor na maioria das vezes).

Uma década depois, Rebecca Black surge novamente com outro projeto musical, dessa ... read more
pride month day 17

i think this might be the most experimental album to reach massive mainstream success. it’s not experiment in the way merzbow is by being abrasive and almost unmusical. no, it’s experimental in the way it flawlessly combines many different genres in a way that hasn’t done this well before. like just look at the tags for this. we have everything synth funk and neo psych to alternative rnb and pop rap. the storytelling on this is fucking incredible. the ... read more
Slayyyter’s debut album isn’t the best thing I’ve heard in this lane or anything, but it’s ridiculously fun and a nice addition to the hyperpop genre.

I hadn’t heard of Slayyyter until last month, where I heard her single “Over This!” on Fantano’s New Music Friday stream. I thought that song was really catchy and fun, and it put Slayyyter on my radar. And while I didn’t love any of the other singles she had out at the time as much, I did ... read more
"Rebecca Black Was Here" is the second EP by the artist Rebecca Black, who went viral on the internet with her video for the very famous song "Friday". Anyone who looks at her from an artistic point of view only knowing that song must be completely shocked, what the Internet had posed as an untalented figure shows them now the exactly opposite.

Influenced by hyperpop and electro-pop, Rebecca brings one of the funniest EPs of the year so far. The songs despite not being ... read more
Garantindo sua vaga na categoria de "Album of the Year" no Grammy de 2022, H.E.R. finalmente lança seu novo álbum, o qual já é cotado pra desbancar meio mundo nas premiações mesmo sendo mediano e pouco cativante.

H.E.R. é uma das artistas mais jovens a vencer grandes e importantes prêmios do entretenimento, com Grammy e Oscar, ela sempre surpreende todos com suas aparições onde nunca sai de mãos vazias. ... read more
Depois de ter lançado em 2020 vários singles que apesar de não ser grande coisa, ao menos eram decentes, esperava que marshmello lançasse um album minimamente audível, mas o disco além de não conter esses singles que gostei um pouco, soa como qualquer album do artista cheio de musicas edm mal produzidas e irritantes, que qualquer pessoa vai odiar a não ser que vc seja uma criancinha de 10 anos viciada em fortnite e que acha que Marshmello ... read more
pride month day 20

i lie here.. is just entertaining as it is terrifying.
the atmosphere backxwash manages to create is dark as hell yet extremely beautiful. i really love the way she blends industrial metal and hip hop into something that sounds nothing like anything i’ve heard before. the production on this is fucking wild and it truly impresses me that (apart from a little help from clppng), she produced this on her own!

faves: wail of the banshee, terror packets, blood in the ... read more

Never really been all that big a fan of Vince, as everything I've heard from him just felt underwhelming and boring for me. So I went into this a little bit biased against it, but DAMN, this thing blew my expectations away! Production throughout this whole album was phenomenal, this is honestly like a modern day YEEZUS, with how glitchy and rough a lot of the tracks on here were. Also, I honestly really loved ... read more
The History of The Albums – n° 346

The Nocturnes, composed by Frederic Chopin and performed by Arthur Rubinstein is one of the most famous albums in classical music, yet one can only think that beyond the fabulous content of this work, classical music of this type and the LP format do not go very well together. This episode will therefore be dedicated to the analysis of this album but more widely to the status of classical music in the history of albums. If you are familiar with my ... read more
Full truth, I might have been riding the Backxwash hype train so much the smog from the engine has clogged up my brain. Do not trust a single word I say for I have been possessed by a trickster spirit. That being said...she's still super fantastic.

While not my favorite from her (that's to be expected with a style change like this) this album still helps to build out Ashanti's music exploring new dimensions. Like if God Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out Of It was Ok Computer this would ... read more

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