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Big Momma's House

100-90: Contender for best album of the year. 89-80: Amazing album, one of my favorites of the year. 79-70: Great album, artist did a great job. 69-60: It could use quite a bit of work, it’s good enough to pass. 59-50: Mediocre, no strong feelings either way. 49-40: Below average album, artist can do better. 39-30: Not many standout tracks on the album. 29-20: Nothing reedemable or charming on the album. 19-10: Can’t stand it. 9-0: Disgusting, repelling, or dance monkey.

yeah i like music i guess i only rate in 10s cos i'm lame
Lisbon, Portugal (dm me anytime :D)
Location: Portugal Fav Artists of all time: Kanye West, Eminem, Ariana Grande, Drake, The Weeknd, Mac Miller, Rihanna, Summer Walker, Travis Scott, Future, Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, Jay Z, Nicolas Jaar
100 - Perfect 90/99 - Amazing 80/89 - Great 70/79 - Good 60-69 - Decent 50/59 - Mediocre 40/49 - Ehhhhhh 0/39 - Not Good
I just enjoy good music honestly
this ain't by design, girl ೃ ༉‧₊˚✧
i'm sure you'll find it.
温泉菜奈 “i just sit here on the ground” - PHF & clairo audiovisual project nana onsen is collective based in Austin, TX. we like kpop & hip-hop. here to make friends! join our Dua Lipa discord server:
Theo Floorboard
Dream House
- French Toast - _____________ _____________ ** Follow me on Instagram ** @theofloorboard @fantano_holding_classic_albums
Toto - Africa
Hispanic. I really like wasting my time reading and sharing opinions on music. Quarantine got me bored so I created this profile. I also write reviews in Spanish, but only for some specific albums.
I don’t typically rate albums I don’t like, so mostly a display of what I like to varying degrees. Some disappointments I looked forward to may get bad ratings.
Current Favourite 100 Songs
i like songs Guys check out my bandcamp and I’ll love you forever ok so I used to be on here but I decided to change my account. im a 17 year old guy who likes pretty much all music. My favorite musical artist is prolly Kanye, as you can see by my ratings. I make lists if you wanna check those out. review system pretty straightforward
The Court of the Crimson King
100: Masterpiece 90-99: Amazing 80-89: Great 70-79: Really Good 60-69: Good 50-59: Average 40-49: Bad 30-39: Really Bad 20-29: Terrible 10-19: Just Awful 0-9: Angelic 2 The Core
somewhere watching dystopian anime
i like pop. sorry 😐 seriously tho, hi! do not expect anything from me, i do not post detailed/meaningful reviews usually. i’m just here to discover new music :)
listens music. what more do you want from me?
nothing really, i'm not that interesting of a person. Rating System... Masterpiece = 100 Excellent = 99-90 Great = 89-80 Good = 79-70 Decent = 69-60 Average = 59-50 Mediocre = 49-40 Bad = 39-30 Awful = 29-20 Atrocious = 19-10 Corey Feldman = 9-0 just my opinion tho...nothing serious
I try to remind forgotten bands and albums/ im also amateur music maker
up on melancholy hill

Music is good I reckon. (19)
Reviewing every new release I've listened to- Since Feb, 2020 Rating Scale- 100- Perfect 95- Masterpiece 90- Amazing 85- Great 80- Really Good 75- Good 70- Really Solid 65- Solid 60- Ok 55- Decent 50- Average 45- Below Average 40- Meh 35- Really Meh 30- Bad 25- Really Bad 20- Almost Unlistenable 15- Trash 10- Unlistenable 05- One of the worst things I’ve ever heard 00- Post 2004 Eminem
Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Belgium
Hi, this is Florent from Kapelle op den Bos,Belgium. Mostly Prog Rock, Post Rock & related (but quite eclectic though) Rating : 100 --> Legendary 90-99 --> Perfect 80-89 --> Excellent 70-79 --> Very Good 60-69 --> Good 50-59 --> Pleasant 40-49 --> Average 30-39 --> Deceiving 20-29 --> Not my style 10-19 --> Not my style at all
for fun pls no flame
Also at Instagram:
São Paulo, Brazil.
I have the correct criticism based on compositions, sound, activation, rhythm and especially i value its production. If i don't like that, it's not going to change my mind. Only a person who has joy to show his opinions around the world of music.
i like to pretend like my opinions matter RATINGS: 100 = masterpiece / near and dear to my heart; 99-90 = amazing; 89-80 = very good; 79-70 = good; 69-60 = okay; 59-50 = mediocre; 49-40 = not good / disappointing; 39-30 = bad; 29-20 = very bad; 19-10 = garbage / a waste of time; 9-0 = unlistenable / i regret listening to it
Hi, Hi, And Hi
Welcome To The Music Emporium Here That They Call “YessYessYessYes”! Here You Will Find A Range Of Records. Some May Be Your Favorites And Some May Be Your Most Hated. Some Opinions You May Agree With & Others You Won’t. I’m Just Here For The Same Reason The Rest Of You Are: To Love Music! So I Hope That My Opinions May Lead You To Wondrous Record Listens & Experiences.
JOE MAMA’s House
College Student @ Iowa State // Love anything by Tyler and BROCKHAMPTON. Shout out to Casey Largent.💪
flaming lips binge
i don't use this account anymore
A 20 year old producer. I like a lot of everything but I'm probably the biggest fan of rap (and all kinds of it), rock (most kinds, there are a few exceptions where this isn't necessarily the case but it's mostly dependent on the band), and vaporwave/future funk and other sister genres of vaporwave. There will be days where I add 10 scores, and there will be days where I don't add any for a few. Also, I don't really write reviews much, or at least, serious ones.
Top 5: 1. Earl Sweatshirt 2. Lucki 3. Bob Dylan 4. The Strokes 5. Playboi Carti
The Highland Clearances (Aberdeen)
Software Engineering Student: A very insipid music listener who is way too generous on his ratings. If it gets a sub-50 it's a no from me.
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