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God I love being queer

Singer, songwriter, producer, geese screamer: Caroline Polachek. She’s been at this for a while, though you’d be forgiven if you thought she was a newer face, as this latest phase of her career feels entirely separated from what came before. She got her start in the indie pop duo Chairlift with Patrick Wimberly, and while they never had a huge hit single or album chart topper they still managed to garner a fairly decent following that’s only garnered ... read more
Poppin my Paramussy

Paramore, the Tennessee rock act most notable for being one of the most quintessential bands of the mid 2000’s pop-punk and emo scene has been at it for nearly TWENTY YEARS now. That’s weird to think about because I’ve always seen them as a very young band. I think a huge part of that is because, while other bands they came up with broke up, are no longer getting mainstream attention, or quite simply stopped making good music, Paramore still feels like a ... read more

So, I'm usually not one to share personal stuff, but I will make an exception just this time. I'm very emotional right now, so this might be an incomprehensible mess, if you don't want to deal with that, just skip this one. I am gay. I have supressed that fact for most of my life, but I have come to terms with it by now. Still, I have never told anyone about it. It's pretty lame to come out as a 20 year old and it's even lamer to come out to people who I've never met, never will ... read more
Before Caroline Polachek drops pop album of the year… anybody wanna admit they got a crush on me 🥺

What makes a good pop song? This is a question I find myself constantly pondering, especially when listening to most of the dog shit that populates the top of the Billboard charts. At its core, pop music is music at its most accessible- prioritizing catchiness and accessibility above all else. This is why 95% of mainstream pop artists suck monster cock. Very few artists strive to push ... read more
Ugh... I'm underwhelmed.

Gorillaz' return to music with Cracker Island is probably the most underwhelmed I've felt in quite a while.

I grew up with songs like Dare, Feel Good Inc. & Stylo and they are beloved favourites of mine. So what on earth happened here?

When the singles are the best thing about your album and it's pretty half of the tracklist released, you know you done fucked up.

Don't get me wrong, the whole record sounds nicely polished and has personality, but that charm ... read more
If I could post a video instead, my entire review would just be a full-length album reaction of me dancing like there’s no tomorrow—BIGQUINT style.

Skrillex’s ‘Quest For Fire’ excuses the nine years it took to arrive by delivering some of the best drops, features, and engineering on any dance album, period. It is a top two electronic record of the 2020s so far, and the only reason it’s not easily the sole best is because Porter Robinson (featured on the ... read more
This girl went to my middle school for a brief period, until people were being really fucking mean to her after she released Friday.
I always felt bad for Rebecca Black. The internet really wasn't kind to her ever since her infamous hit went viral in 2011... it felt as if all that hate was unwarranted.

Now, 12 years later, she's bitten back at the people who wronged her.. and released what seems to me.. to be a really damn solid pop album. I was pleasantly surprised that this debut came off ... read more
Get your faces away from the window you absolute baboons.

TW: depression, anxiety, The Shadow Man

Paramore have always been a band that I admired, bringing substantive, emotional Pop Rock with consistently fantastic musicianship and heartfelt lyrics that just made them one of the few bands to not only last from the 2000s, but pretty much constantly got better as time went on, and while I absolutely love much from this era, it’s very hard to name bands who were born from, survived and ... read more

The biggest virtual band of all time, Gorillaz, has been at this for over twenty years now. And in that time, 2-D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle, and Russel Hobbs have made some of my favorite albums of all time…oh, and one of the creators of Tank Girl and the “woo-hoo” guy from the 90’s that Liam Gallagher doesn’t like are also there (idk what do they do 🤷🏻‍♀️). Their self-titled LP featured one of the most creative and inventive ... read more
Wow... 600 followers (618 as this goes out)? I honestly can't believe it. Thank yous all so much!

It's only just over 2 weeks (Jan. 27th) since I hit 500 followers and I was overwhelmed with emotions on the evening that happened and I still can't thank yous enough for everything in the last 4 months.

Music has always been a huge part of my life; it keeps me going and I can't go a single day without listening to something, whether it's an album I've never heard before or a good favourite of ... read more
Yeah, this was pretty much exactly what I expected it to be. It's a shame because one of the producers is named Remi, my guy is out here doing me injustice with this trash ass album smh. That's not me guys btw, I would never.

I mean I never liked Gorillaz in the slightest bit outside of a few good songs, but this is easily one of their worst projects I've heard. I mean the production is super cheesy and cartoonish, the vocals are soulless and the lyrics are... just no. Also, the Bad Bunny ... read more
Paramore is back! And holy cow, this thing is so good! Wasn't expecting this to slap so much, since I haven't really been the biggest fan of Paramore's newer Pop stuff, but this is easily one of their best albums.

