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Do you ever hear an album that makes absolutely no sense, yet at the same time, makes perfect sense? Have you ever felt that duality, that stark contrast, that perfect clash when listening to something? Because for me, 'By the Time I Get to Phoenix', the sophomore record from Injury Reserve, is exactly what that is; it is something that makes absolutely no sense, but it makes perfect sense. This is an album that is grief personified, laid out and dissected, to a horrifically accurate ... read more
[A gigantic thought to the wonderful 1900 followers, I am very touched and many have been with me for a long time now, I thank you! Love]

Lil Nas X has just given birth to a baby, a first child named Montero, size 15 songs and weight: 78 . Montero responds to the expectation, with a very versatile mix of pop songs as sweet, sincere and infectious. Congratulations to the father

It's time for one of the most anticipated pop albums of the year, Montero a potential sig-nificant turning point for ... read more
[I know that not long ago I had already made a parenthesis of thanks, but since the non-active followers were added... I am very honored to have passed the significant 2000 followers milestone! A gigantic thank you to all of you, those who follow me, those who were following me at the time. All your messages of support, encouragement and kind attentions since the beginning have only fed little by little the happiness to be able to share one's work and the passion around music. I'm proud of ... read more
Just finished my first listen, and I have no clue how to feel about this. Wtf is this? I mean I clearly am not fully getting it to some degree, but like this is barely a hip hop album. This is about as far of a left turn as possible. After the passing of Groggs, I don’t know what I expected, but this album literally sounds like a large chunk was violently ripped out of it, and the damage/debris from the tear are part of the experience. The instrumentals are barely functional, and the ... read more
*not going to be one of my typical reviews, sorry*

Here we are, what absolutely shouldn’t have happened is a reality - the should be one hit wonder TikTok cowboy rapper Lil Nas X’s debut album is here and it is an event.

Before singles for this album dropped, I wasn’t even sure if I thought Old Town Road was a good song - I’m still not sure if it is - but I was fully on board rooting for Montero Hill, AKA Lil Nas X, because of the dumb controversy and pushback against ... read more
Lil Nas X is a star.

Not only is this a great pop rap album with some fantastic highlights, but it’s such a monumental and important moment and I’m so happy for Lil Nas X. He has proven himself to be more than a meme and a one-hit wonder, and has fully cemented himself in the music industry and it’s amazing to see.

Lil Nas X has had a great past few years, and I’ve been ridiculously excited for his debut album. Aside from his music, I think he’s one of the ... read more
Flux acts as a powerful shock wave. Poppy reinvents again her formula in a tribute to the Alternative Rock

Poppy is the kind of story you enjoy when you discover such a sin-guliar artist. For those of you who don't know her yet, Moriah Rose Pereira became Poppy, a viral YouTube artist before she started to make her mark in music. Poppy is the archetypal icon of our time, that is to say, ultra-versatile, taking advantage of new technologies and means of expression to make her a public figure of ... read more
This should've been a mistake...

By almost all accounts, this should have been a terrible idea. Groggs was a vital member of the group. The three man weave *is* Injury Reserve, The prospect of taking any single one of them out of the equation is one that is reasonably met with hesitance, yet they pulled it off. Ritchie and Parker successfully made both the best album they've ever released, as well as an incredible tribute to their late friend.

The first thing I have to talk about is the ... read more
Although more immediate, Friends That Break Your Heart is not a watered down pop version of James Blake, it is on the contrary a deeply liberating act that offers us this collection of ballads as hypnotic as emotional.

I would like first of all before launching into the analysis of this new album to specify that James Blake remains probably one of the favorite Pop/Electronic artists of this last decade and one undeniably underestimated. I find him very singular, in-fluent, bewitching, ... read more
As hypnotizing as it is deeply emotional, this second album Colourgrade is a release in many senses of the word. Tirzah has let herself be carried by the wind by opening the doors of her intimacy and imagination. This equation allows Co-lourgrade to be a breathtaking sonic adventure.

As this week does not oblige us (in a way) to fix most of our attention on very popular artists, it is therefore a pleasure to be able to take advantage of it to take a look at an artist as fascinating as ... read more
Post-pretentiousness: the whole album sounds like freestyling over your indie-head bestie playing random mashups and you recorded it off a very good mic in some random field

-1 points because it isn't Kanye West
-1 points because he said 5G
-1 points because Ritchie only said "check it" once

+99 points because this is the second album to make me cry

by the time i get to phoenix πŸ–ΌοΈβ€οΈβ˜€οΈπŸ§πŸ»

mind-boggling (middle nine)

what if you had a campfire party ... read more
Mercurial World reacts like a real fairy tale, it is a colorful, mysterious, wonderful and incredibly seductive adventure. There's no doubt that this debut album can compete for a top spot this year.

I saw the future when I listened to Mercurial World and I am completely reassured. It's been a few years now that the world of pop music is changing in order to make the genre evolve towards new paths and finally it's almost mandatory to think that it will be done by Electronic. I want to prove ... read more
Head straight to Coloratura, the rest of Music of the Spheres is an album that is woefully lacking in flavor and could very well go into the dictionary as an example of generic music. It's a frustrating and disconcerting experience, especially when you know the true potential of this iconic band.

