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Depending on who you ask, you’ll get varying answers on what the quality of the current state of hip-hop is. Oldheads may argue that the genre is at an all-time low, but I’d beg to differ. The truth is, hip-hop’s not only alive and thriving, but also has never been better. Now more than ever, in the Internet age, hip-hop has a little bit of something for everyone. Trap rose to massive popularity throughout the 2010s thanks to artists such as Migos and Travis Scott, dizzying ... read more
CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST is a lightning wink to nostalgia, a real instropection of its author. Tackling a very human concept album and a formidable musicality, Tyler delivers us a new lesson.

(Back from vacation, I missed you AOTY)

Since his debut, Tyler The Creator has been a force to be reckoned with, both for his personality and his musical signature, without having been unanimous for many years. With Flower Boy, he managed to reconcile the two to become undeniable. However, Tyler has ... read more
Before you come in with a prejudiced mindset or one to look for hidden flaws, keep one thing in mind. Greatness can only be achieved so many times in a consistent manner, and holding artists up to this high standard will only ruin your experience as you are looking for problems rather than seeing what you love. Take this album as it was presented. With that being said… “Call Me If You Get Lost” may not be Tyler’s greatest effort, but it sure as hell is one his ... read more
edit: do you guys like weezer

2020s Kate Bush

With a firm grasp on what makes the music of art-pop legends such as Kate Bush and Björk click, Spellling eloquently cries out every note on ‘The Turning Wheel’ with the force of a thunderstorm yet simultaneously with the elegance and opulence of a diamond. Three albums in, Spellling has reached a point of pure brilliance that many artists, who are twenty albums deep, wish they could have just a mere smidgen of. With every new ... read more
for 'call me if you get lost’, tyler, the creator frames his own perspective into an out-of-bounds, disparate product. he crafts against conventions, and the creations completely flourish as a result.

‘call me if you get lost’ is tyler’s best rap album yet; while it is not street, not grimey, and it does not necessarily sound “hard”, ‘call me if you get lost’ is tyler’s smartest work thus far. the album is his most sonically risky project ... read more
How do you followup a record that is both your the culmination of every step in your artistry resulting in a conceptual masterpiece AND your most popular release that garnered you the most mainstream praise you’ve received to date? Singer, rapper, producer, and Creator Tyler Okonma decides that the answer is “you don’t”, with “Call Me If You Get Lost” being a back to basics album - well, as basic as Tyler, the Creator can be.

This is the most straightforward ... read more
Well, I guess I've been found.

About two years ago, I made a statement saying ‘There are some artists that AOTY.org just unapologetically stan to death’, and that statement has never before been more true then with Mr. Baudelaire himself, Bunnyhop, Wolf Hayley, The Creator, Tyler Gregory Okonma. I swear, everyone on this site has SOMETHING to say about Tyler and his music, whether it's declaring him an experimental rap king or calling him a wacked out loser trying too hard. And ... read more
Sling is a proof of maturity for Clairo, it is also a delicious adventure to be consumed without moderation. This new album delivers an almost impeccable instrumentation, where the singer puts her angelic voice and her writing in ideal conditions.

Clairo Cottrill is the kind of Singer-Songwriter/Musician artist in the air of time who illustrates herself perfectly by her journey as admirable as fascinating. The singer with the soft, tender voice, know
n for her dreamy instrumentation is the ... read more
Wow. Just wow. Not exactly sure how I feel about this yet, but Tyler is rapping his ass off all over this.

Edit: alright I’ve organized my thoughts, here’s the full review

Yet again, Tyler, The Creator has come through with another great album for his discography, and this time it’s a victory lap in album form.

Tyler, The Creator is one of the most intriguing and talented figures in music today, and he is one of my favorite artists. Flower Boy is my favorite album ever, and ... read more
[I take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the 1800 followers and especially for all the support you give me. I would also like to thank all those who follow me regularly, from those who did it back then to those of today. I am very grateful, but also very happy to be able to debate with you, read beautiful reviews, passionate as we are. Love]

Last Year Was Weird Volume 3 is warmer and more confident like the recent achievement of its author, however behind a ... read more
'Planet Her' tem um problema muito específico: ele não funciona.

Suas músicas não funcionam, sua ideia não funciona, sua execução é um desastre. De toda essa geração de artistas em ascensão impulsionados pelo TikTok, Doja Cat é uma das mais limitadas e sem o menor sentido artístico. Seu grande hit 'Say So' provou de uma fórmula de sucesso que não pode ser replicada e, infelizmente, Doja ... read more
Maybe this is bottom tier, directionless snob filler filled with movements that invoke pretentiousness on every turn? Or maybe I'm simply mistaken and listening to it the wrong way.

A high amount of work going in doesn't translate to the creation of good music. Of course, it's impressive, but if you can't leave an imprint on me soundwise then why is this classified as music? If you were to tell me I was close-minded or so, there are people with similar tastes as me who enjoy this, I guess? I ... read more
The head plunged in memories as a burden, Vince Staples delivers an oppressive and suffocating album, when the slightest detail is a pain. A mental prison that prevents Vince Staples from getting out of this vicious circle despite a deep narration.

