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Kanye West delivers his most forgettable and painfully corny album with Jesus Is King, a project that doesn't even sound finished. Every single track sounds completely rushed and the album has nothing to say, really. It's like a "The Big Day" but for God. No memorable lines expect for the outstandingly hilarious "CHICK FIL-A" and no good beats either. The way the vocals and the bass were mixed made me check if my headphones had a problem or something. The songs range from ... read more
Want to start off by saying thank you all so much for 1000 followers! I really appreciate everyone, I've had such a great time interacting with so many friendly and supportive people. AOTY is truly a wonderful community in my eyes! <3

This Twin Fantasy review...was really hard to put together. I've kept this story/event in my life away from everyone outside my family for a while now, but I've finally gained the courage and strength to talk about it and let go of my feelings of grief. ... read more

Lifelike, this what Kanye's life like?, tryna' review Yeezy right
JIK crawlin' outta nowhere like sewer mice
Album's like a church choir, but really very Kanye-like
Every single track like, Christian's holy Sunday night
I was tryna' take my time, it didn't click with me right
I was wearing red flannels thinking Kanye wasn't bright
I was tryna' ignore the whole album just like Pipe
Then I cleared my whole mind, realized this what I like
Took a big JIK ... read more
Just reminding you sinners that rating this negatively will reserve your spot in the depths of Hell next to Moloch himself. May the power of Christ compel you.

Now, with all that said I believe that God would not approve of Kanye blue balling us for a month. However, I am more than impressed with this project. Kanye is not limiting himself to gospel music, despite what he says, but is integrating both Christian themes into his lyrics and traditional gospel instrumentation with ... read more
Throughout all the years of popular music one truth has remained: if you have run dry on inspiration just add in more gospel.

Wake up, Mr. Jesus!

Jesus, if you can hear me from Heaven, please help me. Me? I'm a poor human, my name is Math, something happened to me today... something horrible. I am not a christian, I am an atheist, but I have decided to write this review as a kind of prayer, I would like you to hear me even if you are probably lounging in a deckchair on a cloud as I speak to you...

You know, Kanye West is one of my favorite artists of all time, he has played a very important role in my life. Like ... read more
So according to AOTY logic, it's perfectly fine to bomb a small indie artist/AOTY user's album dealing with sensitive topics like suicide with 0/100s, but not fine when done to a larger well-established artist like Nick Cave? Cause at the time of me writing this, it has more 0/100s than Ghosteen, and originally placed at #1 with a score of 91!

And this isn't an instance of stans flooding the page to artificially bump the score. No, this album is truly something special. Made by fellow AOTY ... read more
Be me. I'm enjoying myself a good sandwich. A turkey sandwich to be exact, with mayo and the crusts cut off. I'm having a good time, a good day, a good hour. It's calm, meditative and pleasing. I'm in my lungs in my couch, and am watching an episode of Tim and Eric on TV. Then all of a sudden...CRASH! The window of my lounge breaks.

'What the fuck was that?', I say to myself. I out down my half eaten sandwich and pause the TV (I have Tevo, it's fine) and investigate. Around the corner of the ... read more
Here is the actual review,

[Edit: Selah and a couple of the other songs are actually growing on me...I think if it was longer and featured even more topics my rating would definitely be higher.]

I can’t help but applaud Kanye for his sincerity and ambition in this sudden shift to Christian-centric music, this was an immensely bold action. As a Christian myself, it is cool to see someone with such societal status as himself essentially quit ... read more
This isn't quite a review of the album, but more of a reflection.

When Earl Sweatshirt's Some Rap Songs came out in November last year, I felt like my back was against the wall. I had fixed a lot of facets of my life but I still felt alone and like I was fighting for everything - my reputation, my achievements, my grades. The album served as a solemn battle cry as I rushed into my life an achiever but alone.

Now it's November this year. I stumbled upon two friends who changed my life and ... read more
what is going on Kanye?

Kanye West is one of the most polarizing figures of the 21st century so far, when he announced a couple weeks back that he would say that he would stop making non- secular music, that's when I started to really worry about the album. First of all, the damn title, his albums always have iconic titles like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy or Yeezus or The College Dropout. This just sounds like a Luke Bryan or Blake Shelton album title. Let's be honest this is his 'The ... read more
fka twigs more like rip wig

It has been 3 whole years since FKA Twigs has given us any new music, leaving us with the out of control, futuristic M3LL155X, which was definitely her best work. But Magdalene comes out and it is like the 21st century Homogenic. Both are innovative, beautiful, and have great production. Anyway, the first song 'thousand eyes' is such an impressive opener for this album, it's very peaceful at some parts and get all the way to rock-bottom in some parts. It sounds like ... read more
EDIT (When it actually came out, 10/25/19): Yeah, this is gonna be the first album people will legitimately pan. When this album was announced, my first immediate thought was "ugh". I haven't been the biggest supporter of Kanye's politics, all while loving his albums still. When he announced this album, it was the first time I felt he had changed himself into some conservative old man, who now has to spread the word of Gospel to a world where Christianity is declining.