Coldplay was initially a great band that got lost in a downward spiral when they tried to reinvent themselves especially by incorporating Electronic. The moral of the story is that it's not for ... read more
Favourite: Industry Baby (Feat. Jack Harlow)
Worst: Scoop (Feat. Doja Cat)

1. Montero (Call Me By Your Name) - 7
[It's okay, lyrically it's not bad, production as usual is probably the best feature. It's message about wanting to speed up the relationship in my opinion could've been explained better I guess but other than that nothing else is too bad]

2. Dead Right Now - 9
[It's kinda sad the lack of faith his parents and people had on him but he proved them all wrong! Kinda funny that I ... read more
The History of The Albums – n°364

Although they had abandoned live performances and tours to focus on their creativity, the Beatles never stopped working. You have to realize how incredible 1967 was for them, with one of the best albums of all time, Sgt. Pepper's, a handful of miraculous singles and finally a movie and album called Magical Mystery Tour. It's just a few statospheric things that are basically beyond us. In a burst of creativity, the Beatles were already working on 2 ... read more
O álbum que marca a estreia de um dos nomes mais promissores dessa geração de artistas que ocupam os principais condutores da música pop em 2021, é um excelente fascínio, com erros óbvios, mas que em nenhum momento deixa de ser empolgante.

"Old Town Road" foi um verdadeiro acontecimento. A música que apresentou e levou Lil Nas X para o topo da Billboard Hot 100 por 17 semanas — quebrando o um recorde que dificilmente ... read more
'By the Time I Get to Phoenix' is Injury Reserve's sophomore album and it's guaranteed to take your breath away, but not guaranteed to give you a good time. The singles to the album were perfect, with both singles creatively capturing the effect of anxiety using outstanding, overwhelming sounds that sound like nothing I've heard before, with the album building on the picture those singles painted but failing to fully color it in. Probably the most ambitious album I've heard so far this year but ... read more
I understood the appeal of Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga’s first collaboration on “The Lady is a Tramp” - Lady Gaga never really performed a song like that before, so seeing her do it for the first time - alongside a jazz legend and still holding her own no less - was entertaining. But it was a novelty. That doesn’t mean it’s going to work for a full length collaborative album. And now that I’ve heard “Love For Sale”, I can confirm it definitely ... read more
Em "Friends That Break Your Heart", James Blake lança um excelente disco contando com 12 baladas com letras inteligentes e belos vocais.

As letras abordam temas relacionados a sensação de se decepcionar com um amigo ou o fim de uma amizade, as musicas "Famous Last Words" e "Funeral" demonstram muito o quão é triste essa sensação e como isso afeta o emocional da pessoa e eu como alguém que já passou por ... read more
Possibly the most ambitious record I've heard all year. It's crazy to think that the singles might be the most accessible and conventional songs on the album.

Injury Reserve are no longer 'just' a hip-hop group. What genre do they inhibit now? I have no fucking clue.

"By The Time I Get To Phoenix" is a dense amalgamation of a multitude of sounds and genre influences. As a result, I can't say this album sounds like anything I've heard before. This is a double-edged sword. On one ... read more
sufjan stevens = 🐐
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sufjan stevens = 🐐

angelo de augustine was ok i guess

edit: ok this is absolutely fantastic. i’m starting to appreciate angelo’s contribution with songwriting and backing ... read more
first off, R.I.P Groggs.

if i’m being completely honest… i’m quite disappointed in this album.

i’ve known of Injury Reserve for a few months now, but i only listened to a full project of theirs yesterday so i could have a taste of what they’re like before jumping into this sophomore album. Injury Reserve’s self titled project caught me off guard. it was intense, abrasive and captivating. with killer hooks, production and features, like JpegMafia, ... read more
'Mercurial World' is an album crafted by minds that understand exactly how synthpop functions. The cadence of the songs goes beyond expectations, like they were made using every single aspect commonly known about the genre, the experimentation doesn't stay too far ahead, the use of guitars are always different but so are a lot of other instruments. The transitions are quite incredible, like seriously.... it took me places. It's a record that brings enthusiasm, emotions, intensity, reflections, ... read more
The History of The Albums – n°365

Improvisation is like an organ for Jazz music, it is even crucial to the beauty and complexity of this genre. If we continue with human comparisons, improvisation can be compared to the emo-tional state of an individual, as versatile as sometimes uncontrollable, but in any case it trans-lates into an atypical attitude that is different from control. I think that one of the first great revolutions in jazz took place in the post-war period when ... read more
Destrua o patrimônio público e privado, ataque templos, incendeie carros, apedreje ônibus e tente levar o caos aos nossos principais centros urbanos.

Em 'Flux', Poppy não surpreende tanto, mas consegue conquistar qualquer um com sua maneira única de permear diferentes estilos, gêneros ou barreiras que poderiam limitar sua persuasão nas bordas da música pop em 2021. Dessa vez, a artista resolveu optar pelo alt-rock como abordagem e ... read more

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