I love the guitar work on this album, the production is great and Hayley kills it on the vocals as always. This album was surprisingly really vibey, which isn't something I expected from Paramore.

It's super chill, has great hooks, and fun riffs, and overly is just a really good ... read more
EDIT: it grew on me a little bit, musically it isn't good, but the entertaining qualities shouldn't be overlooked, I mean this is a fun listen, even though I wouldn't come back to any of the songs except for the intro and Split.

This shit was hilarious. Whichever Twizzy was squeezing Yeat's balls while recording this made it very entertaining. RIP Talking Ben tho :(

No seriously, I mean it was extremely entertaining. It started off very promising, I actually loved the first song. It went ... read more
Menacing bangers all around!

Dogsbody is the debut album from Brooklyn-based Dance-Punk group Model/Actriz.

This is a very difficult album to interpret into words. From what I can gather based on the lyrics, it sounds like the perspective of the lead singer being trapped in an abusive relationship, but appears to become submissive to the physical pain he's suffering from.

What makes it more noticeable is the way Cole Haden sings each word with such a uncomfortably low range that makes him ... read more
Happy Valentine's everyone!

Caroline Polachek has graced us all with her 4th album Desire, I Want To Turn Into You and if you loved the singles like I did, then you're in for a real tasty treat here!

She described this album as being "a very maximalist album" which is a very accurate statement I'd say.

Seriously, is there any genre that Caroline isn't capable of pulling off at this point? On here, we get a serving of Trip-Hop, Avant-Pop, Flamenco, Breakbeat and Synthpop.

With ... read more
Beautiful structure, an absolutely gorgeous aesthetic that brings to mind incredible imagery without saying too much, wonderful curvature, looks to be a real penetrator. I give the ceramic dildo on this cover a 9/10. Anyway, this album is fire and sounds like finally letting out the most constipated explosive diarrhea of your life.

Fucking finally, a good band from Boston. You wanna talk oversaturation of a genre right now? Let's talk about it.

Boom: Post-Punk

A genre that was at the ... read more
A welcome return indeed!

This Is Why is the 6th album from the American rock band and serves as their first album since After Laughter in 2017.

If anyone's dreading the thought of the singles being the best tracks released from This Is Why, relax... there's a ton of Pop-punk infused energy to be found; Paramore haven't lost their touch as a group and deliver the goods in just the 36mins runtime.

Paramore's songwriting skills are great as ever here with each track dealing with relatable ... read more

Another week, another (hopefully) exciting special in store for yous all.

Honestly, 800 followers (888 already as I publish this) is just insane to me. Thanks again for all the support everyone, it means the world to me!

It's only coming up to 5 months now since I've joined this site and I find myself having more and more fun with reviewing & engaging with many new users each day.

To avoid turning into a broken record, let's start the ... read more
R&B paradise!

Kali Uchis' 3rd album Red Moon in Venus has been something I've been hyped for since the release of I Wish You Roses back in early Janaury, showing her sexy R&B style still hits beautifully since her 2018 debut release 'Isolation'.

The cover for this artwork is something special to look at if I'm being honest. What could it represent? Hmm... Kali's head-piece has butterflies attached to it, almost reminding me of Medusa, except in this case instead of turning things to ... read more
The album starts with a horribly corny song about welcoming the listener to her island, that is actually her mind. It’s tacky and sets this thing up poorly in my opinion. Then she has this awful Blondie rap segment.

Vocals on this project are amazing. Caroline songs like an angel of the ocean. Her voice cuts and slices like butter, almost as if it is dancing with a mind of its own. The production is pretty great through the majority of this album as well. Also when this album is good, it ... read more
Look at that, they finally named an album after @MattsReviews

A lot of shit happened in 2010. It was the turn of the new decade, and the new decade would bring a surplus of change. But perhaps what was affected the most was the information highway itself; the Internet. With each and every year, technology was being revolutionized, and with that, it was becoming easier for up-and-coming artists to get the recognition they deserved. As Spotify first launched as a free-to-use service, YouTube was ... read more
What can I say here... I'm speechless!

Kelela's sophomore album comes 6 years after the release of the critically acclaimed 2017 record Take Me Apart.

During a press release, Kelela stated how this album began as "a reaction to feeling alone as a black femme working within dance music".

Raven sees the American singer fully embracing the best aspects of her dance music roots from her predecessor and delivers a more evolved, sensual 62min record that defines her as one of the finest ... read more

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