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It’s time for this year's (hopefully) now annual Album Of The Year Awards. Info to vote in the review below →

Same rules as last time. Selections were picked based on a mix of popularity on the site and score on this site. I finalized the nominees this past Friday. We got a diverse list of 46 categories to vote on, as opposed to last year’s 33 categories. I tried to limit the categories to one per artist, the only exception being EPs of the year due to how many of the most ... read more
Ayo what's with this track, mang? We about to rap about pachinko?
とにかく、DemonDICE ともうします。さって、始めましょう!

Na-nana-na-na- 何 the fuck?
I'm the Satan-flow demon on the set, what's up?
Originality? Yo I got that shit on tap
'Cause I've been drowning in the melodies of Japanese net rap
Jesus Jesus Japanesus
The far-east vibes are my goddamn steez but
Probably a little strange lookin to some
So allow me to elaborate on where I came from
They say ... read more
In "HEROES & VILLAINS" Metro Boomin delivers the best trap album in recent memory

Some of the craziest performances by the best hip hop artists right now laid over the hardest trap production of the year narrated by Morgan Freeman and A$AP Rocky. It just couldn't go wrong but it had no reason being this good

The sonic cohesion and flow of the record are flawless as the many transitions and narration skits make it feel like a real experience never dipping in quality. I love the ... read more
Honestly, I'm very impressed. I mean, this has everything I want from a trap album, great features and most importantly, absolutely phenomenal beats. Like Metro's production is actually unbelievably. Sure, he was always one of the best producers in the 2010's and 20's, but this is some next level shit. Great job, Mr. Metro!

On Time 7/10
Superhero (Heroes & Villains) 9/10
Too Many Nights 8/10
Raindrops (Insane) 8/10
Umbrella 10/10
Trance 8/10
Around Me 9/10
Metro Spider 9/10
I Can't Save ... read more
As someone who has a personal connection to the genre of pop punk, this is legitimately one of the worst listening experiences I have ever had in my 18 years of being on this earth. This whole album is an antithesis of everything people who hate pop punk think the genre as a whole is, and GOD its depressing to see that. The cringe lyrics on nearly every single song on here, to the insipid production on these songs leaving this being a complete scatterbrained ADHD mess of an experience. I'm not ... read more
hey guys :]
well, i'm done with my break! while i'm definitely still not feeling that great or relieved of my stress, i'm glad to say that i've found the inspiration to start writing again. the time i took off actually helped me relax and truly appreciate the music i was listening to more, so i'm glad i decided to do this. on another note, thank you all so much. the support on my last review was honestly overwhelming, and i simply have to give a massive thank you to anyone on the site whose ... read more
Well, this is fucking mental.

Combine elements of Vaporwave into some of the most batshit insane Hardcore & Deconstructed Club I've ever heard in my life and this is what you get.

With that being said though, COMPLETE MORON is exactly the type of adrenaline rush style fun I love; nothing is spared, it's just start to finish ruthlessness that will rattle through your bones & leave you hanging out to dry.

Highlights (yes, these titles are genuine):

EATING WEREWOLF ... read more
Dark, unsettling & all around quite chilling.

The bleak atmosphere that lurks in this track reflects a very personal experience for the artist that draws you in with it's use of distorted drone effects that amplify the tension leaving you breathless.

As the distortion fades away and the melody comes to full focus, the listener feels at ease but also realising the sense of hopelessness still lurks inside.

@CyberCrasher_TV, forgive me if my interpretation isn't too clear or what it sounds ... read more
Now THIS is the kind of Electronic music that I love to hear. The type that is willing to explore multiple sound designs to full advantage.

The 1st half of this album goes pretty hard in this case as it delivers some of the most satisfying Electronic music that can transition from calm Ambient to some cleverly crafted IDM & Techno.

The glitchy sound design mixed with some bass-heavy Techno / Microhouse rhythms is equally sharp but smooth, as well as harsh but tender.

The 2nd half is much ... read more
Wow... I have to admit this is a very promising start for Ethereal.

After a solid line of consistent singles & a variety of styles, we finally get the first single from Souza's debut EP. And it's a great one.

I love the chilled production on this one, almost reminds me of lo-fi Hip-Hop cause it's kinda relaxing. Your flow on this is pretty good, too!

The lyrics on here are quite hard-hitting at times as well, it's clear to see how passionate your songwriting is.

Great work yet again! ... read more
this album sounds exactly like how the cover looks.

Korn is a band that I'm kinda familiar with, but never really liked. To be fair, most of my previous exposure to Korn was parts of that one weird album of theirs with dubstep or some shit, and also "All In The Family" which is probably one of the worst songs I've ever heard. With that in mind, I was kinda expecting to hate this, but I tried pushing my preconceived notions aside and gave this as much of a fair chance as I could. And ... read more
Quite an impressive first project for Niomi.

The production on this is quite clean & impressive. Love the crossover between Hyperpop, Punk & Alternative Rock. So much chaotic fun packed into just 15mins.

Yes the 100 gecs influences are quite strong throughout this EP, but Niomi wears their influence on their sleeve & manage to create their own identity in the genre with a rough story of heartbreak.

Looking forward to Niomi's future projects.

Personal favourites:

Homecoming ... read more
‘Versions Of Modern Performance’ kicks things off on on album highpoint with ‘Anti-glory’. ‘Anti-glory’ packs in an unmistakable amount of note-bending slacker vibe.

