Lil Uzi Vert - Luv Is Rage 2
Mar 3, 2020
Been listening to some old Uzi before Eternal Atake, and I'd like to talk a bit about my opinion on Uzi and this album right here.

Firstly, I actually feel like the now officially announced Eternal Atake, given the quality of the singles he has put out during the past two years, might be one of the best albums of 2020 and one of the best trap albums ever, which is something I never thought I'd say about the Baby Pluto gentleman. Every single he has released since New Patek has grown astronomically on me. New Patek shows how Uzi can switch up his flow and stay entertaining during the longest times. Sanguine Paradise has shown how he has even more attention to detail than ever when it comes to the beats he picks. That's a Rack, while the tune isn't too solid, still displays how he can show emotion and simultaneously be braggadocious and humorous.
Futsal Shuffle is really a perfect dance trap tune, and the sample on That Way resulted in a great, catchy chorus as well as it is one of his best structured songs. I have every reason I can think of to be hyped about EA imo, and I'm glad this guy is on good terms with his label now. He knows now what makes his music hit, and he exploited his sound and voice in his own way, which wasn't the case with his early mixtapes that I didn't really enjoy except a few gems.

However, with this album, it has grown on me quite a lot in the span of a year. From a score of 30 in April, 60 in August to a 75 now. At first I was only going back to XO Tour, but now many of the songs that were hard to get past before flow a lot nicer in this album. The first 5 tracks are one of the strongest segments in a trap album imo.

Also, at points, this album shows Uzi at his most emo yet. Tracks like The Way Life Goes or XO Tour are prime examples. On the first track, the accordion leads set a pretty compelling tone, and Uzi's autotune passages are quite touching. XO Tour might be one if his best written songs ever.

Back to the bangers, 444+222(=666 omg uzi satan :0 cringe ngl) has a quite skeletal beat but a super, super electrifying performance. Sauce it Up has one of the most detailed beats, especially with the bells that are a nice touch to the track. And this is only a tip of the iceberg of what Uzi delivered on this album: euphoric vibes all over it, with ear grabbing flows and infectious autotune singing, and a lil emo twist as the cherry on top.

While there's still some cuts I don't care for as much like Malfunction or Neon Guts, Im quite satisfied with this album. And seemingly, every teaser from EA so far has potential to surpass most if not all these songs. If I end up giving it a 90+, I won't even be that surprised, calling it here.
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