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An early 2019 AOTY candidate.

This album is a culmination of Blake's many years of hard work and it finally pays off in his most beautiful project yet.

I haven't felt this fuzzy inside since Father John Misty's "I Love You Honeybear"

Assume Form (4.5/5)
Mile High (5/5)
Tell Them (5/5)
Into The Red (4.5/5)
Barefoot In The Park (4.5/5)
Can’t Believe The Way We Flow (3/5)
Are You In Love? (4/5)
Where’s The Catch? (5/5)
I’ll Come Too (4.5/5)
Power On ... read more
This record makes me so mad. There's part of this that sound so amazing but other times you just get this super boring vocals with a generic trap beat and I just ask myself "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT???".

Edit: After giving this more listens, I can say that I've realized how uninteresting this actually is. It's a boring album with some interesting elements of production but it has some horrible moments too. The generic trap beats and the lifeless vocals just turn this into something that ... read more
That 3000 feature makes me believe there’s a God
I was sitting at my desk today waiting for the clock count to 5:00 PM. I was doing research on the new Demon Days repress of vinyl when I decided to give this a spin. I was thinking about how at one point at the age of 14 I was willing to spend $300 for the first press because I loved this album so much! It's been four years since I've listened to this album in its entirety and when I heard the drums explode in the end of 'Kid With Guns' I had a realization.

This album really is the soundtrack ... read more
this made me came 7 times in 2 minutes

but really why are we rating Mickey Mouse bullshit on this site?
A few years ago I had a conversation with my mom once about The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I asked her why she liked her newer stuff more than the classics. She replied: "Because over the years I've seen them have kids, get married and mature. And I can really feel that overall emotion in their newer stuff."

I've always enjoyed this album, but I think to some degree people look at it the wrong way. It's not an avant garde beast like their first two albums. With that said I do think the ... read more
Oh my god....
I can't even begin to explain what just happened holy shit.
I've loved this album right from the first listen but... something just changed. Changed for the better. I can't even describe what.
More evidence that me and @strangelightsyd are the same person ngl.
Wow. Big Chungus really suffered the graphical downgrade.

Oh yeah Axl Rose made this btw
I don't know where to start, how to start or even what to say but let's try..
Spent the whole day listening to this masterpiece and I'm in love. I felt things I've never experienced before. All those textures, all those sounds.. Everything is just pure perfection and harmonic. It's conscious, sensible, depressing, apocalyptic and maybe scary but I'm not scared, it is really good...
Storm is perhaps the best song imo. It makes me feel nostalgic, sad, happy, anxious.. The song is very complete ... read more
His best since S/T. There's no one song that screams "instant classic" like "Retrograde" or "Limit to Your Love" but every song is solid, the guests are all on point, and (most pleasant surprise) this James Blake album is *actually fun to listen to*. While Andre 3000 and ROSALIA steal the show on their respective features (to the point where you might forget this is a James Blake album), JB also has some beautiful showcases for himself on "Into the Red" ... read more
It’s just the same song 27 times...

and the song is horrible
Andre just put me in the hospital.

Questionably Classic.

full review-www.midlinenetwork.com/music/assumeformcc
There's always a case of "delusional" when it comes to Lana Del Rey's music and lyrics. Most of her songs feel like they are written about a persona and not her actual life but this! this is different. This is the raw Lana and realest Lana Del Rey you'll ever see. Very minimal instrumentation allowing the listener to hear and understand the lyrics.
The maturity of this album is clear as day. It just sounds so much better than anything else Savage has done. His style is being improved greatly here. It is a very fun project with great hooks and production.
Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? may not reinvent the wheel, but by refining the themes and upbeat sonic palettes that made their previous outing intriguing, Deerhunter come through with their most compelling record since Halcyon Digest.

Favorite Tracks: What Happens To People? (seriously this song is one of their best), Futurism, No One's Sleeping, Plains, Death in Midsummer, Greenpoint Gothic

Least Favorite Track: Detournement
Rocking the Rock bottom you sure are, Axl
The people who are rating this like a 20, y’all are taking this dude way to seriously. He makes fun party, hype music. Lyrics are the last thing this dude cares about.

He is a discount Playboi Carti Though.
The zero was a joke smh I just wanted to slander Gavin's wife because I'm such a villain. This album is decent. Very very very overrated and just bleh but still decent.

take this to the Bahamas, bih

Their only “Great” album. Certainly not for everyone, but I think for what they try to do with this album, they manage to succeed while simultaneously not being cringe or repetitive. Rather it is catchy, wholesome, sweet, yet dark.

It works UNBELIEVABLY well as a complete experience from front to back with very little holding it back. It’s truly an amazing listen and it only is growing as I keep listening

There ... read more
If this isn't him at his artistic zenith, then I genuinely have no idea when he possibly could be, but I'll gladly wait a while longer to find out.
This album shows a musician who's hungry to make art worth remembering, art that will give him the status of one of this generation's most valuable assets, and it would be hard to disagree with that assessment as of right now.
The future is now, people. Don't miss it.
This is nightmarish and exhilarating.
Makes me never want to sleep again but out of excitement.

I'm alive.
Hoooooly shiiiiiit

Those fucking pipe instrumentals at the end tho 😍😍😍
I have to say my expectations were quite low but WOW! I mean no expectations could have prepared me for this. Holy crap!

Just kidding I didn’t listen.
“Assume Form” is the most beautiful, complete and accessible record James Blake has put out to date! The features are unexpectedly impeccable here (especially ROSALÍA and André 3000), James is growing so much more confident in his vocals, melodies and writing and there’s not a single song here that I legitimately don’t love! Overall, this is my first must listen of 2019!

Fav Tracks: Where’s The Catch?, Don’t Miss It, Assume Form, Lullaby For My ... read more

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