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favorites: jamais vu, louder than bombs, 00:00, friends, moon and we are bulletproof: the eternal

least favorites: make it right, respect

also: stop assuming that every positive rating is a bot, some people actually like this album

edit: i wrote this a few days before the bot invasion, i had no idea it would get this bad
people are saying this is the most liked review... sorry about that. i’ve seen SO many reviews on this website that are way better structured than this, with better ... read more
I love you Killer Mike, thank you for this, hope you best of luck on your fight against the injustices
Kanye West delivers his most forgettable and painfully corny album with Jesus Is King, a project that doesn't even sound finished. Every single track sounds completely rushed and the album has nothing to say, really. It's like a "The Big Day" but for God. No memorable lines expect for the outstandingly hilarious "CHICK FIL-A" and no good beats either. The way the vocals and the bass were mixed made me check if my headphones had a problem or something. The songs range from ... read more
Are y'all really *this* easily impressed? This album doesn't have a damned unique or even memorable idea in sight, and yet it still has the ability to be indubitably irritating.

Future Nostalgia is absolutely drowning in filler. You could easily remove half of the tracks and the experience would be far easier to stomach. Despite that, Dua opts to stretch this glorified EP to 37 minutes to hit the average pop album run time.

FN is filled with terrible hooks. Good In Bed, Hallucinate, ... read more
EDIT: I've just trimmed down this review. I'll admit I messaged a lot of you to read this review, as I was pleased with what I could come up with in half a day, but it's not worth the crazy number of likes you've all given. Thanks for the appreciation of my little rundown, but a couple of you deserve all these likes more than me.

In the space of the 3 months Fiona Apple has quickly grown to be one of my favourite artists ever. I'm a little bit addicted to rating my favourite artist's ... read more
This is probably BTS' best album yet. I've seen some reviews complain about the diverse sound and the autotune. In response I'll say the diverse genres presented in this album make me love it more. Depending on my mood I can listen to R and B, EDM, rock, rap, or pop all in one album.

As to autotune, I like how it was used as a stylistic choice rather than to cover up vocal mistakes (BTS don't need to cover up anything).

Favourite Tracks: Moon, We Are Bulletproof: Eternal, JAMAIS Vu, ON, ... read more
Want to start off by saying thank you all so much for 1000 followers! I really appreciate everyone, I've had such a great time interacting with so many friendly and supportive people. AOTY is truly a wonderful community in my eyes! <3

This Twin Fantasy review...was really hard to put together. I've kept this story/event in my life away from everyone outside my family for a while now, but I've finally gained the courage and strength to talk about it and let go of my feelings of grief. ... read more
There was a regular user on this site long ago (about 2015) named @snarekickblues (formerly AustinCrane235, that's the name I remember) who was among the top 5 users when I started checking this place out. He had relatively similar taste to mine and wrote reviews that I enjoyed. Somewhere down the line he stopped posting then came back whenever he changed usernames. Around that time he just started giving 100 ratings to tens of albums at a time. I was flabbergasted; how could a person who ... read more
We needed this right now. (Written on the bus, we going raw)

Recently I've been feeling creatively bankrupt. Everytime I go to write something, I'm met with a burning sense of 'why bother'. The world is burning in a virus infested planet, with everywhere you go to turn you are met with the same cries injustice and pain that black people have been facing for so long that has now boiled up and purtruded like a sickening broth or the pig crap silo for The Simpsons Movie, and with a lack of ... read more

I think I've just about had it with this "real rap" mentality bullshit. It's been plaguing the mainstream hip hop scene for years, only served to make already toxic online music discussions even more miserable and pathetic. ADHD is the final straw. Joyner Lucas has the lyrical subtlety of a straight line. His brand of overtly generic trap/pop rap seems to only appeal to people who wet their panties over "fast ... read more
There's a common Chinese saying I feel faithfully encaptures, in a weird way, the feeling and spirit when indulging in Fiona Apple's art — 留得青山在, 不怕没柴烧 — Where there are green hills, there is wood to burn. It's a phrase worth different meanings, but one can interpret it as taking care of good health, finding hope in life or building oneself strong enough so nothing may tear you down. The Bolt Cutters is a plethora of chaos, yet it's also a liberating starlight. ... read more
Listening to Fiona Apple’s previous works helps put this album to scale, as this has a magnitude and intensity like nothing she has worked on previously. It runs smooth like a hot knife through butter.

