KA - Descendants Of Cain
May 3, 2020
Early decade contender?

I've never heard of KA before this album, he seems to be an underground rapper from NY, and this is his latest, much celebrated and acclaimes LP from his fans. I've saw this album getting mad praise from AOTY users and decided to give this a listen.

And to put it short and clear, this is one of the best hip-hop efforts i have heard in a very long time, maybe since TPAB.

Starting with the production, most instrumentals on this album have this dark, lo-fi fashion and haunting, unsettling, alarming feeling to them: sample-heavy, washed in effects, lush and rich. Not much different from albums like SRS but to me it definitely stands out as a full-length album because the linkage and the cohesion going on between these tracks seems even more precise, as the album flows really well and effortlessly from start to finish giving a much more cinematic orchestra as the album progresses.

And I feel like the term cinematic sums up the album pretty much perfectly, and this cinematic aspect is even stronger and more solidified than on maybe GKMC, because even when you take away the lyrics and rapping, it is apparent that these instrumentals have a logical and strict chronological order and a distinct progression to them, much like a video game soundtrack of some sort. Every track represents an arc, a chapter in the theory that KA wants to deliver on this album.

A theory that KA definitely sees as important and as majestic as the production. Looking back at the dude's prior projects, notably The Night's Gambit and Honor Killed the Samurai, they're pretty philosophy-oriented and poetic, and Descendants of Cain follows on that. As the title, cover art and most of the track titles suggest, this album is pretty bible-focused, and lemme tell you that KA really delivered on this front. KA is a very talented rapper and poet, and these qualities are in full display here. He has treated this album with care, and it shows. His performances really did deliver at the caliber of the environment that is the production, even overdid the bar a fair bit.

This really is one of the best hip-hop albums ever written and made in my opinion, and it's hard as of now to see any artist in the genre surpassing it in quite a few years from now.
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