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So maybe Jack Harlow isn't that good

Kendrick Lamar is back like he never left. The Heart Part 5 is the first punch outside the ring(because it won't be on the record), and I am genuinely lost for words. I haven't gotten a feeling like this for a hip-hop record since Introvert(Little Simz), and we all saw how that album went. He didn't even mention that he won a grammy without dropping a solo track in five years, so he seems to be truly focused on the next chapter like the last ones never ... read more
I don't think I can properly express in words how uninteresting Jack Harlow is to people who don't want to fuck him. He spends so much of this album assuming the person he's talking to - presumably the listener? - wants to fuck him. Sidepiece this, fuck the earrings off this bitch that, flexing for the hoes here and there. Which, I mean, it's not unheard of, I've heard a few people tell me he's hot. But like.. I don't. So, where's my music, Jack? And while we're here, where's music for the ... read more
It's Almost Dry is as its name suggests, not sharp enough to scare, not consistent enough to shine as it should. If we see the glass as half full, we can say that it remains an interesting adventure.

It's no surprise to say that Pusha T has been sitting comfortably at the table of Hip Hop's greatest for 20 years now. He will be a legend in the pantheon. Whether it's with Clipse, the group with his brother in the 2000s, his solo career the following decade until the presidency of the label ... read more
Não é uma tarefa difícil olhar para a carreira de Anitta e ver como ela se tornou uma artista embaraçosa e extremamente perdida no seu campo artístico. Desde que começou a sua busca incessante por um reconhecimento internacional, a brasileira foi, aos poucos, se entregando aos modismos baratos da indústria estadunidense com a finalidade de conquistar migalhas do público estrangeiro. Apostando em sons cada vez mais genéricos, nada ... read more
Praticamente um Kisses 2.0... Depois de três anos do Kisses, Anitta finalmente lança seu quinto álbum de estúdio, intitulado "Versions Of Me", que anteriormente seria "Girl From Rio" e na moral, de quem foi a ideia disso? Girl From Rio seria um título bem melhor, mas enfim, começarei a falar do disco.
O álbum ficou bem bagunçado, nada se liga nas outras faixas, produção bem duvidosa e é melhor eu nem ... read more
Skinty Fia is an analysis of evolution and change, but this new album reflects above all the own progression of a band that climbs the ladder with talent.

[Today 2 rather concise reviews compared to usual, as you may have noticed I don't have much time to write at the moment, but it's a nice week so here we go].

Fountains D.C is one of the archetypes of the Post-Punk Revival band of this last decade but the Irish prove on this 3rd album that they want to break those chains forever. I ... read more
Don't compare it to their first album.
Don't compare it to their first album.
Do NOT compare it to their first album. Do NOT, do it. DON'T. Even, think about it.
It's been too long, they're straight up different people with different career arches by now, it serves to benefit NO ONE.
Don't do it.

...Alright fine but just this once.

*wheels out chalkboard, erases previous lesson on Memphis Rap History 101*

Alright, Black Star. It's funny that their first album is ... read more
DAMN grew on me so hard, that I nearly cried to God

I mean shit I hated that song for so long and thought it was the worst song Kendrick had made up to this point... but huh. It is so personal, and raw, and works wonders in this album. It sounds like everything about him is stripped back and he leaves this physical form to ascend and shout proudly. It is a beautiful moment

That's the thing about this project... in a nutshell many of these moments don't make sense. It is some of Kendrick's ... read more
𝘐𝘵’𝘴 𝘈𝘭𝘮𝘰𝘴𝘵 𝘋𝘳𝘺 is Pusha T’s best album yet. This album was certainly worth the 4 year wait, as it is one of my highlights of the decade. The production here is significantly more memorable than on his last 3 albums. Pusha’s verse sound much more clean and developed than his last LP, and I highly prefer this style. Every single feature slaps hard, especially the Kanye feature, which I returned to countless times in the last few days. ... read more
Eu não consigo entender como alguns artistas sofrem cortes absurdos em seus álbuns e um disco como esse passa impune. Não entra na minha cabeça como os agentes de Anitta ou os diretores da Warner ouviram isso e realmente acharam que isso poderia ser o produto final. Desde a capa até o próprio nome do disco, tudo aqui parece ter sido escolhido na última hora com o sentimento de “vai qualquer coisa” — o que, na realidade, ... read more
16 tracks, 1 hour 20 minutes long
Be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking that this album will somehow be boring or drag on. This album flows so well, always finding ways to surprise and amuse. Full of energy and magic. This is King Gizzard's Gumboot Soup 2. Omnium Gatherum.

A review of this album by Loud and Quiet states that "Omnium Gatherum’s crumbles under its inability to surprise, leaving us with the sound of a band with nowhere left to go." That is both untrue ... read more
In life, everything comes to an end, and the adventure of Grizzly Bear has seemed to follow this same fate as the New York indie folk band has gone on hiatus over these past two years. The time is ripe, then, for Daniel Rossen to really take off on his own after more than 15 years in the band, and his first solo album, You Belong There, is of exceptional quality.

Crafted in isolation during the pandemic, in the middle of New Mexico, Daniel Rossen faced only himself and had the time and space ... read more

You know, whenever an album that focuses more heavily on the vibe than the content receives some criticism, you’re sure to see some people push back on it and argue something like “well it’s not that kind of album, it’s just meant to be fun. Can’t an album just be fun to listen to?” And I agree. Not every album is meant to be a game changer or be super lyrical or conceptual, and for some artists it’s just straight up unrealistic to ... read more
Look… “bots” on this site are cringe. That’s a known fact like death or taxes. People making accounts just to give their “queen” a 100 is awful.

