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Ethereal beauty burrowed in complete disarray and mayhem, Miss Anthropocene is a natural extension, cryptically eclectic, A.I. dystopian counterpart to Art Angels that sees Grimes fully taking center stage in ways never seen before. The result, ironically, is her most catastrophically intense and compassionately innate record yet.

Let me just say that I don't think I've ever, over the last decade, been so intensely captured and drenched in a Grimes album as much as I was with Miss ... read more
Excluding Persona, this starts off insanely strong with 'Interlude: Shadow', then plummets harder than Joe Biden at the polls.
Grimes' new tales

In her fifth opus, "Miss Anthropocene", the Canadian cyber-prophet embraces the future until the end of humanity, even going beyond the album format.

An oracle that is both fascinating and repulsive, Grimes is the incarnation of this arrow pointing to space, planted on the edge between science fiction and contemporary reality. A multimedia artist who pilots her productions and music videos from A to Z, Claire Boucher has gone from underground to mainstream in ... read more
It's common knowledge by now that Miss Anthropocene leaked ages ago, so we've all had plenty of time to formulate an opinion before the official release.
Miss Anthropocene is Grimes at her most comfortable.
It's awesome to hear her so front and center.
Visions (one of my all time favourite albums) had the vocals overshadowed so heavily by the music it was nearly impossible to make out the lyrics or themes without multiple repeat listens.
Art Angels felt like a changing of the guard, more of a ... read more
King Krule, Poet of Ashes.

A hoarse voice to wake the dead, a crazy saxophonist and some guitar chords that reverberate in the mist, a voice that lulled many of my insomniac nights. King Krule slowly chewed low, whispered lyrics, close to my ear, echoing like a tormenting spirit that came to haunt my soul and drive out my deepest demons. At the age of 25, the London-based artist releases his fourth album, which I've been waiting for impatiently since the excellent "The Ooz". ... read more
When my older brother was studying literature in his undergraduate years at university, he spent much of his dedicated time heavily invested on breaking apart many inspiring, eloquent works of poetry. One poem in particular that has continued to resonate and remain striking to both of us over the years was "Strange Fruit". Written and composed by Abel Meeropol in light of the 1930 lynching of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith, it was a fine-drawn reflection of American racism towards ... read more
We meet again Mr. Krule!

I practically have no issues with The OOZ. It's one of the most immersive albums of the 2010s. The OOZ's murky and nearly uncanny atmosphere is too much to bear at points. From the incredible opener "Biscuit Town" to the gorgeous closer "La Lune", The OOZ made me lose it. I swear I was crying my eyes out and writing a suicide note in sign language during my first listen. How in any universe could he top it? Well, he did and with flying faded ... read more
Starts off insanely strong, but it is clear that most of the effort went into the first leg of the album. It becomes super monotonous and boring in the second half.
Grimes leaps over genre across the spectrum on Miss Anthropocene, which as often occurs lumps this album into the bloated category of art pop. This moniker generally encompasses a wide span of music that blends traditional pop elements, from catchy hooks to soaring choruses, with more eclectic and experimental elements. If that is the end-all of genre definition, then that might be the tightest fit this album can come to.

However, Grimes, or Claire Boucher, by no means feels bound to a genre ... read more

The idea of existentialism is a philosophical tradition that fully focuses on the human experience as an individual, showing how thinking isn’t the only way existence in ourselves takes hold - but acting, feeling, and living as a human individual. King Krule’s newest record “Man Alive!” takes on these ideas through a dark and twisted look at human society through the eyes of an everyman.

The album’s opener and third, final single “Cellular” ... read more
Submerging myself in the self-examining, contemplative lyricism, I imagined, swallowed up within the sand dunes, Kevin Parker in his mid-30s, married and successful, years of weight piling up by his doorsteps, finally getting a grip of reality, a brief moment of clarity out of the sand. Seeing the light in the clearing at last, he steps forth for self-liberation, overcoming the obstacles that've sheltered him for so long: the pressure of his music career, a dead father, an unhealthy fixation on ... read more
- Hello, Humans. You have been selected, or shall I say invited, out of the 8 billion people on Earth because you shall know something, that no one should know because if other humans like you will know about this, it will cause and uproar never seen as strong and powerful before. As you know, Artificial Intelligence, also known as A.I., is going to take over the world in the near future. It is found everywhere. In your homes. In schools. In Universities and Colleges. And on your fingertips: ... read more
Hot Garbage

And when I say hot, I mean it! Justin is a hottie lamottie with a summer’s body. Let me tell you about the time we first met...