While ‘Beautiful Song’ is far more glistening in it’s shoegazey guitar approach and it’s packed with reverb and a more back-in-the-mix and whispery vocal. It’s a vocal that approaches ‘Beautiful Song’ so delicately as if not too scare away the pretty ... read more
Time to for me to get introduced another artist I've heard in features but never solo: Danny Brown.

I love this guys' delivery, it's quite unique & rapid-fire paced. His voice will go with anything, no matter how smooth or chaotic the production is.

Atrocity Exhibition is a wild trip (its cover sums it up perfectly). It's abstract sound represents a dark experience that gradually gets more unsettling throughout.

I can see why this is such a beloved Hip-Hop album. It's full of rapid-fire ... read more
With Thaiboy being my least favorite member of the group, I didn't think I'd ever actually be excited for a release of his. However, with his previous record being pretty good and the lead single for this album, "True Love", being a great track, I honestly had some decently high expectations going into this! Sadly though, "Back 2 Life", despite its heartfelt lyrics and pretty production, stands as quite a disappointing and underwhelming project.

Look, this isn't a bad ... read more
Hi all. I’m gonna be honest… my mental health has not been that good lately. My dip in productivity has kinda prevented me from listening to new music, especially writing my thoughts down about it too.

I took about a month’s long break from looking into new records- and only prioritizing about 3 releases from November that I just felt obliged to listen to. I did not write down my thoughts on any of them- despite my anticipation on doing so. I felt so… blank? Like ... read more
**Based on first listen.
I knew I would like it, but I wasn't expecting to dig it as much as I did. It's obvious that this album has a strong, personal core, even getting intimate at times. In fact, I dare say that Hypochondriac is a much more emotional listen than punk2 because of how much Randy has grown as an artist and a lyricist. But the main thing that separates Hypochondriac from his other works is the production. From front to back the electronic IDM production is so detailed, lavish, ... read more
Post did amazing, everyone loves it because it’s great, woo hoo! Okay, let’s get into the actual review.

On September 16, 1996 in the Florida suburb Hollywood (not the real thing,) tenants in an apartment begin to notice a foul odour and blood that was coming from one of their neighbour’s doors. When the police came over to investigate, they found the corpse of Ricardo López, a 21-year-old pest exterminator; he had shot himself in the head. Upon further investigation ... read more

Ride The Lightning is definite improvment over Kill 'Em All in almost every aspect. The songs are usually much slower and melodical, which is great, because I prefer this sound over their previous one. The mixing, the vocals and the lyrics are much better here and the guitar solos somehow got even more impressive. The first half is almost perfect and while the second half is definitely worse, it's still miles better than most shit I've heard. Very admirable, ... read more

"I got a record but I'm clean as they come" well that lyric didn't age all that well did it Ameer?

Hmmm... This is kind of a weird one for me. I feel pretty bad for giving it this score and nothing higher, but sadly the album suffers from one fatal flaw that wasn't present on its predecessor; it's painfully inconsistent. This thing seriously goes up and down in quality like crazy. It's plagued by quite a few underwhelming, pretty mediocre tracks, but the ... read more
Generic Rage production throughout all 10 tracks that didn't work for SosMula on BODY BAG MUSIK, what makes him think it'll work a 2nd time?

SosMula's performance is so bad it made me laugh out loud a good few times.
Why does he sound like if Beavis ditched listening to Rock and attempted a rap career?

The lyrics are hilarious at times, too e.g. "Imma break that bitch like a pringle" or "Big body, wide body, do it, do it, hoola-hoop"

It wastes Scarlxrd who can actually ... read more
Man, this album is comforting.

Nearly 40mins of some of the most soothing Vaporwave I've spent my time listening to. Computer Death is great for wanting to help put your mind at ease if you're stressed or need something to help you sleep.

The atmosphere throughout this album is haunting, but that's the kind of stuff I love.

Hard to believe how underrated this album is, especially considering it's from 9 years ago.

Personal highlights:

As Darkness Falls
Pale Skin
Group ... read more
Deize Tigrona trás consigo um projeto ousado que do qual ostenta um funk único que faz uso de diversos elementos musicais de maneira inteligente, como por exemplo a eletrônica, seu som por mais incrível que pareça tem muita indentidade, soa exótico e ao mesmo tempo extremamente divertido, a artista complementa seu som com uma performance carismática, não tem nada de grandes vocais ou técnicas, sua voz é na verdade mediana e se ... read more
Shoutout to n1no for recommending this album along with 4 others that I have to check out within the next week.

I think it's noticeable at this point that I love the harder & faster EDM which gives a good amount of energy when listening to it. This record fits both. It also carries a Japanese video game vibe to it that I love.

All 10 tracks are fast, adrenaline rush gems that have slick production throughout. The drum patterns are impactful, the vocal samples are effective & adorable, ... read more
Brief Review: Sucks seeing a band that I know that my dad really likes dropping something THIS shitty. I do think some of the sounds they attempt on many of these songs have some real potential, with these really weird and kinda experimental electronics and glitchy production choices, and I think if they really leaned more into that, this could’ve actually been a kinda cool listen. But yeah, for the most part it kinda gets ruined by the lyrics and kinda crooked politics, which again, its ... read more


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