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-I also just really needed somewhere to write about/talk about The Lonely Island and dump a ton of information about them, so figured this was an appropriate approach.
-I wrote like half of this or something and then LOST EVERYTHING I WROTE. But I did not give up, came through and just rewrote what I could remember and started fresh, kind of pissed off but what can you do I suppose. I feel like my start of the ... read more
The Roger Waters album sounds like tpab compared to this shit.

So I've seen how people are shitting all over this album and the insanely low user score it received, and I was honestly intrigued. I wanted to see if the album is THAT bad. And well, that was undoubtedly the most insufferable 30 minutes of the year for me, this is simply one of the worst things music has to offer, if you can even call it music.

This was the first time I heard about the Japanese group FAKE TYPE., I don't know ... read more
A melancholic exploration of loneliness and longing.

I actually listened and wrote a review for this album a while ago, but I wasn't very satisfied with it, especially considering the fact that the album grew on me a lot since my first listens. So I wanted to write a proper review for it, and emphasize further why it's so great and important, even after 52 years since its initial release.

This is Joni Mitchell's 4th studio album, released in 1971. Although Joni was a well known ... read more
Nicki Minaj ft. Alvin and the Chipmunks wasn't on my 2023 bingo card.

Hey Siri, define nostalgia bait: *spits out this album*. In all seriousness though, I absolutely despise this sort of purposeless tacky sampling where it’s just carelessly thrown into songs with little to no positive effect. Sure it’s great if it’s done well but this is just pure laziness. Leave the classics be ffs.

Anyway, as for the rest of the album; I think it’s enjoyable enough but it’s ... read more
It breaks my heart that this is one of the coolest album covers of the entire year, because the music is truly torture. I can't say I enjoyed anything about this. Maybe a note on one song was kinda nice, but the entire experience feels like horrible Electro Swing waterboarding. It just suffocates you. I don't know how else to explain it. It also ends with a cover of Ado of all things to just make it all so much worse. I was not expecting to hear possibly the worst album of the year right here ... read more
Suddenly you wake up under a somber and dark gaze of the moon, you find yourself in an empty and dejective place, solely surrounded by the mere shadows of faint entities, as the naked rain pours down, gently hitting your hair. There you spot a huge hole, an endless void settled in your chest, bursting with hopelessness, emotional numbness, heartbreak, and depression. You feel so much bubbling inside of you, yet you don't care or feel much. You've accepted the grim reality of life, in a ... read more
The left one is literally me when I was five years old and everyone thought I was a girl.

Smashing Pumpkins are one of the most well known and praised bands from the grunge area at the beginning of the 90's, and although I haven't listened to a full album from them so far, I was familiar with some of their work. I had some enormous expectations for this album, and for the most part it did not disappoint.

This is the band's sophomore album, released in 1993, two years after their debut ... read more
Rest In Peace Kai <3

I first heard about this project when Brad gave it a review. I saw it being praised and decided that I was going to give it a listen sometime in the future. But it fell into the back of my mind and I slowly forgot about it. Until recently when the news about Kai came out. I was completely heartbroken and I wish that I had given this a listen sooner. But now is better than never so I finally gave this a spin, and it was as amazing as everyone said it was.

This thing is ... read more
The Absolute Bare Minimum: The Album

Canadian pop star Tate McRae’s second album falls squarely within the comfort zone of ordinary mainstream pop. It definitely isn’t setting itself out to reinvent the entire genre but unfortunately I found almost every aspect of this album to be quite bland and unbelievably safe.

The quality of the mainstream pop scene has noticeably declined in recent years, with many big artists tending to rely on formulaic structures, predictable creative ... read more
Thank you to everybody for helping me reach 200 followers I'm really thankful for all of you who have followed! I wanted to review an album that's been on my mind for a long time for 200 followers which there were a few of but none more than this. Going in I was hoping for something on the level of nevermind based by the user and critic ratings and thankfully that's mostly what I got.

Although I do still prefer nevermind this album has so much going for it. One thing I will say I may slightly ... read more
Catching up on one of this year's most praised albums, and the first thing that comes to mind with this album is... it ain't all that! So, bit of a hot take incoming I suppose.

I've been hearing a lot of discourse surrounding this album ever since it released back in late March, one of the better praised black metal albums in quite a while, which is saying something. Also, I'm drawn in by it's artwork which is stunning to look at.

Well, to be honest... after hearing this album, I'm kind of ... read more
Damn I know Nicki is innovative and shit but did she have to cover Rollin' by Limp Bizkit?

Just a quick warning before I start the review, I'm sick af so the review is going to be absolutely painful to read. With that being said, this is my first full album from Nicki, even though I've heard plenty of her songs in the past. Honestly, I thought the album could be very decent, but sadly it's absolutely dogshit.

This is Nicki's 5th studio album, and I guess it's supposed to be some sort of a ... read more
lil bro just casually dropped one of the best EPs and albums of the year.

