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Mar 13, 2020
Ok let's get straight to the point: While I see what Uzi did with the promotion of this album as a very genius idea, and I can see many people enjoying this, and while I enjoyed EA quite a bit, this doesn't get close to that bar. This is just mediocre throwaways that will basically get more hype than deserved because it's a sequel to one of his iconic tapes, and all the EA hype and some of the leaks being here. The intro track is nice, Thugger and Sosa killed it, a few interesting beats here ... read more
Mar 6, 2020
Symere Woods goes trap-grimescore.

Baby Pluto lands on planet Earth early to purify our souls when we least expected it, but did he deliver good music in the process?

Whoever has read my recent Luv is Rage 2 review, knows how high my expectations are for Eternal Atake. I never liked an Uzi album, but LIR2 has grown on me quite a bit, and every single teaser Uzi dropped since New Patek has been a big success to me. However, none of these tracks are on Eternal Atake, as Futsal Shuffle and That ... read more
Mar 3, 2020
Been listening to some old Uzi before Eternal Atake, and I'd like to talk a bit about my opinion on Uzi and this album right here.

Firstly, I actually feel like the now officially announced Eternal Atake, given the quality of the singles he has put out during the past two years, might be one of the best albums of 2020 and one of the best trap albums ever, which is something I never thought I'd say about the Baby Pluto gentleman. Every single he has released since New Patek has grown ... read more
Feb 28, 2020
Princess Nokia has always been quite a riddle to me, because while quite a fair share of people on this website as well as on other platforms praise her and her work, especially 1992. However, I found her stuff after multiple attempts to be pretty tasteless, stiff and boring trap rap that doesn't have any kind of engaging characteristic.

And the same thing goes for these two albums. I wrote this review on here because it's the better of the two albums, tho not by much. And since Everything ... read more
Feb 28, 2020
Everything sucks
Mar 28, 2020
What album should I review?

Yeezus by Kanye West
Kid A by Radiohead
Reflektor by Arcade Fire
Mar 24, 2020
Hey, I have a song out! When you have the chance to, give it a listen. Haven't added it to AOTY yet, so here the YouTube music video link:


I wrote this song and filmed the video while in quarantine. Took many inspirations from Chinese folk and alt-country. The concept of the video and song, I'll leave as a surprise (no spoilers of course), plus it's up to interpretation. Hope I can cheer some people up and get everyone together in these uncertain times, enjoy!
Mar 14, 2020
if you had to choose a live performance of a song that's better than the original studio recording, what would it be? it can either be something youve experienced yourself or something from an official live album (cough cough its for a list)
Mar 14, 2020
Which album would you love to see turn into a movie?
Mar 13, 2020
listen jay electrical new album true real truth from jay z
Mar 6, 2020
plez lisen to me almbum: it's good and approve by @zeltyy
Feb 29, 2020
Feb 29, 2020
Hey, I just released my debut album:)
It would be nice if you gave it a chance.
Here's the link: https://soundcloud.com/hubert-dobrych-op/albums
Feb 22, 2020
icon icon icon kkb kkb pfp wolf
18 year old. 10/10 would listen to recommendations.
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