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[I know that not long ago I had already made a parenthesis of thanks, but since the non-active followers were added... I am very honored to have passed the significant 2000 followers milestone! A gigantic thank you to all of you, those who follow me, those who were following me at the time. All your messages of support, encouragement and kind attentions since the beginning have only fed little by little the happiness to be able to share one's work and the passion around music. I'm proud of ... read more
Flux acts as a powerful shock wave. Poppy reinvents again her formula in a tribute to the Alternative Rock

Poppy is the kind of story you enjoy when you discover such a sin-guliar artist. For those of you who don't know her yet, Moriah Rose Pereira became Poppy, a viral YouTube artist before she started to make her mark in music. Poppy is the archetypal icon of our time, that is to say, ultra-versatile, taking advantage of new technologies and means of expression to make her a public figure of ... read more
The History of The Albums – n°361

This episode is probably one of the most significant of the 60's for popular music, not in the purely musical sense, nor in the album format, but in the role of the music and entertainment industry. While Rock and Roll definitely changed the music of young people around the world in the 1950s, the music industry regularly looked for innovative approaches to capitalize on the money and create highly profitable products. The phenomenon of Beatlemania ... read more
The History of The Albums – n°363

¡Jazz Flamenco! is an obscure treasure reserved for certain purists and some specialists of Spanish music. Let's say that above all it is the kind of work that has a mainly national notoriety. A surprising discovery that I wish to share with you through a dedicated episode. As its name indicates, this album is the precursor of a new musical style called without detour Flamenco Jazz that gave birth after to the Nuevo Flamanco, whose ... read more
sufjan stevens = 🐐
sufjan stevens = 🐐
sufjan stevens = 🐐
sufjan stevens = 🐐
sufjan stevens = 🐐
sufjan stevens = 🐐
sufjan stevens = 🐐
sufjan stevens = 🐐
sufjan stevens = 🐐
sufjan stevens = 🐐
sufjan stevens = 🐐
sufjan stevens = 🐐
sufjan stevens = 🐐
sufjan stevens = 🐐
sufjan stevens = 🐐

angelo de augustine was ok i guess

edit: ok this is absolutely fantastic. i’m starting to appreciate angelo’s contribution with songwriting and backing ... read more
Destrua o patrimônio público e privado, ataque templos, incendeie carros, apedreje ônibus e tente levar o caos aos nossos principais centros urbanos.

Em 'Flux', Poppy não surpreende tanto, mas consegue conquistar qualquer um com sua maneira única de permear diferentes estilos, gêneros ou barreiras que poderiam limitar sua persuasão nas bordas da música pop em 2021. Dessa vez, a artista resolveu optar pelo alt-rock como abordagem e ... read more
The album sounds good the majority part of the time.
Even being weird ass any other Poppy album, (after she became this metal artist) this is the most normal thing.

The last álbuns sounded or 100% pop or 100% death metal (in the same track). I like that sonority, but this one sounds less childish and more coherent.

There's not 50.000 things happening per second anymore, sounds more """"""chilling""""", and more listenable to who ... read more
poppy is in a league of HER own.

earlier this year, poppy released a WWE exclusive EP titled EAT that turned out to be one of my favorite EP’s released this year. though when she released the singles for this album, i was hesitant for the final result… but i’m pleasantly surprised.

poppy is known to change genres like clothes and here on her 4th studio album, she does it again and near flawlessly! poppy leans to a more alt rock and pop punk direction and … well i ... read more
Em "A Beginner's Mind" Sufjan Stevens se junta a Angelo De Augustine para criarem um dos melhores projetos de 2021 - com um álbum que é a definição de encantador.

Durante o processo de criação do álbum eles se isolaram numa cabana aonde assistiram filmes e depois escreveram músicas inspiradas neles. Por exemplo, "Back To Oz" é inspirado em Return To Oz. Já "You Give Death A Bad Name" tem uma das ... read more
While I wasn’t in love with a lot of Poppy’s older material, I was surprised by how much I enjoy her most recent previous release “EAT (NXT Soundtrack). The fact that we didn’t get a full length release yet of tracks in that style is disappointing, but what Poppy delivered on “Flux” is still pretty entertaining.

Poppy takes on a style that focuses more on genres like alternative rock and grunge that I’m sure anyone who had positive memories of the ... read more
O rock esta ficando em alta ultimamente, com vários artistas tentando reviver o gênero. Porém uma cantora que já esta fazendo essa sonoridade antes dessa onda desse estilo musical é Poppy que já tinha feito um disco rock em 2020 com o "I Disagree" e parece que ela se deu muito bem no genero e decidiu usar ele em outros de seus projetos, criando o "EAT" e agora o "Flux", o qual é um bom álbum, ainda que a ... read more
"Sticker" marca a volta da unit do NCT, NCT 127, após mais de um ano sem lançamentos coreanos. Mas infelizmente, o comeback do grupo é decepcionante com um de seus álbuns mais fracos.

Em canções onde o grupo decide experimentar algo mais R&B e as baladas, eles acertam em cheio. Porém as músicas em que tentam de qualquer forma soarem experimentais - o caso da title track, "Lemonade" e "Bring The Noize" - ... read more
Poppy becomes alt-rocky

Starting with a soft and normal but melancholic rythm along with slow pop vocals, guitar and drums kicking in after the first or second chorus, the heavier and fast-paced melody coming at the end of the song with fry and screaming vocals seems like a songwriting formula that has worked for all the alt-metal artists and bands in the last 3 years and at least half of poppy's new album follows the same formula. And... well it still works (kinda)
If we don't count "a ... read more
First of all I would like to thank everyone for reaching 600 followers, it's an amazing mark and it baffles me that so many people like my content. I just hope to continue to grow and be able to share my passion for music with others, this is more than a review site for me, it's where I can let off steam, have fun, meet amazing people and grow as a person.