Another brad live submission from today, and holy SHIT I don’t know what to say about this. Apparently this guy is like 17, which is baffling to me cause this is genuinely one of the best produced projects I’ve heard this year. The coverart perfectly reflects the vibe of this album, such a cozy and welcoming experience for 20 minutes. Production is top tier shit bro, I was legit A S C E N D I N G . to this ... read more
[Björk Album Discography Dive #7/10 - Biophilia (2011)]

Props to Björk for having Mother Nature as a collaborator on this album! Actually, could she just be Mother Nature herself?...

Björk’s seventh outing has what is probably my favourite theme/concept I’ve experienced in her albums so far: connecting the beautiful qualities of nature with the world of technology, both lyrically and musically. The sound of this one feels quite similar to her albums in the 90s + ... read more
[Björk Album Discography Dive #5/10 - Medúlla (2004)]

Björk making an almost entirely acapella album is an absolutely ridiculous concept but one that makes total fucking sense after thinking about it for just a few seconds. It’s Björk for crying out loud of course it’s going to work.

Medúlla literally strips away all of the sweeping instrumentals and electronic doo dahs we’ve experienced in every project that came before it to offer a completely ... read more
I've always considered Tate McRae to be an artist with so much potential ever since her breakthrough in 2020 with "you broke me first". Granted that song reminds me too much of Billie Eilish's earlier works to a degree, but she had the appeal that would make her popular within the teenage community, musically.

After her debut album last year, I saw more instances of promise (even if my rating for it wasn't too high), but her vocals still needed some work since there's some occasions ... read more
[Björk Album Discography Dive #6/10 - Volta (2007)]

Debut + Homogenic + Medúlla = Volta?

This seems to be a return to Björk’s roots. It’s clear that she’s gone back to her earlier ‘clusterfuck of styles’ sound while also including many of the elements from the chaotic good that permeated throughout Medúlla, minus the acapella and beatboxing of course.

First off I love how you can hear bits and pieces from the main characteristics of each ... read more
Another day, another Gerogerigege project with an outrageous title. What better way to spend 30 minutes of my evening with some noise fuelled madness?

This album consists of lost and found recordings, according to the project's remaining member Juntaro Yamanouchi, mainly of material that was composed from either the late 80s or early 90s.

Now we can experience an originally lost project in all its unhinged glory. How does it live up compared to their other works that I've listened to in the ... read more
Well… it’s that time of the year again. The 2023 User-Voted AOTY Awards. Link to vote down below ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Remember, no category is required for you to vote in so feel free to skip any category you don't want to vote for.

The same rules as the previous two years are applied here - though considering there’s been an influxl of new people who joined this site ... read more
Maybe it just hasn't fully clicked for me yet I don't know but I do think that this album is slightly overrated. I do think it's a good album it's just that there are a few lower/mid points in my opinion. One example for me is to here knows when which I really like the back noise on it but what ruins the song for me is those insanely loud noises played every single second of the song it just irritates me.

Another thing that slightly brings this thing down in my opinion is the really quiet ... read more
This feels like my 100th time re-rating/reviewing this album but i think I'm going to keep this one like this for a while. I've had this at a 92, 98 and 100 in the past but I'm now deciding to switch it to a 99. Don't get me wrong I still love this album and think that it's near perfect but I will say that I think that the title track and fire are very slightly weaker which is my only reason for bringing the score down. I still think the production is near perfect and that the funny and smart ... read more
I've had this as one of my liked albums on spotify for ages (I use liked albums to save stuff I want to listen to one day) but I just hadn't gotten around to listening to it yet. That was until today when I was scrolling through some of my liked songs to see if there was anything I wanted to add to my playlist when I saw born under punches. I relistened to it and instantly remembered how good it was which got me in the mood to give this album a proper listen. Instead of giving it that proper ... read more
Shoutout to @ImpalaLT (also known as Julian) for the suggestion!

I've been eager to hear this album for quite a while since it's often regarded as a landmark for rock music, so that should definitely pack a lot of thrills since I love rock music quite a lot.

Well, thankfully this album lived up to the hype for me after holding back on it for several months, delivering so much impact over the span of 34 minutes with it's instrumention and weighty themes.

Fugazi's debut album (wow, this is a ... read more
I don't think I've ever been on such a streak of listening to great albums, but here we are! Thanks to the winter, it's Black Metal season, and god has not disappointed, yet.

When it comes to Agalloch, I heard The Mantle from them not too long ago and I really enjoyed it, thought it was a vibe, with a super consistent and banger tracklist. So going into Ashes Against The Grain, I was expecting something around the same quality. What I definitely wasn't expecting though was to get a pretty much ... read more
Shoutout to @ashxarya for the suggestion!

This is perhaps one of the most interesting albums I've ever been recommended to date, based on all the genres listed on here. I mean, this is indietronica along with elements of shoegaze, breakcore, ambient and noise pop.

That all sounds very promising on paper, given how experimenting with this many styles is a bold move, but does it deliver on that in terms of exection? I'd say yes, it does.

It's hard for me to talk about Sisyphus Happy as an ... read more

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