Playboi Carti - Whole Lotta Red
EDIT 2: Damn, this ended up growing on me a bit more than expected. It's not as good as Die Lit, but holy shit the highs are really, REALLY high. I'd prefer JumpOutTheHouse, No Sl33p, King Vamp and Punk Monk out the tracklist, and actually finished versions Go2DaMoon and New Tank and there goes a solid 8/10 album. So many tracks grew on me in here i don't know where to start. TeenX is pure heaven, and Carti's singing sounds better to my ears now, albeit still questionable at points. The ... read more
Kid Cudi - Man on the Moon III: The Chosen
"This is my third act" Scott Mescudi says passionately in Tequila Shots.

Kid Cudster's redemption arc is finally in existence, so buckle up your seatbelts and prepare yourselves to witness him as he reclaims the throne of hip-hop balladery and fantasy once held by a certain fan named Travis.

So yeah, firstly I think this is a perfect time to release MOTM3, because MOTM 1 and 2 are at the same time fairly dated sonically and widely admired and loved by fans and the hip-hop community ... read more

Mario Judah - Bih Yah
Carti will wake up tomorrow to people talking like him, literally
clipping. - Visions of Bodies Being Burned
POV: Music To Be Murdered By.

clipping. is a musical act that I've always admired and labeled as adventurous and experimental, but only actually engaging on occasions. None of their past works really impressed me, and I always saw their MC to be pretty bland and not really all that great either. I'd go as far as to say that I've even ignored this album for a while as you can see from how late this review is, but the multitude of positive reviews have itched my butthole to try Visions of ... read more

青葉市子 [Ichiko Aoba] - アダンの風 (Windswept Adan)
This is my first time hearing about this artist, and the reviews got me to try this album out, and let me tell you: this is exactly what I needed in my life right now.

I don't know much about this genre and type of music, I've spent most of my life listening to pop and rap, but I always wanted to delve into this type of music, and that's because I find myself gravitating towards it at multiple times. Whether it's because of a game soundtrack, or in a movie or in any sort of media, I feel this ... read more

Rico Nasty - Nightmare Vacation
1 year and change after her XXL freshman cover, Rico drops her first body of work since that time, which would obviously be more or less radio-friendly and attempting to widen her audience by appealing to as many mainstream trends as possible.

And that isn't a bad thing at all, if anything some great albums have come out of similar situations like LONG.LIVE.A$AP, and while Nightmare Vacation isn't by any means a bad album or an irritating listen, it kinda gets lost in that ocean more than it ... read more

YUNGBLUD - weird!
I don't know about how true this is, I might be just talking out of my ass but I feel like the "peak trap" or whatever you'd like to call it has diluted the mainstream music so much, and set the bar for originality and uniqueness so low that this somehow ends up being a thing that has supporters?

If this drops anytime before 2014, I feel like everyone would be laughing at it at that time, but now just because it isn't trap, and it's funny deep guitars with sad lyrics, it's an enough ... read more

Future & Lil Uzi Vert - Pluto x Baby Pluto
Super Slimey 3 is bad. In fact, even the mediocre Super Slimey 2 was better, at least Drip Too Hard was a good single.

And yes, to me this isn't different at all when compared to any duo, collab thingy in trap music these past years. Most of em are just based on two powerhouse names being printed on it and literally nothing else. You've heard several of them, and this is another drop in that ocean. Only difference this has from Super Slimey or Drip Harder is that some of the instrumentals ... read more

Lil Yachty - Lil Boat 3
I've always been defending Yachty when everyone was shitting on him for LB2, and N2P was shit, but this might be another back to form, especially because Oprah's Bank Account was so good except the awkward Dababy feature.

And as that single suggests, it's kind of a crossover between the cute carefree LB1 vibes, and the darker, more straightforward LB2.

The featurelist is pretty impressive, but can Yachty pull off a consistent 19 tracker?

After unpacking the actual thing, LB3 is definitely in ... read more

Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist - Alfredo
Just did the goof and accidentally wrote this on the single instead of here, but here I am now

Just when my skepticism was going to haunt me while waiting for that new Yachty, Freddie announces an album out of the blue to keep the stress away.

