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It's weird how we disapprove of Stans for artists like Ariana Grande because they flood the reviews, but at the end of the day we are the just the same.

Anyway, we Stan Tyler the Creator and his seemingly endless creativity.

Tyler could have literally done anything with this project. Like anything. Coming straight off of Flower Boy, the album that expanded Tyler's potential from dark, distorted and demented persona to pop star in seemingly hours. So the question with this record, which had no ... read more
Kanye West delivers his most forgettable and painfully corny album with Jesus Is King, a project that doesn't even sound finished. Every single track sounds completely rushed and the album has nothing to say, really. It's like a "The Big Day" but for God. No memorable lines expect for the outstandingly hilarious "CHICK FIL-A" and no good beats either. The way the vocals and the bass were mixed made me check if my headphones had a problem or something. The songs range from ... read more
You guys ready for one sentence reviews that make penis jokes or jokes based on the album name or artist name that get 50 likes because of that epic funny haha but overall the only thing contributing to the albums discussion is the rating?  Anyway this album is poopoo peepee pretty good.

Ok, this album isn't a classic. Hell no. It's the most accessable and easy to digest 'dist0rted and edgy!!!!1!' album to come of this year, and if you've spent enough time in this genre of emo pop, then ... read more
While I am not a fan of XXXtentacion and consider him a fucked up individual, he does not deserve to be graverobbed like this. I'm Fucking disgusted by the actions of his mother and his label, and I wish some of his so-called friends and collaborators would stand up for him. Look what happened to Lil Peep: his first posthumous release was a song with X, and knowing that Peep would never have done that when alive, his friends and family vehemently opposed the song's release and eventually ... read more
I've been pretty disgruntled the past couple of days. I was given an opportunity with this album journalists and critics dream of. I got to see Weyes Blood live on her first ever show for her new album. (Strummers in Fresno, CA. 4/1/19) It was a bar show too so the intamacy in the room was on fire. I got to go home with an early vinyl copy of Titanic Rising and I've listened to it several times since then. Every listen I've been left speechless, but that's my issue...what can I say?

I want to ... read more
Several years ago, Peppa Pig was television's underdog. Today, she's dropping what's possibly the best album of all time.

LISTEN UP PLEBS, THIS AIN'T A JOKE. 😤 For those that actually think the conscious, in-depth, socially aware, powerful themes that this album explores is a joke and would rather make sex jokes about an underaged cartoon pig, you're part of the problem!

Hidden behind the innocence is a societal critique and exploration of human and animal worth through an intricately ... read more
Hmmm what’s bothering me is people not giving an honest review. Some of you giving them a low review just because you don’t like the fan base which is unfair. Also why do people keep mentioning bots, quit it and start acknowledge the huge achievements they made. Now I personally love the album and think it’s one of their best. I find it’s amazing how they were able to reference singing in the rain in their music video. It’s nice to see artists staying true to ... read more
How Ed thinks: "hmm, I need to find way to get everyone on board with my new album. Who do I put on this album? Well, I am a pop artist, so lets get Justin Bieber, Camila Cabello, and Bruno Mars in this album. They seem popular enough. Stormzy, J Hus and Dave are obvious picks to get in the UK rap crowd and I need to make it seem as if I'm sticking true to my roots. R&B is getting pretty popular lately, so...Elli Mai? YES, that's who I get and H.E.R. Khalid fits in the group of artists ... read more
Want to start off by saying thank you all so much for 1000 followers! I really appreciate everyone, I've had such a great time interacting with so many friendly and supportive people. AOTY is truly a wonderful community in my eyes! <3

This Twin Fantasy review...was really hard to put together. I've kept this story/event in my life away from everyone outside my family for a while now, but I've finally gained the courage and strength to talk about it and let go of my feelings of grief. ... read more
Logic? No, this album is hot garbage and a complete waste of time to talk about, so instead...

Alternate Madvillainy Review:
MF DOOM & MadLib made a well-anticipated collaborative masterpiece that shooked the world of hip hop. This album is a shining gem in the facinating world of rap, with MF DOOM's insanely smooth, villainous and unforgettable delivery to MadLib's incredibly unique and wonder-filled production. In so many ways, it is my all-time favorite hip-hop album and should not be ... read more
Hello! And welcome to Album of the Year reviewer tutorial!
Step One: Being a New Zealander on this site is like a constant lottery win, because we get records a day early, meaning that I can put anything in this review and because it's early, the algorithm helps me out and I can be a shameless whore every Friday!
Step Two: Make sure no one does a review more then 5 likes before you post. Hell, I'm probably too late to this record, because I didn't wake up on the spot at 1am!
Step Three: Write ... read more
This is a rare occurrence: An album is hyped up to be absolutely fantastic, delivers on its promise, and everyone seems to agree. Revel in this, because who knows when AOTY.org will ever see something like it again.


