Grimes - Miss Anthropocene
Feb 21, 2020
Grimes had to reach a really high bar, to recover the 5 blank years she had since the fantastic Art Angels, and to properly justify the directional hint on that album with a worthwhile take. Thankfully, she has passed the test with flying colours.

I feel like Art Angels and this album over here seem a lot like Flower Boy and IGOR from a certain point of view: Miss Anthropocene displays the full image of ethereal, intense pop that Grimes only hinted on Art Angels, is a lot shorter and works pretty much at best only as a cohesive album piece, unlike Art Angels that can be exploited as distinct singles. Also, Miss Anthropocene depends on context more than content, and is more of a sonical statement than a written one, which again, IGOR comes to mind.

On Miss Anthropocene, Grimes falls even deeper into the hole she has set for herself, and dives fully into ethereal, atmospheric and haunting sounds. I distanced myself from the teaser tracks until now, I only listened to Violence the time it came out. That track had grown on me quite a bit now. Still, I can't deny that I was skeptical going into this. The album leaked, 72 user score? I was scared af ngl.

All that aside, the intro track sets the tone pretty perfectly: it is atmospheric, larger than life, intense and the trap drums do complement the track well. My only concern is the track being slightly too long at 6 minutes. It's not even that big an issue because the emotion and vibe behind this is so tight it doesn't fall into background music at any point. The next track Darkseid has this kinda spoken word delivered tone from Grimes over another surreal instrumental. The feature show a ton of chemistry as she has a quite similar voice and great performance. At this stage, it feels like just a mere warm-up to something bigger.

Delete Forever is a vapor-country-pop, similar to many tracks from Art Angles like Belly of the Beat. The melody is slick, and the hums are really great. A near-perfect take on that side that Grimes has embraced before, but still works in the context of Miss Anthropocene. Violence, as I said, isn't very exclusive by Grimes standards but is pretty nice, as the chorus basically carries the monotonous and stiff performance. It seems with this and her previous album that she always begins pretty accessible before digging deeper into the real maze that she fancies in the latter halfs of her projects.

And that is when comes the first explosion of Grimes potential on this album, the fragrance that seeps into the rest of the album and glues it together as a cohesive piece in my opinion, 4Æm, sitting at the centerpiece of the LP. The track begins pretty jungle-ish, alarming, epic. And when the synths make their way into the cut, along with the Drum and Bass, instant eargasm. And let's not omit Grimes' inclusion in here. 4Æm is one of many, but the best interpretation of her voice as an instrument ever so far. At the intro, her nightcore voice souds quite literally like a woodwind from outer space. It's really tasty and is mixed perfectly as it should be. Her background vocals at the Drum and Bass segments sounds like a choir, as it sounds super thick and intense. My new favourite Grimes song now. Sayonara, REALiTi (album version)!

Somehow, the album picks up to be consistently as impeccable as that track from here. New Gods is a lot more lowkey but adds to the sound palette of the album nicely, and I think the signing made the cut as compelling as it is. My Name is Dark (Art Mix) shows good pacing before it also bombs the scene at its emotional peak, as it's very noble, eerie, soft and vast. The melodies and the guitar work are also engaging and sound as epic. You'll Miss Me When I'm not Around is paced and structured like mamy of the more lowkey tracks off of her previous work. It's consistently sweet and rich through its relatively short length.

The album's final leg delivers on the flawless run it had since its first moments. Before the Fever is quite literally a moody, dark chamber before the big, 7 minute ride that is Idoru. Grimes' drowned in reverb vocals dance and run in the wide atmosphere made by the synths, that sound happier, more upbeat and hopeful than the rest of the album and ends the project on a high level and bright note that gives hope that world peace and perfection is still attainable at the end of the tunnel, which is basically the theme that ties Miss Anthropocene up. Grimes is a cyberpunk robot, came from outer space, raised in Toronto, curated by Elon, and set to purify the world we're living at.

Fuck man I didn't expect this album to be this tight. It would've been even better if We Appreciate Power was in here but it's only in the deluxe version. That track would even go toe to toe with 4ÆM with how punk and large the track is. But who cares? This is her best album. The melodies are great, the vocals are top notch, the few features drown in this album's vision and don't deter it at all, and is short and consistent with absolutely no filler. I'm happy as hell now. Thanks Grimes. I love you.
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Feb 22, 2020
awesome cool great
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