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If TattleTales will probably be a great commercial success, this new album looks like a failed parody of its own character, supporting the same stereotypes, using the same stupid formulas, all that with no possible relevance anymore.

By dint of trying too hard to find the buzz, 6ix9ine burned his own wings and we all saw how it led his to his so-called "loss". A not interesting situation in my opinion that I won't comment on. However, the only thing that needs to be said today is ... read more
When my favorite part of an album is Nicki Minaj’s verse, that’s when I know it’s a bad album.
Heaven & Hell will be perfect for filling the playlists of the stores and hairdressers of a shopping mall with generic songs that could all become singles at any time. After all, there's enough for everyone. But the worst thing about it is that this album also has that weird feeling that it's all a charade.

It's time for the first review for Ava Max, who is now in the top 50 most popular artists on streaming platforms, so Heaven & Hell is a highly anticipated album. It's all the same ... read more
6ix9ine commits yet another crime, making this freakish abomination of an album.
As is the case in her albums, Smile is boring, marked by a mechanical, predictable and generic interpretation, without the few interesting subjects reaching you. To top it all off, this new album shows how Katy Perry has remained stuck in another era, without having reinvented herself, not even a little.

It's been a long time since Katy Perry became a woman, also comforted by the latest events in progress. When she conquered her star status around the theme of the teenager, Katy hadn't ... read more
Fuck Fantano but also thank you Fantano for shitting on this great ass album so that I’d listen to it.
It's no surprise that this new album is dreadfully good, but it's always surprising to see how Everything Everything has always pushed the limits of their creativity, without ever losing its flavor. Intelligently written, Re-Animator is electrically powerful through the guitars, deeply touching to the beat of the synthesizers.

For those of you familiar with the Manchester-based band, you'll know that musically, although they've evolved over the course of albums without really getting off the ... read more
Are we witnessing the birth of a new Elton John + David Bowie combo? Maybe so.
Declan McKenna is a space-faring, intergalactic rockstar on "Zeros", the humble and promising follow-up to his outstanding debut. Few albums retain just a cascading velocity such as this one, as McKenna proves himself to be one of the most powerful artists in pop rock today with the absolutely memorable vocal refrains on this album. His melodies and harmonies ooze such charisma as heard on his last record, ... read more
Fantano's a little bald ass bitch. He acting like he a fucking superhuman cus he got some followers on youtube
If Future Nostalgia was Horse Tranquilizer then Smile is Fentanyl. It's not even a nuanced death. Most listeners will immediately fall over dead from the corniness of 'Never Really Over' including me but I'm a man of focus, commitment, sheer fucking will so this album isn't going to keep me down for long. After a while, I wished I stayed in my eternal slumber. By the horrid track 'Not the End of the World' I realized something. The retrobutnotreallykindaretro aesthetic has gotten incredibly old ... read more
fuck off alternative heterosexual users, this is good pop music
Blackbear once again releases an album for people who claim being white, getting drunk and "vibing" are their best personality traits.
I’m just putting a bad score on this album to receive a ton of hate comments. My ego needs more deflating.
I mean, this is an upgrade from writing lines like "She doing tricks with her pussy, I guess she’s a vagician", but this album really ain't worth 70 minutes of anyone's time. The spoken word tracks with Dave Chappelle, Erykah Badu and Stevie Wonder were quite nice though.
This is fucking dreadful.

Unoriginal, repetitive, shit lyrics with the most annoying flows I've ever heard. Like ffs congratulations you got away with gang violence and being a fucking nonce because you snitched on others, would you like a fucking medal.

The voice effects used on all of the tracks are fucking shite. From the track GLT where he uses this weird sound effect so that he sounds like he is using a shitty phone microphone, to the awfully high pitched auto tune on basically every ... read more
Apparently I’m not allowed to listen or review this based on TreyLikesBands... but I’m too curious man, sorry I love ya

This album might actually be a serious career killer though... that’s a good thing. The songs on here are boring. It isn’t as exciting as it was in 2018... wait I just got nostalgia ptsd... I miss so many people man...

Locked Up Pt2: wtf is this shit. Unmixed, Boring song with Akon of all people. This song is certainly unique to 6ix9ine... but it ... read more
I made it to track 9, how bout y'all?
the energy declan brings is unparalleled. the production is smart and great.

i noticed my mood improved while listening. some instrumentals and lyricism are at the forefront; everything ranging from horns to piano are apparent in the background. the combination of elements make the music truly charming:

at first i thought “Emily” was a coldplay-type short, acoustic interlude. instead, it turned out to be a lovely, fast paced vampire weekend-esque ballad... then it morphs into a ... read more

Wow, colour me very impressed.

Declan McKenna has always been an artist I enjoyed, however, in a more casual setting. He's always had a talent for effortlessly making fun and charming indie rock tunes, but admittedly his music up to this point has mostly been quite by the numbers and never really did much to truly establish an identity for itself among contemporary artists in the genre.

Well that's what I thought until I finally got the chance to listen to his ... read more
Blackbear really puts the "white people" into pop rap
The History of the Albums – n° 216

If The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan is still as breathtaking today as it was then, just imagine for a few seconds the momumental slap that the listeners of that time took when he came out. It's like the effect of a veritable seismic event, forever changing the landscape of music. When you think about it, it was hard to predict, if not impossible. Dylan had just released a seductive debut album, which could suit both the more traditional as well as the new ... read more
OK Computer by Radiohead. What hasn't already been said about this masterpiece?
One of the most famous and critically acclaimed albums to ever be conceived, OK Computer pushes the boundaries of music itself. I remember before I had gotten into music, looking for the highest-rated album of all-time. I came across OK Computer by Radiohead, a band who I had never heard of. When I investigated their Spotify, I discovered that I had only heard their most streamed song: Creep (Yes, I was one of THOSE ... read more
Sevdaliza is an international superstar and this album proved that. as the vocals clear and steady, the production starts to brilliantly deteriorate; she demonstrates production prowess and vocal skill with the title track: “shabrang”.

comparisons: ‘shabrang’ is a type of material evidently similar to FKA twigs and Grimes, because of its elements of slow trap.

“lamp lady” begins as a dark hallucinogen at a tangerine sale. the track begins dreamily; then, as ... read more
Why would you listen to this? Even if you're some fuckin, boots lased up, hardcore conservative prick. This is still just a Sargon of Akkad video put to music. What's the appeal? Do you think Illmatic would have been better if Nas just rapped some tweets he found funny? Oh who am I kidding you don't listen to Nas.
In Rainbows by Radiohead. The final album in the mega trio widely considered their best work, this record is quite different from its predecessors. A much more upbeat beginning leads into a more introspective and mellow middle ground, which leads into a very depressive backside. Now, although In Rainbows is probably the least important album of the trio (the trio, of course, being: Ok Computer, Kid A, and In Rainbows), it is actually my favorite. Sure, OK Computer changed rock as we know it... ... read more


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