It was a mild spring morning, about 9:30 AM, as I walked down the Santa Monica sidewalk. The cracks in the pavement gave me determination for my one goal for the morning. A trip to Whole Foods, ingredients for low-fat, vegan, gluten free avocado toast. Each step felt like I had been birthed into a new life of pure wonder, the rejuvenation wrestling ... read more
BTS are just a corporative controlled attempt of creating a new 1D-like phenomenon, their music is soulless and horrible in every aspect. Makes me sick...

I haven't listened to too much of King Krule's music before this, so after hearing the singles I didn't know what to expect an awful lot, but what I instead got was one of the most atmospheric, haunting and beautifully crafted art rock albums of this entire year. I just completely sunk into the sound of this album as every track had a detail I loved, and the transitions between tracks were just incredible. It turns out, in the ... read more
Grimes had to reach a really high bar, to recover the 5 blank years she had since the fantastic Art Angels, and to properly justify the directional hint on that album with a worthwhile take. Thankfully, she has passed the test with flying colours.

I feel like Art Angels and this album over here seem a lot like Flower Boy and IGOR from a certain point of view: Miss Anthropocene displays the full image of ethereal, intense pop that Grimes only hinted on Art Angels, is a lot shorter and works ... read more
Transcendence now.

Furious on record and even crazier on stage, the American Dan Deacon returns with a somptuous and meditative album of placid reveries and rainbow melodies, "Mystic Familiar", his most personal work to date.

I've been listening to a lot of Deacon's albums over the past few years. Pop and electro, acidic and crazy, joyful and schizophrenic, messy but beautiful, radical and free. I loved his songs as fast as a mosquito on speed, from his twisted and screamed hits to ... read more

One night, I met Tom Waits.

One Saturday night, in the heart of an obscure maze of cobblestone streets that seemed to be running away from the city, drowned in huge scarves of smoke, I pushed open the scaly door of a bar lit by exhausted neon lights. Every wall of that shabby pub oozed abandonment, resignation. From the dim lights to the filthy windows, from the strange girls walking the sidewalk to the abandoned dogs sleeping against a ramshackle ... read more
What a great week for music.

One of the most frequent complaints I can think of from King Krule's previous outing, The OOZ, is the issue of the album feeling bloated. Coming in at over an hour of playtime and sometimes lacking in variation, the album seemed to be detracted by this slight. In contrast, Man Alive! seems to be a much more centered and focused release by Archy Marshall. At a slimmer 41 minutes, songs across the album don't get lost in the shuffle in the same way that they did on ... read more
Despite a mixed bag of singles, I find Grimes’ new direction to be undeniably vulnerable and as infectious as her prior efforts, even if it meanders in its own warped aesthetic at times.

Now, Grimes comes in at a weird time for me with my support of her artistic endeavours. I only recently got into her work, starting with Visions and then clinging to Art Angels, each undeniably catchy and unique art-pop albums that had a flare and aesthetic like no other. One thing about these records ... read more
Cock and ball torture (CBT), penis torture or dick torture is a sexual activity involving application of pain or constriction to the penis or testicles. This may involve directly painful activities, such as genital piercing, wax play, genital spanking, squeezing, ball-busting, genital flogging, urethral play, tickle torture, erotic electrostimulation, kneeing or kicking.[1] The recipient of such activities may receive direct physical pleasure via masochism, or emotional pleasure through erotic ... read more
Miss Anthropocene is not as innovative as its predecessor, but it shows how much music needs artists like Grime to continue to develop and renew itself, through the creativity and modernity it still shows here.

Caricatured slightly, Miss Anthropocene is her most "pop" album, like the last Tame Impala, but that's the continuity of Art Angels, and although it's based on foundations that won't take you out of your comfort zone for a second, this new album still has a lot to offer you. ... read more
Do you hear that? That's the sound of some real goddamn potential.

So for those unaware, Spiral Curse, AKA Plats (on AOTY at lest) is someone that has inspired me and this site for a pretty decent time. Their reviews are well spoken, their tastes are varied and their ideas are extremely interesting. Seeing Plats page is almost to take a hammer to the artists taste, allowing viewers to deconstruct their tastes and find similarities between the art they consume to the artist of Spiral Curse. ... read more
Listening to the evolution he made from '6 Feet...' to 'The OOZ', it was only a matter of time before Archy's entrancing soundscapes completely took centre stage on one of his albums. He completes that transition here, placing even more emphasis on atmosphere, though he somehow manages to throw in some of his most vocally present songs at the front of the album. In doing so, the most important ginger in our contemporary musical landscape craftily adds his third crucial chapter to the book of ... read more

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