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Exactly what ‘JESUS IS KING’ should have been.

Oh boy, prepare yourself, because this is a long one. ‘Donda’ is scatterbrained, flawed, nonsensical at points, but ultimately, is also an endearing exploration of every part of Kanye’s wild mind along with a beautiful tribute to his mother. The rollout itself, though, feels just as interesting as the actual music. The album was accompanied by what’s almost become the norm for Kanye in recent years: an original, ... read more
When I heard the song "I Love You, I Hate You" earlier this year, I was blown away with the lyrical quality, and structure of the track, as well the unique integration of samples (most of which are not even samples wtf!? my life is a lie). Upon hearing that, I pretty much knew Simz was going to drop a pretty solid album, but seriously wtf?

This album is amazing, but in a brilliant and unique way that I've never heard before in a Hip Hop album. Front to back, this thing is a fucking ... read more

Breathtaking vocals, flawless production, and a wonderful tracklisting. This album turned me from a sceptic to a believer. I also have no doubt that this album will be huge, maybe even more than her last album. This is such a mature turn for Billie. I was not a fan of the fantasy, edgy stuff on her last project. I am a fan of nearly every single idea on this new one, down to the spoken word interlude of Not My Responsibility, to the most intense corners of this project. Billie is on ... read more
This album is beyond tragic. I went in not knowing what I was getting into, and wow this project is sad.

Every note, every space, every vocal is just strained and in pain. The only criticism I have to this project is it's so sad and in despair that I barely know what to do with it. It's so much for every track. I lost focus by the end due to how relentless this thing was.

Every song feels ambitious, well placed, and complete in its own way. It is a gorgeous listen that should not be written ... read more
what a surprise drop by kanye
never heard about this album before

damn NME really said
"nah this shit is worse than Justin Bieber's Justice, MGK's Tickets To My Downfall, Dominic Fike's What Could Possibly Go Wrong, DaBaby's BLAME IT ON BABY and Green Day's Father of All Motherfuckers"
they gave these 80 btw

Edit 2:
independent what the actual fuck

Edit 3:
the person in The Independent who gave donda 0, gave dummy boy 20
this person thinks dummy boy is better than ... read more
Depending on who you ask, you’ll get varying answers on what the quality of the current state of hip-hop is. Oldheads may argue that the genre is at an all-time low, but I’d beg to differ. The truth is, hip-hop’s not only alive and thriving, but also has never been better. Now more than ever, in the Internet age, hip-hop has a little bit of something for everyone. Trap rose to massive popularity throughout the 2010s thanks to artists such as Migos and Travis Scott, dizzying ... read more
What if you went to heaven and God said...

Hold on, let's get this shit, let's get this shit
Let's get this shit, let's, hmm
Top of the mornin', top of the mornin', top of the mornin'
Top of the mornin', top of the mornin', top of the mornin'
Top of the mornin'
Hold on, let's get this shit, let's get this shit
Hold on, let's get this shit, let's get this shit
Top of the mornin', top of the mornin', top of the mornin'
Top of the mornin', top of the mornin', top of the mornin'
Top of the ... read more

Do you ever hear an album that makes absolutely no sense, yet at the same time, makes perfect sense? Have you ever felt that duality, that stark contrast, that perfect clash when listening to something? Because for me, 'By the Time I Get to Phoenix', the sophomore record from Injury Reserve, is exactly what that is; it is something that makes absolutely no sense, but it makes perfect sense. This is an album that is grief personified, laid out and dissected, to a horrifically accurate ... read more
If "For The First Time" was already fantastic, "Ants From Up There" is even more so. This new adventure is a real music lesson, it concentrates all the humanity in 58 breathtaking minutes.

[normally I never put more than 89 for a new release, because I have to test the album against time, but I had to make an exception for this one]

First of all I would like to give my support to BCNR and to the former leader Isaac Wood who has just left the band recently, I hope that ... read more
So maybe Jack Harlow isn't that good

Kendrick Lamar is back like he never left. The Heart Part 5 is the first punch outside the ring(because it won't be on the record), and I am genuinely lost for words. I haven't gotten a feeling like this for a hip-hop record since Introvert(Little Simz), and we all saw how that album went. He didn't even mention that he won a grammy without dropping a solo track in five years, so he seems to be truly focused on the next chapter like the last ones never ... read more
SOUR is a formulaic, predictable breakup album. A collection of similar sounding ballads, it mostly follows the same song structure of her hit single "drivers license": muted moody verses, belted chorus and layered vocal effect on the bridge.

Her indie girl voice is better than most, but she has an unpleasant timbre at times with belting that quickly becomes flat and repetitive. "good 4 u" and "jealousy jealousy" do well to keep things fun with their angsty pop ... read more
Yo Kanye imma let you finish but Taylor Swift had one of the best albums of all time. OF ALL TIME

After taking time to listen to the 2 hour project, I’ve come to a general consensus that Taylor does improve the original project of Red on all fronts with her new version. With adding her new set style, Red’s ideas seemingly flourish with this refreshing look at it. The recreation of her older albums is an idea I can commend as she is using her resources wisely by bringing new ... read more
CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST is a lightning wink to nostalgia, a real instropection of its author. Tackling a very human concept album and a formidable musicality, Tyler delivers us a new lesson.