The first time ... read more
Ever since I started listening to Danny Brown in like 2015, I've been a fan of almost everything he puts out. He hasn't made a bad album yet in my view and he is constantly challenging himself on each release. From the nostalgia and reflection of XXX to the drugged-out parade that was Atrocity Exhibition, Danny keeps things fresh.
What slightly changed my view on Danny was an appearance on the podcast The Church of What's Happening Now from 2016 or 2017. He fit right into the show. I was ... read more
I got my bloody Starbucks drink in hand, here's the mf tea:

Guns n' Roses is to 80s/90s hard rock as Maroon 5 is to 2010s pop "rock".

Except, Maroon 5 has made better music. Complain all you want, but Guns N' Roses has indeed annoyed me more than Adam Levine's big fat ego and helium chipmunk voice.

So, how did we get to this point? Guns N' Roses have been widely considered by some to be one of the most influential, legendary and greatest rock groups of the past few decades and ... read more
After almost a year of waiting, we finally get Ye's "Jesus is King". Kanye delivers an album with amazing musicality but lacks in the lyrical department. The production on this album carries it for sure. The stellar production gives off some TLOP vibes but it's still different. The features also do great on here with Ty Dolla Sign, Ant Clemens and Clipse doing great on the songs they are featured on. The main problem with the album other than the many missed release dates seems to be ... read more
Avenade is back, with their long awaited debut LP "It's A Whimsical Afterlife", a fusion of post-hardcore, noise rock, garage punk, whatever you wanna call it. It's a raw, noisy album, full of headbanging moments and catchy melodies that will certainly get you hyped up. The nihilistic concepts match perfectly the chaotic sound, both reflecting the inner messiness of an individual's mind. I have some minor problems with the lo-fi production, specially in the chorus of Painfully Please ... read more
“If you do not see light at the end of the tunnel, consider it an opportunity to create an opening yourself, wherever you want.” - Ashok Kallarakkal

Leaving Meaning is a new light at the end of a dark tunnel. The closing of a single chapter in a book, and the opening of another. It's one thing to be disappointed that an album didn't exceed expectations, but it's another to look past it and look forward to something new and appreciate the beauty of it all, leaving meaning ... read more
My longest review...

You who are going to read this review, allow me to take you as this album has put me down and gradually suffocated me in its inevitable reality. I won't force you to undergo the same treatment, I just need someone with whom I will have the illusion of being able to talk. I don't want to write alone on... this thing. Don't let me face it alone.

I'll start by telling you the context. That's reassuring, the context is fixed, it's objective. In February 2015, Geneviève ... read more
wow idk who this avenade guy is but he makes such beauutiful music for my earhooles <33
(Note: this is an angry review)

Oh lord, I can literally feel and smell the breath of corporate Hollywood trying to eat up all the money in my wallet while listening to this. This one's a real stinker, folks!

For the first time in over a decade, I got a chance to relive a part of my childhood by revisiting the Steven Spielberg classic I grew up with, Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. Firmly standing as one of the most iconic action films of its era and widely considered the best film ... read more
And just like that, November Has Come once again.

It's been nearly 15 years since the release of Demon Days. Much of the 2000s mainstream music landscape that once dominated the charts alongside Gorillaz are left virtually forgotten and disposed of. Times have changed, popular music has evolved, yet Gorillaz and Demon Days have stuck around, evolving into a respected musical landmark for the era it was birthed in.

It's fair to say that Demon Days was the voice for a new generation. An ... read more
Holy fuck I'm not even being biased; this is good as hell. It's a cohesive, well structured and unique noise rock album. Not to mention the catchy as hell melodies and on point vocals. Genuinely loved this thing.

Favorites: Smile & Wave, Boys | Closed Fists and Battle Antics | Have It Your Way |Trainwreck | Obsession

Least Favorites (still fire): Watch You Suffer As I Did | September Secrets

EDIT: Goddamn this has gotten so much exposure. Makes me happy to see. Thanks to y'all for ... read more
Stan Avenade, it's our duty.

So. Like every Friday, I was looking at the new albums that AOTY was offering me. And then I come across "It's a Whimsical Afterlife" by Avenade, an album that was placed number one for 2019 with a score above 90. It attracted my curiosity, so I listened to it.... and HOOOOLY FUUUUUCK! IT'S ONE OF THE NOISIEST, MOST ABRASIVE, BRUTAL, HEAVY AND DISSONANT ALBUMS OF 2019, IT'S CRAZY!!!!!

What a fucking slap in my face! After several listenings, I learned ... read more
(Written in the perspective of a 7 year old)

The smelly bully at my school said it was gonna take 15 years to post this Kanye West review...Idiot! I'll show him, I got my latest edition of Internet Explorer, let's do this!

The College Dropout is the newest rad n' hip Kanye album, and I've finally got a hold of it!

I can show this off to my friends coming over to play tomorrow! I've scanned through so many files on LimeWire and invited cool new viruses onto my Windows XP computer. Posted my ... read more

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