To my utter surprise Poppy releases her fourth studio album 'Flux' after the rather interesting and acclaimed 'I Disagree', one of my ... read more
EDIT: Not even 24 hours and this album’s already grown on me like mad. Poppy’s music is seriously like a drug.

Being a huge fan of some of Poppy's recent stuff; I still absolutely love "I Disagree" and I thought the "EAT" EP from earlier this year was fantastic, it's fair to say that I had pretty high hopes going into "Flux", her newest LP. I went into this blind without checking out the singles (never got around to them, I guess), so I didn't have any ... read more
O clássico Fruto Proibido influenciou uma geração inteira que buscava o progressismo através da rebeldia, é considerado o melhor album de Rita Lee e realmente é. Seu humor aqui é o mais perspicaz, suas letras são as mais inteligentes e as mais abertas a interpretações, e claro, seu som é o mais revigorante de sua carreira, uma grande obra prima da música brasileira.

Rita Lee tinha 27 anos quando lançou ... read more
Ok never mind, this is actually one of the greatest things ever made

I’ve probably listened to this album more than any other album, probably about 100-150 times

This was one of the first albums I owned on vinyl

I’ve memorized nearly every song on here, including oh comely

I gave this an 80 on first listen, an 87 on my second listen, a 90 around my fifth listen, and here we are after so many listens finally giving it a near perfect score.

This album just never gets old. ... read more
O debut album de Baby Keem era um disco de hip hop bem esperado pelo publico, e embora possa ser considerado algo interessante, o registro tem alguns problemas que fazem com que decepcione um pouco.

Ainda que tenha várias boas musicas, como as excelentes "Family Ties" e "Trademark USA", há algumas tediosas e outras bem ruins como a péssima "South Africa" em que a única parte que presta é o refrão visto que o resto é ... read more
Sufjan is back, and he's the best he's been for five years! Pairing up with fellow Asthmatic Kitty signee Angelo De Augustine, "A Beginner's Mind" is a record packed with lush, layered and beautiful instrumentals and cinematically inspired lyricism which never fails to pack a punch. It's Sufjan back at his A-game, so it goes without saying that this project is beautiful front to back. Each track lives in its subdued soundscapes, revelling in the soft, yet expressive instrumentals. ... read more
Crazy how a random new band made a better Architects album than Architects themselves this year. Sam Carter is even on the damn third track. They got the same awesome percussion. This is pretty cut and dry.

However, I don't say that as an insult. I don't think Spiritbox are exactly the same soundwise, just some clear influence that's pretty important to address when assessing this album. With that out of the way, I normally find myself hesitant to enjoy metalcore when it is *this* melodic and ... read more
I’ve been a fan of Sufjan Stevens for some time now. Growing up in a Christian family and wanting more (and better) music, inevitably led me to him. His particular style of addressing both religious and secular topics, as well as his beautifully diverse musical palette, lined up perfectly with the needs of my younger self. Even years on, no longer a Christian, his discography is still an absolute favourite of mine to binge through.

With The Ascension dropped on 25th September 2020, the ... read more
Que album! Ouvir Fleet Foxes é tudo de bom, agradeço quem me recomendou essa maravilha 💜

Wading In Waist-High Water - 8.3/10
Sunblind - 8.3/10
Can I Believe You - 8.3/10
Jara - 8.2/10
Featherweight - 8.3/10
A Long Way Past The Past - 8.3/10
For A Week Or Two - 6.0/10
Maestranza - 9.3/10
Young Man's Game - 8.3/10
I'm Not My Season - 7.0/10
Quiet Air / Gioia - 8.3/10
Going-to-the-sun Road - 8.7/10
Thymia - 7.0/10
Cradling Mother, Cradling Woman - 8.3/10
Shore - 8.3/10

Nota: 80 ... read more
Em seu quarto álbum de estúdio, Halsey que recentemente teve um filho, fala sobre as alegrias e horrores da gravidez e parto. Com uma produção mais "teatral", o álbum agrada em alguns momentos, destaco as melodias e os vocais suaves da cantora. Enquanto ao gênero musical, Halsey mergulha no rock que está em alta no momento, em algumas faixas ficou muito bom, como em "honey".
Eu não me surpreendi muito com o álbum, ... read more
Writing this review was very difficult for me.

Five years ago, Lil Peep released Hellboy to his small SoundCloud page and it would be his final mixtape before he passed away the following year, sealing 16 songs, with production from names such as Nedarb Nagrom, Charlie Shuffler, Brobak, Dirty Vans, Yung Cortex, Cian P and Smokeasac, as well as feature spots from Xavier Wulf from Seshollowaterboyz, KirblaGoop, Horse Head and Lil Tracy for a total of 44 minutes and in result making what I ... read more
Lorde retorna depois de quatro anos com um trabalho diferente dos que ela já fez antes, não conseguindo superar as espectativas de seu disco anterior. Mesmo assim é um bom registro, um pouco monótono essa energia solar que ela prometeu, mas a beleza de suas letras ainda merecem atenção, mesmo que estejam em canções reduzidas.

Lorde foi uma grande revelação da década passada, foi extremamente aclamada pela mídia ... read more

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