(Back from vacation, I missed you AOTY)

Since his debut, Tyler The Creator has been a force to be reckoned with, both for his personality and his musical signature, without having been unanimous for many years. With Flower Boy, he managed to reconcile the two to become undeniable. However, Tyler has ... read more
Is this really the same artist who made Melodrama?

Lorde's new project, "Solar Power" only tells me one thing only, and that's that the mainstream pop artist turned folk trend needs to come to an end.

Anyways, Taylor better, Clairo better, and Youngboy better goodnight this disappointed me

Edit: I have relistened a few times from my original 3 listens and the project is only decreasing in value due to it being so boring for me. The highlights do stand out though. Anyways going ... read more
Drake continues his downfall on Certified Lover Boy, a compilation of ultra comfortable songs that brings nothing special.

Is it possible to master the art of sass as much as Drake? It's been a few years now that the Toronto native has had this status of artist as much inescapable as irritable, because we must admit that Drake has raked up so many records that it is enough to put him on a featurings to make the sales figures of a frontman jump. When Drake proclaims himself the "Certified ... read more
You know how I said that music in 2022 was not off to a great start a week ago? Okay, if God exists, this album is her apology.

The Windmill scene in Brixton, and post-punk as a whole, exploded last year, leading to a friendly competition of which band had the best album. I think most people would agree there were two standouts in particular, and while I certainly loved black midi’s album, for me, Black Country, New Road came out on top. The band’s jazzy, klezmer infused, ... read more
There are some collaborations that are so obviously meant to be that it’s a matter of time, like Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion or Doja Cat and Rico Nasty. Then there are collaborations that are so unpredictable that you wonder how they even got in the same room together, which can result in something great but can just as easily turn disastrous like both collaborations with Ed Sheeran and Eminem. Then there are collaborations like Silk Sonic, which, if you’re like me, you may not ... read more
It was quite obvious from the beginning that Billie Eilish's new album "Happier Than Ever" would be significantly more mature than her previous works. You could see this in the name, the cover art, and some of the singles. I've been excited to see this progression of her, and I can say that it is definitely rewarding. This new album, in my opinion, is absolutely better than her debut. It is much more atmospheric, experimental, and memorable. It feels like the record has less filler ... read more

SOUR, the debut album from Olivia Rodrigo, is the best break-up album I've ever listened to and might be album of the year. Olivia Rodrigo started her career early, acting in a few Disney TV shows and started singing on Instagram, which caught the attention of some people who thought that she'd be an amazing singer. Olivia Rodrigo, who's only 18 years old, has understood the pain of a break-up and the heartbreak that ... read more

I don’t love it.

There are moments in music, which are very rare, where you hear something and by the end of it it dawns on you that everything is different now. One of those moments that I can still vividly remember eight years later is when Lorde broke through with her debut album “Pure Heroine”, which managed to be not only an infectious pop album but seemingly killed mainstream pop music as we knew it. A long four years later saw her somehow outdoing herself with ... read more
Dawn Fm is a satisfying sequel to Afters Hours with its own particularity, without equaling it. For the occasion The Weeknd supports his achievements by transcribing it in a concept as ambitious as interesting, which confirms his status of master of the Synthpop mainstream.

Here we are, the famous introduction to announce the new year that we never get tired of. So I'll go straight to the point: happy new year to all, full of achievements and happiness. Finally, what could be better than to ... read more
Oh Lorde, sadly made another one.. Power Solar had everything to warm our hearts, but it is limited by too little content. Lorde's performance is the very symbol of this first failure.

For once, it's necessary to go straight to the heart of the matter because there's no need today to really introduce Lorde. The New Zealand native has clearly (and normally) conquered the world by becoming one of the most talented pop artists of the last decade. Her previous album, Melodrama, put her on a ... read more
On Happier Than Ever, Billie expands and refines her formula, giving it a bigger dimension than in the past. Thematically, this new album is overwhelming, urgent and poignant, showing all the will of its author to break the codes of the Pop.

The interest of the music industry for very young talents has always existed. So has the self-taught development of this type of artist. However, the case of Billie Eilish is to be classified among the exceptions, as out of the ordinary. Whether you like ... read more
“Said that you a lesbian, girl me too, ayy” - Aubrey Drake Graham

Certified Lover Boy somehow manages to be 1 hour and 27 minutes of Drake’s most boring, lazy, and least interesting music ever. And unlike his other albums, there are like virtually no highlights that I can see myself going back to that make this listening experience any better.

I’m not like a big Drake fan or anything, but even in his lesser projects I usually find some enjoyment in them. But on ... read more
Energy, experimentation, ambition, and a little bit of elegance.

When listening to the work of a band as eclectic in influence as black midi, any expectations you may have are to be thrown out the window. For anyone who thought there was a possibility of pinpointing where the band would move next, they’ll sorely be proven wrong as ‘Cavalcade’ manages to subvert your expectations in completely different ways than any other way the band has achieved yet. Those seeking the ... read more

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