Alfredo is a Kane X Alchemist 35-minute classic rap odyssey, almost mixtape-like, easygoing vibes all around. The 2018 Fetti where these two teamed with Curren$y comes to mind, that album was of similar nature, a 9-track short all killer, no filler ... read more

Lady Gaga - Chromatica
Even Lady Gaga has a bot clan now? Bruh..

But anyways, to keep it brief: Chromatica is eeeeeehhhhhhh quite bad. Which comes as really sad to me because this album has many admirable things going for it, and it's clear that Gaga really went ambitious with this one.

Mainstream Pop veteran Lady Gaga comes with a new project, relatively fresh off the A Star is Born thingy, and it's honestly what one would expect a 2020 Lady Gaga album to be like. Not to knock her abilities off the table or ... read more

Dorian Electra - Flamboyant
LATE REVIEW #10394932

Dorian Electra are another artist in the PC Music clan, and this is their debut album. I've been aware of this album, and the praise it got from the bald man as well as many people on AOTY that I regard very highly, but I never really got the motivation to try it. Not even the singles. And now with the release of the Sorry Bro (I Love You) single I just decided to finally dive in. That single isn't too good imo, nicely produced but way too short to leave any sort of ... read more

KSI - Dissimulation
Uh, it's.. listenable?

Firstly, I'm very happy for the dude because he did what he wanted to do and officially got his big commercial debut out, and also because I think he has achieved what he -or us anyway- expected, and that's a "compilation" of some sort that blends in with any number of playlists like a generic mainstream rapper would.

KSI never was a talented rapper or an experienced artist in the grander scale. Maybe by YouTube standards he was alright but, come on. That's ... read more

Imagine Dragons - Night Visions

To celebrate this milestone, time to review the breakout album for one of the most hated music acts in this century. Great thing to do, amirite?

Ok being serious now, Imagine Dragons being absolute trash and quite insulting to their genre is a scientific fact at this point: their brand of "pop rock anthems" on albums like Evolve and Origins is super bland, way too overblown but accompanied with irritating lyrics and a somewhat disturbing attitude ... read more

Future - High Off Life
The CEO of misogyny decides to bless us with a surprise album. Time to stop everything you're doing, open your holy books and follow as he guides us in the streets.

Firstly, I feel very happy for him that he's getting off the drugs and striving to accomplish the life he craves after achieving his veteran status in the genre. And this is has a glaring impact on this album: it is Future's most sober, most down to earth, and one of his most meditative projects yet. He's already proven himself to ... read more

Yung Lean - STARZ
Lean finally decided to give this a good cover art yay!

Yung Lean has always been an artist I constantly admire, even when his discog isn't all that impressive. His pengame isn't very good, but he always has impressive production choices and he's a good curator when it comes to panning out his albums that usually turn out to be pretty cohesive sonically and contextually.

I've never liked a Yung Lean album until Stranger, which is this glossy, moody, gleaming cloud rap album with hard bangers ... read more

Charli XCX - how i'm feeling now
Cover art makes me wanna sex.

But asides, I think everyone here is at this point aware that this is one of the most anticipated albums of the year. Charli, still fresh off the massive success that is Charli, decides to make a "quarantine LP" with the few producers that got locked in with her at her place.

If you haven't heard Charli, it's an incredible pop album, that succeeded to cross the bridge between mainstream pop recipes and experimental detours, most notably from the PC ... read more

EasyFun - Deep Trouble

Forget about RINA, this in my opinion might be the best pop EP of the past decade.
EASYFUN is another member of the PC Music roster, and this is her second EP and her latest project actually.

It's not even that long, sitting at 3 tracks and 11 minutes, and all the three cuts here are contenders for the greatest summer jam of the decade. They have this bright, sunny 00's vibe that you might catch on Dirty Computer's more cheerful tracks, but running with the musical ... read more

Mick Jenkins - The Water[s]
To be honest, I was extremely skeptical going into this album, because such a concept was kind of hard to resonate with me, like how could a rapper spend an hour long album talking about water, without at some point eventually running out of content and devolving into a Logic-tier concept album cohesiveness where I could imagine Mick saying technically nothing but "hey guys, water good stay hydrated".

Not that I doubted his technical abilities or anything like that as I never heard ... read more

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