From the darkness of 'Summertime 06' to the explosive FM, Vince Staples has always been an impulsive rapper, as creative as he is engaging, and not there to do what is expected of him. Instead, the Long Beach native goes headfirst, proud of his ... read more
In case you’ve been living under a rock, pop-punk and the subcultures adjacent to it are back in a big way - in fact, a big pop-punk inspired album by Willow Smith just came out today. Whenever movements like this make a return and there has already been a successful blueprint from the past, it’s only a matter of time where cynical industry figures try to cash in on said movements to make a quick buck while it’s still in. However, one important thing about this current brand ... read more
at its core, ‘vince staples’ deals with choices. the album is a reflection on grey areas and how vince chooses to handle.

whether a choice is about thugging, a production decision, showing new areas and emotions, being in the streets, etc. in any case, staples’ flattened attitude is devastatingly candid.

a previously hidden part of vince staples is not only present, it is at the forefront of the record. a new side of vince is shown via his introspective lyrics and ... read more
Well, here we are. If there is one thing to know about me, it’s that Joji is easily my favorite artist of all time. By quality, by memories, you name it. He completely changed my life and my music taste almost revolves around his own musical style, and inspired me into my own endeavors in my life.

Out of love for the artist, I decided to rank and fully review every song in his discography. This consists of 61 songs ranging from his albums, EP’s, features, unofficials, and leaks. ... read more
Tyler the Creator delivers quite possibly his best album with CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST. I am a huge Tyler fan but as of recent I haven't been listening to him as often. I went into this expecting a good album but I had ZERO idea that it would be this consistent and good.

The production on here is absolutely INSANE. A lot of albums I listen to have great transitions between songs this year and this is no exception. Every song blends into each other and it sounds amazing. Tyler does amazing ... read more
a topic of discussion about faye webster’s fourth album title - ‘i know i’m funny haha’ - is why webster included the “haha”. the term’s inclusion is a subject of debate, as its necessity seemed arguable. as it turns out, the term’s use proves absolutely essential in the context of the music and lyrics. on the title track, when webster dryly wavers over the “haha”, there’s a slight twinge; suddenly the whole song gets turned ... read more
1. Little Deer (Score: 10)
Great intro atmosphere. Feels like a story book. Love the strings. Feels like an enchanted forest. Drums are great. Love the chimes. Very floaty. Whimsical. I love the lyrics. Tons of range. Love the otherworldly lyrics. Insanely immersive. Horns are amazing. Low vocals remind me of the woman on swans. This is physically doing some thing to me.
2. Always (Score: 10)
Starts with Vocals. Really pretty. Singing is so insanely good. Lyrics and feeling are similar to ... read more
A stripped back, stunningly serene, astonishingly powerful project like Clairo’s sophomore effort, “Sling” is something to not skip over and to take note of as it surprisingly enough became one of my favorite projects of the year.

If you were to be asked about an artist that has been overlooked as a “industry plant” or mediocre artist, you may think of a lot of other singer-songwriters from entertainment over the years, but the artist that comes to my mind ... read more
Hey everyone! I know you probably would’ve wanted to hear my thoughts on this album, but just thinking about it, I’m not ready. As said in my Viktor Vaughn review, I’m going to be going to camp, and I think I can only properly review an album from my favorite artist with time and patience. I’ll rate it once I’m done with my first listen though.

EDIT: ok first listen done and holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit I need time to process that
I am. Dead.

Tyler ... read more
deleted my review to wipe free the slate of people shitting on me. This is a video release on the top of the AOTY album charts and that needs to be fixed.

Now let me address the more important issue. People who used to be friends with me, who one day decided I was evil, only showing up to be assholes to me on my page. It hurts me. It really negatively affects me. It hurts me more than anything else does. Please think before you witch hunt me. I am a fucking person too.

And shit, you chose a ... read more
The History of The Albums – n° 350

Experimental Rock ? Art Rock ? Blues Rock or Free Blues ? Jazz Rock ? Psychedelic Rock ? In reality, no one knows how to classify Don Glen Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart, one of the most zany, creative and influential avant-garde artists in the history of rock, just like his friend Frank Zappa. Captain Beefheart is the kind of character you can't make up even if you wanted to, an anomaly that made him one of the most surreal and delirious specimens ... read more
I glad Tyler was finally able to confirm that he tryna fuck Justin Bieber.

The last two years have been a crazy ride for Mr Tyler, the Creator. This little album called IGOR dropped in 2019 which got the boulder rolling for the next two years of Tyler's life. This led to Grammy wins, buying more expensive cars, collaborations with high-end fashion brands like Gucci, travelling the world and...

Tyler takes on a new persona of this album, Tyler Baudelaire. Baudelaire refers to the French ... read more
While this is mostly on the level of Hot Pink, and while it may be more consistent and have fewer low points, it just doesn’t have as many highlights or as much personality, and ends up being a little generic and disappointing as a result.

Doja Cat had a huge 2020, as Say So was a monster hit, she had major collaborations with artists like Ariana Grande & The Weeknd, and she got multiple Grammy nominations. I also really liked her album, and also loved her “Tia Tamera” ... read more

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