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"Ganja Burns" is a bop!! Love that dancehall beat.

If "Majesty" gets chosen as a single before "Ganja Burns", I may protest yet again.

“Ganja Burns” was supposed to be “Ganja Burn” but the typo made the album.💀

“Barbie Dreams” really is that bitch. I like her playfulness with calling out the other rappers.

“Rich Sex” & “Hard White” we love a hard queen.

“Bed” still bops. But ... read more
This is the first Ariana Grande album I've listened to all the way through, and I'm taken aback. Of course it's not a revolutionary piece of pop, but I underestimated Ariana's talent. Her singing is full of life and is enough to carry most of these songs without needing any huge features to back her up, as Ariana has done previously on big singles and other album cuts. The production is a place where there are some inconsistencies; Pharrell Williams' contributions stick out like a sore ... read more
Worst album this year
I think we all knew this was going to be great, but not on this level.
(Fantano gonna give this a six, watch)
I absolutely refuse to let my first featured review in like half a year be that atom bomb of clusterfucking insanity.

Remember folks; don't allow somebody's opinion to cause you to lose your mind. (no naming names of course)
No matter how much you may disagree!

- also don't stalk people online, it creeps them out. (no naming names of course... or their alt accounts)

(I promise to add a rating soon)
Guess they decided to save Spotify the trouble of making artwork for a Spotify Singles
Tangerine Reef is one of Animal Collective's most conceptually intriguing albums in years. The band has underwhelmed listeners with each and every effort since Merriweather Post Pavilion, an album which struck as one of the group's most accessible to date and one which had some of their biggest songs to date (namely "My Girls" and "Summertime Clothes"), and it's no surprise that this particular release is being equally as divisive.

Animal Collective's earlier material has ... read more
Raindrops - 90/100
Blazed - 20/100
The Light Is Coming - 10/100
R.E.M. - 20/100
God is a Woman - 90/100
Sweetener - 30/100
Succesful - 20/100
Everytime - 90/100
Breathin - 90/100
No Tears Left To Cry - 100/100
Borderline - 20/100
Better Off - 30/100
Goodnight n go - 70/100
Pete Davidson - 10/100
Get Well Soon - 30/100

TOP CRITIC - 48/100
Sorry guys but I really don't get the hype for this. Even though its a tiny notch above her last album, some of the musicianship here feels a little drab. What I do appreciate about this album and like is Mitski heartfelt song/writing. Maybe this will grow for me but at the mean time, I am keeping my score how it is.
eeeeeHhhhhHHH it kinda slaps, kinda
That's a no for me
Me alegra que la mentira llamada 'Mitski' se haya acabado. Debo admitir que por un tiempo me encontré engañado por la misma; pero ya no más. Y no culpa a cualquiera que esté, aún, inmersa en ella. Los entiendo. Pero la realidad es otra. Mitski no ha nacido con el don para componer canciones; menos con el de componer melodías decentes. ¿Ejemplos de ello? Este álbum. En su totalidad. Ni siquiera un destello de genialidad se puede vislumbrar, ... read more
I was sad before listening to this and now I'm ₑₓₜᵣₐ ₛₐd.

I LOVE how she adopted the sounds of disco and folk on some of her songs. UGH, HER MIND.

Mitski has come such a long way in her discography and songwriting abilities. Be the Cowboy is an amalgamation of her greatest musical strengths played against the backdrop of her greatest weakness: loneliness. Clocking in at just over 30 minutes, every song is an emotional roller coaster that trace the anxieties of modern love and ... read more
I've only listened to it once but man there is too much filler. I had hopes because i liked the two tracks she released before the album . I donno what makes nicki interesting anymore, i couldn't take away anything from this album.
(This is not final , will edit this if my opinion changes)
favs: coco chanel ,chun li
least favs:sir(future is awful), rich sex , come see about me (you expect me to take this seriously).
This album is like looking at your talented child get addicted to heroine
The guiltiest of guilty pleasures
SLAP: Chanel

SKIP: January 1st, Scoliosis, U Ain't Slime Enough, Audemar, Goin Up, Expensive, Dirty Shoes


VERDICT: I don't care if this is a compilation album or not, this isn't good. Thug shoes nothing here that made him such a unique voice in the rap game, where are the catchy hooks?. The production is surprisingly poor, the features are terrible and Thug doesn't sound that great either.
I have big respect for Animal Collective, but this is so pointless...
This is the album that finally convinced me to kill myself. Thanks ajr!

Best tracks: n/a
Worst tracks: no grass today, Netflix trip, overture, bud like you
Rating: 7/100(total shit)
Gays: This is our aoty
Don't call yourself a rap fan, if you haven't heard this.

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