Post Malone - Hollywood's Bleeding
Sep 6, 2019 (updated Sep 6, 2019)
Kids use their phones while shitting. Men read shanpoo ingredients. Posty "looks at his plaques when he shits."

To be honest, I was kinda scared that this will be awful because of the singles, and my first reaction to the tracklisting was like this : " Why the fuck is there a Future X Halsey, a Meek Mill X Lil Baby, and a Post X Dababy? And how can you unironically put the song Wow. as an outro for an album called Hollywood's Bleeding?."

And now that I've listened to the album, I'd say that he took for the third time, a slightly different route, but ended up with the exact same result quality-wise. I can boil the mistakes on this album to three major flaws: The One trick pony that this album might seem like, Post's not so consistent performances, and the senseless features roster and their appearances aswell.

The two first tracks are kinda bland and a rough star to the album, especially the second track, with his signature kinda goat-like vocals, but much harder to listen to. The third track Enemies had huge potential imo, but it really got ruined with its feature, and it's not Dababy's fault he had a good verse, but he was just so out of place next to Malone's chorus that I really love, one of the slickest here.

A Thousand Bar Times is another highlight for me, but kinda loses some impact on the album, because it's juxtaposed with tho very awful tracks Allergic and Circles.

Shit features come back with Halsey and Lil Baby on their respective tracks, but not only looking badly placed, but actually ruining their enitre cuts miserably, and it's frustrating because Post is doing a satisfactory job by his standards up until now, but brings guests that just, boom, cancel out everything he does. I'd say Travis Scott and Ozzy Osbourne have a much better contribution on their track, that might bey favourite on the entire album.

The production is as you'd expect: pretty atmospheric, spacey trap, mostly the comfort zone for a baladeer like Malone, but I found the sound to be too one-dimensional as I mentioned earlier, as the sound of this album got essentially tiring and stale within the first 10 tracks, and there's still 7 more cuts on this, which are a slog not only because the sound got boring, but also because, expect the only great single Goodbyes, this is all filler. And another thing I noticed, is that I wouldn't put the track with SZA literally next to the Swae Lee single, as they sound exactly the goddamn same, the mofukn same melody it sounds so unnecessary and kinda annoying and boring. Again, I think Wow shouldn't be an outro. I mean it's not awful a song, but it's a lil banger to squeeze in the middle, not a conclusion to an album with an aesthetic as dark as this one.

So yeah, I guess those are my thoughts. Pretty much a mixed bag. If you came here looking for a couple moody trap ballads to pick for your playlist, you'll find a few for sure, but as a whole album experience, I'd recommend less. Basically the same quality as B&B, at least he didn't move backwards like many artsits and bands this year, but he'll still get hella streams from this, and that's what he seeks and that's fine.
Sep 6, 2019
I totally get what you're saying about Wow, but I think it's a good outro because the song before it, (I Know) was kind of him coming to terms with not able to find a good relationship with either a specific girl or just in general, and Wow. is him being happy again. That's just my guess though
Sep 6, 2019
@Earth yeah you might probably be right, I just meant that, even if that was the closure he was seeking, it would be slightly better if he made a bigger, more epic and heartfelt one idk
Sep 12, 2019
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