And look, if I started listening to this album and I gave up at track 4, I would hate this album too. The first 2 tracks are some of the most generic reggaeton I have heard in my whole life. The following 2 songs are absolutely awful corny pieces of pop music… but afterwards the album is fine. I ... read more
Versions of Me é nada mais do que uma desculpa esfarrapada pra justificar Anitta atirando pra todos os lados numa tentativa de hitar internacionalmente (EUA), isso já era de se esperar, no Kisses a mesma já mostrou o quão longe está disposta a correr pra conseguir a tal carreira internacional, em Versions of Me ela mostra de forma um pouco menos escorada o desespero, com uma tracklist que faz o The Fame e o ARTPOP serem as coisas mais coesas do mundo.
Se ... read more
Me going into this album: "Oh, the only single I heard was Traps, but that was pretty good! Maybe Bloc Party is gonna make an awesome comeback, and it's gonna be so hype!"

*40 minutes of dawning horror and awful production later*

Me: "I hate music. I give up. Nothing is good anymore. T̷̯̍h̵͎̆ë̸̗́ ̴̜̇ẅ̵̭ó̶̝r̴̖̞̒̈́l̵͙̜͑̈ḍ̴̽ ... read more
Favourite: Neck & Wrist (feat. JAY-Z & Pharrell)
Worst: Call My Bluff

1. Brambleton - 9
[Straight flames]

2. Let the Smokers Shine the Coupes - 8.5
[Honestly don't get how this guy makes so many songs about drugs, how does this man always do quality material with this stuff]

3. Dreamin Of The Past (feat. Kanye West) - 8
[Wasn't much of Kanye feature vocally lol, still a decent track though]

4. Neck & Wrist (feat. JAY-Z & Pharrell) - 10
[The Pharrell production, the Jay ... read more
Anitta nunca teve uma discografia que chamasse muita atenção, a artista nunca trouxe nenhum disco acima de mediano. Contudo, ao buscar uma carreira internacional, suas músicas se tornaram ainda mais descartáveis e medíocres, visto que a cantora parecia não se importar mais com a qualidade de seu trabalho artístico, apenas buscava o sucesso. O ápice de ruindade nos lançamentos focados ao público internacional foi ... read more
Starting out unmistakably Irish In ár gCroíthe go deo (Gaelic: In Our Hearts Forever) is like a Celtic vocal chant that is not only layered majestically with rich choral harmonies and arguably Grian Chatten’s most enchanting vocal to date, but it’s also masterfully arranged as it shifts and builds with clearly defined momentum and intensity with unanticipated and almost The Prodigy styled drum n’ bass breakbeats, the urgency and the emotion build in perfect ... read more
Stranger in the Alps is a really dark, yet sweet folk debut from Phoebe Bridgers. This is my first album from her, and I am quite happy with it. The production and mixing is stunning, and she puts a ton of care into making sure these songs sound heavenly. The songs are all very sonically consistent, and engaging for the most part.

This album does suffer from a couple of things. It is frontloaded. The best songs are at the start, and it slowly starts to sound like an amateurish folk album by ... read more
Good comeback, but not enough

Arcade fire, the canadian indie rock band's new album is an acceptable comeback considering the mixed to negative reactons to their previous project "everything now". A simply good indie rock album consisting of nice and heart-warming slow-paced rock ballads. Well-produced and musically gorgeous.
But a good album is not enough for them
Recently and mostly after the release of everything now, arcade fire have been receiving a large amount of negative ... read more
YES this album is amazing, and I have never wanted to be able to understand Japanese as much as I do right now!

So, Haru Nemuri! If you want a very brief history on her musical career, check out my review for her first LP - but it has all led to this! ‘Shunka Ryougen’, her sophomore album, finally coming out more than four years after her first. Other than Animal Collective, this has been the album that I was most excited for this year, which is saying a lot, considering the sheer ... read more
From the first strum of It’s A Passage you’re met with articulate folk guitar drama enriched by synthy strings and then drums and percussion move things forward, when the vocals arrive searching Daniel Rossen delivers a graceful and transcendent tone of a bygone era.

The pitter-patter of a shuffle has a romantic feel with beautiful harmonies in the bridge and swift dynamics shift gear sharply between musical motifs on Shadow In The Frame and even brass sounds sneak there way in to ... read more
Well shit…

Gorillaz is a band I’ve been meaning to get into for months now. I figured that since I had nothing to listen to tonight that now would be a good time to listen to this thing. Bro… I wasn’t expecting to like it THIS much.

Damn, this shit is so fucking fire. I went into this not knowing what I was getting into, and not knowing what to expect, and I got a masterpiece. For one, the production is S tier on literally every track. Not a single beat that ... read more
I don’t even know how i ended up listening to The Smiths in the past couple of months. All i do know is whenever i feel too comfortable with a Smiths album playing, i have to follow it up with PEGGY’s “I Cannot Fucking Wait Till Morrissey Dies”. It cleanses my energy and gets rid of any bad karma I might’ve collected.

No but in all seriousness i love this record. I absolutely adore the overdramatic, melancholic delivery and lyrics of Morrissey. Backed with ... read more

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