KSI - Dissimulation
Uh, it's.. listenable?

Firstly, I'm very happy for the dude because he did what he wanted to do and officially got his big commercial debut out, and also because I think he has achieved what he -or us anyway- expected, and that's a "compilation" of some sort that blends in with any number of playlists like a generic mainstream rapper would.

KSI never was a talented rapper or an experienced artist in the grander scale. Maybe by YouTube standards he was alright but, come on. That's not a point we should make.

From the first 2 singles, I expected him to kill every big feature and every banger and release them as singles (that most of em are quite good), and leave the rest of the LP with only stinkers. And that's what he did. There's the offset track, but that's one of the terrible tracks off Dissimulation. And JJ is obviously without a distinct sound, except his heavy, muddy delivery: Dissimulation in itself works like a simulation of the different facades of mainstream Rap today.

That was to be expected as well. What wasn't expected however, was the ugly ass autotune he throws on his voice. On almost every track. What's likable about it? Dude literally sounds like Travis Scott but with bronchitis. And the high pitched shouted adlibs are also as bad. Even KSI's performances aren't all that consistent: the final track where he tries to be introspective displays him literally talking. He's talking. Off beat. For 3 minutes. And please for the love of God don't ever try to autocroon ever again.

That segment sums up all the garbage stuff that makes Dissimulation minus the singles. Poppin and Down Like That are the two enjoyable tracks, while Wake Up Call is boring and too sugary, and Houdini sounds too hyperactive to really slap. At least, he's self aware enough to treat this like an actual mainstream rap album, and not a YouTube flex obnoxious jerkoff.

Again, I got what most of us anticipated to be honest. He's probably getting the streams he's looking for, and I guess we'll see what he'll do next.
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