Before you ask, yes. The album that a lot of people on this site were constantly making fun of ever since Taylor announced it. The album that spawned horrendous singles like "ME!" and "You Need To Calm Down". The album that people made dozens of "joke" reviews about like "I hate Taylor xD" or "this is gonna be bad lol".

And I like it. I really do!

Going into this Taylor Swift album, I had a similar reaction to everyone else ... read more
OH..MY..GOD. This new Chance The Rapper album...is VERY FUCKING BORING. I literally have no words to describe how ugly, bland, dragged out and uninspiring this is! What should I do?

- ̶R̶e̶v̶i̶e̶w̶ ̶"̶T̶h̶e̶ ̶B̶i̶g̶ ̶D̶a̶y̶"̶

Yeah, I'll do that.

I keep up with a lot of hip hop albums in the mainstream and underground, but I wouldn't call myself a hip hop head. I just generally listen to any ... read more
EDITED: some heavy personal stuff; just a warning

Here I am typing this up when I should be typing up a Literature essay... Typical me.

I'm honestly amazed. I was surprised to hear we would be getting another Nick Cave album so soon (?) after Skeleton Tree. Honestly, I wouldn't have been too surprised to hear that was to be he and the Bad Seeds' last. However, Ghosteen is here, and it's nothing short of stunning. It picks up right where Skeleton Tree left off in its bare and haunting ... read more

Welp...they sure weren't kidding! This was... this was SOMETHING ELSE. The first time I heard the Palmolive sample and instrumental, I started to actually CRY! I didn't get any sleep thanks to this fuckin' album.

I don't think simple words can describe and explain the true significance and quality of Bandana. I've read through many of the user reviews and I ... read more

Lifelike, this what Kanye's life like?, tryna' review Yeezy right
JIK crawlin' outta nowhere like sewer mice
Album's like a church choir, but really very Kanye-like
Every single track like, Christian's holy Sunday night
I was tryna' take my time, it didn't click with me right
I was wearing red flannels thinking Kanye wasn't bright
I was tryna' ignore the whole album just like Pipe
Then I cleared my whole mind, realized this what I like
Took a big JIK ... read more
I had a funny review where I gave this a 0, and I had a clever comment but honestly... giving this a 0 was what started this nonsense. We are no better than the bots if we spam albums with 0s.

I’m going to keep reviewing music as I do, and I’m going to stop doing the Devs job. I ask my fellow community to do the same. Let them have their K Pop albums, Ariana Grande albums, Marina albums, and whatever else they desire

It won’t stop us from listening to music and building our ... read more
It’s just the same song 27 times...

and the song is horrible
Anyone who gives this below a 70 should be locked in a room with Corey Feldman! (Me: *gives it a 69*)
Okay, this is actually pretty great.

My experience with this album is one of the reasons why rushing a rating or review out after first impressions is not a wise choice by anyone, because this definitely took a bit of time to digest. I'm expecting a lot of differing opinions by the end of the week, whether good or bad.

Anyways, I think this is probably the most interesting Tyler The ... read more
Just reminding you sinners that rating this negatively will reserve your spot in the depths of Hell next to Moloch himself. May the power of Christ compel you.

Now, with all that said I believe that God would not approve of Kanye blue balling us for a month. However, I am more than impressed with this project. Kanye is not limiting himself to gospel music, despite what he says, but is integrating both Christian themes into his lyrics and traditional gospel instrumentation with ... read more
There is an episode of the Twilight Zone called Midnight Sun, where the earth has been knocked out of orbit and starts drifting towards the sun. Human society begins to deteriorate as the world starts to boil. The episode focuses on two women who are solely existing as their world melts. What is so disturbing about the episode is the inevitable calamity, that we have no power in the face of destruction. We are amid a similar catastrophe. While not hurtling towards the sun, our planet is getting ... read more
We heard you like XXXtentacion, so we decided to give you every single word he has ever said on a single album to hopefully make every last penny we can suck out of your sad pockets
I've been meaning to talk about this for a while...

TL;DR: Suicide is not a solution. There will always be people who care about you, who feel pain the same way you feel. Think before you speak. Know that no matter who is on the other side, famous or not, they are human beings and deserve to be treated like one. Words carry weight.

I feel that in such a time of shock and struggle following the unfortunate passing of f(x) member, K-Pop idol Sulli, who took her own life today, we as a community ... read more
Having ME! as the lead single for such a beautiful album was probably top 10 bad decisions ever made in pop music.

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