Danny Brown - uknowhatimsayin¿
Oct 3, 2019
One of AOTY's favourites is back with an album after 3 years since the infamous Atrocity Exhibition, one of my musical orgasms this decade for sure.
And, before you jump into this album if you haven't already, this is not XXX or AE, or even Old. This is a new stylistic change for Danny. Forget the club bangers, and forget the dark production: this is Danny at his happiest, easiest to get into, as uknowhatimsayin¿ is just him delivering comedy-flavoured raps above Q-Tip produced beats, which gives this album a really casual vibe, and a much easier listen than anything he dropped before.

I was very excited about this, especially since the singles didn't disappoint at all: Dirty Laundry is a great single, I liked the delivery and the whistles in the instrumental were a nice lil touch for me. The other two singles were straight up fantastic, with a gorgeous sample on Best Life, and a S-tier feature froma Run The Jewels on 3 Tearz.

The first two tracks are the album's most laid back amd simplest sonically, where Brown doesn't experiment with his flow as much as on AE, as he's just rapping slow, riding the beats nicely.
The first and only dud on the tracklist is the fifth track Belly of the Beast (and keep in mind, a dud by Danny standards = a decent song). The song had potential, but is just squandered with the synth popping through basically the whole track, seems a bit misplaced to me after many listens.

Up into this point, halfway through the album, we see that the flows and instrumentals are much different, less complex than on AE, and the comtext much different and less thoughtful, and more just straight up fun. At this rate, we know that this isn't to be compared to AE in any way. This direction continues with a fucking banger that is Savage Nomad. Hard beat, hard delivery and a hard performance overall.
The title track goes "african", with a bouncy chill beat, and Obongjayar's second feature here is much better than the first, which was on BotB, that one was just okay and not as fitting as this one.
One of the most awaited tracks pops now, which is the track with JPEGMAFIA, who onky handles the chorus on this, but does his job on it. However I think it's Danny Brown who shone here with one of the best performances on the entire thing.
Blood Orange goes Negro Swan quality on his feature on Shine, which gives the track more value, no surprises here because the atmospheric vibe this song has is a perfect environment for him, but again, Brown goes in, grabs an intoxicating flow, and just spits beautifully all through this album. The closure track goes as good, similar to the first tracks of the album, because the latter half seems more atmospheric than the first that I feel had more of a hardcore vibe to it, but thankfully the whole album had a nice flow and sounded coherent. I'd also like to mention the drum game on this album, top notch. The drum/bass game on these tracks is like so perfect it's crazy.

All in all, I can sense some "Danny Brown type beat" signature elements here and there, Change Up reminds me of Downward Spiral, but less dark and less complex, and Dirty Laundry sounded like, again, a simpler and more euphoric Pneumonia. But still this isn't anything Danny dropped ever before. I didn't mention the lyrics on the review, we all know the deal diving into the album: Danny is a top tier rapper and lyricist, and the casual and simple tone of the album's main goal in my opinion is to fully focus on and display his rapping and technical ability, and that worked greatly.

Yeah, I'm very happy with this album. Pretty much enjoyed it from front to back, no surprises whatsoever. The real question is, isitaotyforme¿ I'd say currently it's The Comet is Coming (listen to that if you haven't it's a great jazz record), or JPEGMAFIA, bur the simplicity and casualty of this album might make it grow up on me super fast, we'll see about that.
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awesome great musical best 2019 hip hop
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