It seems to only get more intense and more appreciation from me the more I explore it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard an album like this before. This is really a journey... but this isn’t a starting point for Fiona Apple that’s for sure
It's weird to be embroiled in all this hype while feeling absolutely nothing in regards to this album. Even weirder is that I love Fiona Apple and I love "The Idler Wheel" so it gets pretty hard to explain what I don't like about this project since they're both relatively similar.

At this point in her life, Fiona has already made a figure of herself, "filling the shoes" of her ideal persona. It's easy to generalize her songs as mostly piano ballads accompanied by ... read more

Lifelike, this what Kanye's life like?, tryna' review Yeezy right
JIK crawlin' outta nowhere like sewer mice
Album's like a church choir, but really very Kanye-like
Every single track like, Christian's holy Sunday night
I was tryna' take my time, it didn't click with me right
I was wearing red flannels thinking Kanye wasn't bright
I was tryna' ignore the whole album just like Pipe
Then I cleared my whole mind, realized this what I like
Took a big JIK ... read more
EDITED: some heavy personal stuff; just a warning

Here I am typing this up when I should be typing up a Literature essay... Typical me.

I'm honestly amazed. I was surprised to hear we would be getting another Nick Cave album so soon (?) after Skeleton Tree. Honestly, I wouldn't have been too surprised to hear that was to be he and the Bad Seeds' last. However, Ghosteen is here, and it's nothing short of stunning. It picks up right where Skeleton Tree left off in its bare and haunting ... read more
100 gecs maked the worstest album of 2019 and now they maked the worstest albun of 2020.


Bad album.
At this painful hour that the United States is going through, which finally touches all the sensible and respectable men of the world, there was nothing better than the duo RTJ to make their voices shout.

It was so much awaited, 4 years later, this last volume has nothing to envy to the others. With an expected brutality, the duo didn't chew, nor mumbled, their words and messages, remaining faithful to themselves. Yet they knew how to develop and evolve their formula which had already seduced ... read more
Shit, here we go again.

Music To Be Murdered By, though a commendable improvement from the dreadful junkyard mixing/production of Revival and Kamikaze, continues to showcase some of Eminem's worst, most fatuous bars on top of the most bleak set of songs he's ever put onto a full-length studio album. The result is a long-winded, uninteresting sea of mediocrity, despite some redemption courtesy of alright features, better-furnished beats and slightly catchier hooks (if you can call them ... read more
By the time you hear the next pop, th' funk shall be within you.

Lately, I've been contemplating over what makes pop music truly appealing and formidable. A friend once invited me over to a Dua Lipa concert back in 2018. I recall having a particular dislike for her music and "radio pop" in general. My biggest regret? While everyone in the venue danced their problems away and "lived-in-the-moment", I distanced myself, missing out on all the joy I could've had. Expecting 'la ... read more
Rina Sawayama is the best thing to happen to pop music since FKA twigs. No artist has me anticipating their next move more than Rina. Her "HYPERPOP" playlist on spotify is awesome too!
If TattleTales will probably be a great commercial success, this new album looks like a failed parody of its own character, supporting the same stereotypes, using the same stupid formulas, all that with no possible relevance anymore.

By dint of trying too hard to find the buzz, 6ix9ine burned his own wings and we all saw how it led his to his so-called "loss". A not interesting situation in my opinion that I won't comment on. However, the only thing that needs to be said today is ... read more
I'm not a Taylor Swift fan.
Or at least... I wouldn't have called myself one until now.

I listened to last year's "Lover" with mediocre results. I found some cuts quite nice and refreshing, others just plain boring and bland. I didn't expect anything from that record either. With songs such as "You Need to Calm Down" and "ME!" that I had to endure in every Justice! store with my sister, I saw a steady but meaningful progression in her sound over the course of a ... read more
(edit: Hooo, that's a lot of bots. I haven't seen much of those outside of Mike Bloomberg's campaign rallies. Just like all the money in the world cannot buy you the US presidency, all the 100s in the world will not buy you Rob's approval. See you at the finish line.)

Excluding Persona, this starts off insanely strong with 'Interlude: Shadow', then plummets harder than Joe Biden at the polls.
Just reminding you sinners that rating this negatively will reserve your spot in the depths of Hell next to Moloch himself. May the power of Christ compel you.

Now, with all that said I believe that God would not approve of Kanye blue balling us for a month. However, I am more than impressed with this project. Kanye is not limiting himself to gospel music, despite what he says, but is integrating both Christian themes into his lyrics and traditional gospel instrumentation with ... read more


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